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Honda CB650F 2018 Slip On 2.5 | !!

POV : ลองขับและรีวิวการขับขี่ฟิลลิ่ง Honda CB650F 2018 ท่อ Slip on คอ 2.5 นิ้ว | คันนี้ขายนะจ๊ะ!! #bigbike #cb650f #cbr650r #บิ๊กไบค์ #pov #motorcycle #motorcycle #review #รีวิวบิ๊กไบค์ #รีวิว #บิ๊กไบค์มือสอง #exhaust #hondacb650f #honda

Warning, this video clip may contain images, sound or content. and inappropriate behavior for entertainment viewers under the age of eighteen should have received some advice . hello, welcome to mike bkk bigbike sir. this is my i had the opportunity to try riding a honda cb six five zero f two thousand and eighteen model. friends and friends bike. this car has miles at two

Thousand kilometers . very low mileage. it’s a brand new car. it’s blue. and the stuff that comes with the car will be, uh, radiator. this one and this one is the same. it’s carbon. this work is probably is film type. float it’s not a job that isn’t carbon covered. but still good just in case you fall down and paste something like this, please help . and there’s a pipe,

It’s a pipe. the mf brand pipe but this end will be the end of carbon. the color ejector. this is a one- color. this is the original color from the factory. this wheel is a wheel gold on the side gold is soft, not very dark. this car emphasizes that the miles two thousand kilometers only offline. plus a fish tail it’s the same set of maxtech. turn signal light , cat eye ,

And then it was, uh, folded short tail, ah, hey, folded, it’s a shop to buy and exchange used big bikes. you can go and see this car. the details are on the page. it’s saw about twenty thousand downs. then pay about four thousand baht for this car. , the two thousand and eighteen year car looks like it’s the second one. second of cb, ah now. this is probably the latest

Cb the front page won’t be like this. the page of the first f gen is going to be f not to waste time. i’ll go take a test ride and tell you how i feel. driving this car to friends and friends to listen to. wait a minute, let’s go for a ride, yeah let’s listen to the sound of the pipe. \n\n sweet jeep, i don’t have to do anything. handsome so you can use it. you don’t have

To put it on yourself. and this is, uh, carbon. let’s the oil tank cover is also included. oh, this is worth the money. who has been worth it? riding alone, filling up with gas as i said. filled up the oil and rode it. i’m a hundred and seventy-one tall, so it full feet. full feet. whoever is looking at it. this car is new. grip is cheaper than the first one by hundreds

Of thousands. anyone interested in details can try to click to see in the description under the clip, i pasted it and thank you nong bas for letting me try driving. big bike, oh my, huh, i have to say that it’s soft. it’s soft. before, i rode an mt. i like i’m sorry. but this car is a good person who organized it. it’s the type. it’s suitable for the type. people who are

Looking to use or newbies. it, it’s easy to ride and it’s like this too. the car will be easy. , pull it, take the matter, this is the second gear, but uh no gear indicator light. there is only one gear n. slowly letting it flow is enough. it’s not very arrogant. oh my gosh, the car is easy to drive. sit up straight and comfortable. travel like this with ease. pissing

Every day saves gas too. can be used, oh my, and it’s strong too, hey, don’t pull it, the the car is very easy to control, much easier to drive than the zero nine mp. just when i tried to ride a zero-nine mp, it was like a bit of excellence . but this one is soft and soft, good person, oh my, and the engine brake works fine. the brakes are there’s a bomb with a favorite

Color right here. i don’t know what’s wrong with the sound of car pipes exploding. psycho. oh, yes, it’s easy to ride and easy to control. have to say that the car at this shop doesn’t need a guarantor, who will come out of the car at the sp superbike shop this doesn’t require a guarantor, i’m telling you, just you down, as according to the conditions that they set. oh

Like this car, more than twenty thousand baht installment is over four thousand baht. stupidly you don’t have to use a guarantor, and you’ll get and flutter with it, cb. well, i like it. i like the nuggets here. nuggets. it’s easy to control. it’s a sport ride. it’s going to be like, it will it, it’s going to be a little bit difficult to hide. you can ride but this one is

Easy to dig. it’s fluttery. i’m easy to flip the car. comfortable, soft, no shake. the hand doesn’t shake. for newbies too. or anyone who wants to come up and try three hundred, something like this, look at it, oh, look, look, look, look so i’ll make a u-turn first, past the entrance, just bragging, , if anybody is interested, hurry up i don’t know if the car will stay,

Until when but let me tell you that there are many cars at the shop. i try to look at the page, no, now i see mp zero nine two cars have a new r six coming in. oh my goodness r six is ​​handsome. let me tell you. something like that, zeight hundred and two thousand, i’m sorry, i’m sorry it is, and it works and it gives speed, too, it’s powerful, it gives speed wait,

And like my elder brother, take it and send the documents here don’t forget to click on the description. the shop’s facebook link is here. it and take it as a turn. accepting turn as well. sp superbike cb six five center f. goodbye. hello. let’s get rid of debt easy to cover. i like that it’s easy to flip over. it’s so easy. a

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รีวิวการขับขี่ Honda CB650F 2018 ท่อ Slip On คอ 2.5 นิ้ว | คันนี้ขายนะจ๊ะ!! By Mike Mike