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Honda CB550 Build Overview

Hope you guys enjoyed this overview. Stay tuned for a ton of new builds starting soon.

So i built this bike off camera over the last couple of weeks just because i know you guys are getting a little bit stale on classic honda content honestly i am in desperate need of a change as well which is why we’re going to transition to a couple of different makes and models actually stuff i’ve never worked on before even some modern bikes there’s definitely

Going to be some interesting content coming up on the channel soon so i hope you guys are going to enjoy that this bike is a 77 cb550 i bought it as a i don’t want to call it a failed project it was a project that somebody started and then ran out of time or energy or interest or whatever it was so when i bought it the engine had recently had a top end rebuild i

Did go ahead and pull it out and verify everything was done correctly compression check everything looked great so it was definitely done properly they even went as far as putting all the nice stainless allen you know socket head screws on there so it’s very very good condition engine and honestly that theme kind of continued throughout the whole bike this bike

Is just it wanted to be put together i know that sounds a little funny but some bikes really fight you this one just it just worked it just it fired up super easy it’s just a very very good bike you can tell that this bike has been kind of taken care of over its lifetime so i said it’s a 77 but it actually has an earlier tank on it traditionally the 77s would

Have that little gas door in the center i actually prefer the look of these classic tanks that are anything before 76 either the 500 or the 550 has that same tank we painted it in a ford blue jean metallic just this nice dark blue with some metallic flake in it has a nice vintage vibe so i i dig it i think it fits the rest of the look really nicely uh we’ll

Keep going on the cosmetic side of things so for the front fender stock front front fender chopped like i always do but we kept it chrome this time which is something i hadn’t done before and i also chopped the rear fender and kept it as well so i know some of you guys didn’t like the look of some of my previous bikes that didn’t have a rear fender so instead

Of doing the traditional frame hoop i just did some slight frame modifications chop the fender kind of tucked it up under our tough side seat we’re also running that classic bullet style led brake light just to give it a nice vintage feel and of course like i mentioned we kept that chrome as well so i think this bike has just the right amount of chrome accents

So there’s little pieces kind of all around the bike you know that rear fender and then a little bit lower we have our our brushed rear brake and our brushed muffler of course the engine is a nice satin silver with some chrome accents and then on the front as well we polish the fork tubes front fender a little ring around the headlight so it kind of brings it

All in together the wheels are stock but you know stripped and painted black like i always do uh same shinco tires i ran on the 750 we finished a couple of weeks ago these are the shinko 241s 3.5 19 for the front 4.0 18 for the rear of course all the braking system and everything has completely gone through factory headlight with emco mounts we are running the

Kellerman auto little bullet led turn signals which are super bright but super tiny for controls we have emco handlebars i’ll throw a link to most of the stuff in the description below as well with motone switches we are running a full moto gadget m-unit blue on this bike too so it has the bluetooth so you can actually get away with not even having the key it can

Just bluetooth to your phone that will unlock the bike and you can start it completely keyless which is really cool to have in a classic bike we do still have the key of course i put it in the side of the battery box on this bike just because the 77s traditionally have a huge ignition switch up here by the gauges and i of course didn’t want that messing up the look

Of the gauges so i just threw a classic ignition switch in the side of the battery box i really like the look of it and again if you have a bluetooth to your phone you don’t even have to put that key in for the exhaust it’s of course my go-to combo delcovic four into one stainless to a cone engineering 12-inch stainless universal muffler i’ll throw some links to

Those because i always get questions about them it sounds phenomenal i’ll uh start this bike up in here in a little bit if you haven’t heard this combo before it is the perfect setup for the 550s went ahead and went through the carbs as i always do vapor blasted and cleaned them up i’m running 110 and 40s for the jets because we are running pod filters bike starts

Up great runs great it’s a perfect combo for the altitude we have here in texas okay for electronics we do have a modern regulator rectifier a small shore eye lithium ion battery as well to complement the m unit i already talked about the rear signals shocks are just factory sizes but these black replacements from four into one all the maintenance items were gone

Through of course new chain you know fresh oil fresh gaskets i want to make sure the bikes are fully sorted before we send them out to the customer we are running an aftermarket master cylinder with a stainless line i already mentioned the moton switches i run these nice clean aluminum bar and mirrors on most of my bikes now the quality seems to be really good

The price is decent i’ll link to those as well same traditional gauges i’ve been running sometimes i only run the speedo this customer wanted to run the speedo and tack combo of course our speedo has all of our indicator lights and everything built in as well so all the functionality you would have on a factory setup is retained so we did run a dyna s electronic

Ignition i’m a huge fan of those they really wake up these old bikes they cold start a little bit better they actually rev a little bit freer they just they seem a little bit happier with those electronic ignitions so we did run that the customer just wanted this bike to be fully sorted and as reliable as a you know 43 44 year old motorcycle can be i would not

Hesitate to jump on this bike and ride it honestly across the country you could ride this bike every day it’s going to be going to southern california so he’s going to have the opportunity to ride it year round and uh i’m stoked to uh to see it in his hands i’m gonna miss it when the transporter comes and and picks it up in a couple of days so i’ll show you guys

The electronics so we turn the key on of course we have our neutral in oil pressure light turn signals of course they don’t look super bright on camera but i assure you they are despite how small they are so we have the three button on this side the top are the turn signals left and right of course bottom is the horn the two buttons on the right side the bottom

Is the start and stop and the top is the headlight which does low beam on switch to high beam and then of course turns it off beauty of that moto gadget m unit is you get the full functionality out of just five buttons so let’s go ahead and fire this thing up and you can hear how it sounds she’s a happy one so that’s it guys that’s my last classic honda for

A little while i do have a couple of more in storage that will build maybe later this year but i am going to switch it up a little bit try out some bikes i’ve never worked on before which is my main kind of focus for 2021 so i have one more customer bike to build and then we’ll be switching over to building exactly what we want i’m going to build bikes that are

My personal bikes i’m either going to keep them or sell them when they’re done depending on how things are going but that’s going to give us a lot more creative freedom to do whatever we want and it’ll also allow me to make a lot more content for you guys i’m going to post a picture of some of those bikes before we start the build and get your input on what you

Want to see i want to learn a ton more on like metal fabrication machining all that kind of stuff this year so those bikes are really going to kind of help me do that so i’m excited to learn i’m going to bring you guys along the way i appreciate you watching as always and i’ll see you guys in the next one you

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Honda CB550 Build Overview By Classic Octane