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Honda CB500f puig naked new generation windshield windscreen review and how to

What’s up guys just ordered this new windscreen for my cb500f that you can see right there it’s a pew wig a specific new generation it says and i just wanted to film it’s the naked new generation that’s what they called it i think it’s a dark smoke color to it excited to get this on review this for y’all so you know how it is let’s see here it was i ordered it from

Amazon it was $130 the reason i like this there we go the reason i like this screen over the other ones is that it seemed like it was really clean setup as far as not having too many brackets in the way of the speedometer or the digital gauge at all you can see it right there the dark smoke really just kind of a halfway probably 50% tint i’ll get this on get this

Installed show you the install and giving my review okay so it looks like in order to get this done all you’re going to need is a if it’s a 5 millimeter yes a 5 millimeter allen allen wrench and i took one out the other ones still in there but you can see there’s little bolt right here that needs to come right out and you’re going to replace it with these darker

Ones that they supply you because i think they’re a little longer whereas the factory one is this one right here and these puppies are in there tight just leverage all the force you can really and so you can see i just have this place in there so you can see what it’s like but it’s going to go right over there and then there’s a little hook that little hook just

Going to loosen that and that’s a 12 millimeter wrench sorry 12 yeah this this little bolt is 12 millimeters right here so just get a wrench and loosen that up and then this will just slide in then you can just tighten it back up put these back on and should be good to go so quite simple install so i’ve got the bike right here and it’s kind of a good picture so

You can see the tint on it again this is the dark smoke pretty happy with it really tedious to get these bolts in here as you really just have to inch um but yeah you know as long as you don’t want to scratch up this part or and i tried to go in below and that didn’t help either but whatever it is what it is feels pretty sturdy um i’ll kind of wiggle it from a

Few different points so you can get a better idea it’s pretty good a lot more wiggle up here but it feels sturdy as it’s only two points of contact oh really right here these two but i’m i mean it’s really sturdy down here and sure it doesn’t need to be as dirty up here but i was a little worried about you know i am six three so i was a little bit worried about

The wind so i’m just going to go ahead and sit on the bike here and it looks like wind will still hit my head as other people have been saying obviously i’m not test testing it right now because i just washed it and it’s raining but it does seem like i’ll put it right where my head is and i’ll look down at it it does seem like if i do duck a little that will uh

That’ll cover me perfectly go right over the head but yeah pretty happy with the product so far can’t wait to test it and i’ll post the update hey guys so i finished the install and was able to drive the bike around for about an hour hour and a half what i’ve noticed initial impressions are at speeds lower than about 40 50 miles per hour i feel like it makes a

Huge difference i hardly feel the wind at all my helmet a little is a little old and not really a good quality helmet and so i feel like with a superior helmet that would even block out the noise even more and because obviously the wind more it seems like maybe even more wind comes to the helmet now but it’s not very noticeable and i bet if you had a really nice

Quality helmet this would be perfect for you like i said i am 63 and i do get a lot of wind but it’s made a big difference for me if you have any questions feel free to let me know and i’ll make sure to respond to them thanks

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Honda CB500f puig naked new generation windshield windscreen review and how to By atiloyalist