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Honda CBR300R | ANGRY DRIVER ENCOUNTER | Rainy Night Cruise And Chat

Hey guys, I am riding home on a wet and dark night in this video. I wanted to share myself in the action after I talked about riding in wet conditions in another video. Also, I had a small encounter with another driver. Hopefully you find this entertaining…

Oh that’s two for flinching buddy what are you gonna do ah he just bit me well he’s sitting like that he was like you’re a good kitty what’s going on you guys hope you’re doing good i am here in a beautiful evening taking a beautiful evening ride on the bike now this is pretty this is pretty rough conditions i didn’t ex i didn’t expect it to rain um really

At all today but went to that dinner and when we left it was uh it was raining so here i am now riding home i didn’t want to wait super long nor did i want to leave my bike could have left my bike at my buddy’s place but uh it’s not raining too bad and uh i also just didn’t want to leave the bike there because then i’d have to go get it tomorrow um yeah i

Just kind of i i want to talk here because like this is a this is a ride in the conditions that i was kind of talking about in one of my other videos um so i’m being very cautious right now i’m being very very cautious because there’s two big factors right now that are hindering my ability to ride is correctly or comfortably safely as possible and that’s that

It’s night time first and foremost and secondly it’s raining it’s wet it’s not like actively raining it’s still just a little sprinkle but it’s making me very i’m being very cautious of it because with it being night time it’s really really difficult to pinpoint those dark spots or those like wet spots on the road now most the road is wet anyways but again like

I mentioned in a previous video those paint lines get extra slippery and so i’m watching out for paint lines and they’re a little bit hard to see sometimes at night you know and then obviously there’s the fact that i’m just harder to see at night because i’m a small small vehicle see that turn i took a lot smoother slower than i would take a normal turn i

Mean you shouldn’t be really taking turns very fast on a motorcycle anyway but i take those turns very very cautiously um but yeah so we’ve got the night time and the wetness that are factors right now so i’m riding in a very cautious manner and also i’m not wearing full gear so that’s that’s another big part of it as well um so i just want to kind of like talk a

Little bit because this is a good example of riding in rough conditions uh and how to do it safely so again just take your turn slowly like i’m not going as fast as i normally would i’m actually going under the speed limit right now um yeah and it’s a little bit windy also so i’m taking that into account also i kind of found out recently after watching a little

Bit more in depth of youtube videos regarding riding at night how you how you really shouldn’t you should really shouldn’t ride with your high beams on even though i uh i some i did for quite a while um but i went to the park the other night with my buddy and when i was coming back dang i’m sorry bruh you have one headlight glad i got that on video okay with

That first off i will say i probably shouldn’t have gotten over then but in my defense she has one headlight out so i could it was hard for me to judge her distance how far away she was i hope that comes up in the video that she has one headlight out or it’s at least noticeable because she definitely did so her light was very dim and it was hard to see and so

I couldn’t judge her distance very well and i thought she was i thought she was further back like it was it looked like she was further back i did do an over the shoulder check though too um secondly she she was going very fast she was she was going way over the speed i was speeding and she was going even faster than me again you shouldn’t yell at someone like

That that’s just rude she’s gonna say my bad but then she started yelling at me and gosh just hate road rage man it’s so stupid but i don’t know i probably shouldn’t have gone gotten over but again it was it was just that was a bad situation because i couldn’t really tell how fast she was going and i thought i was good my initial look but my initial look look i

Had plenty of room uh but then she uh she like i said she was speeding no doubt she was speeding and then she so she was speeding up and when i went in front of her i even sped up when i went in front of her too like i normally do i sped up a bit and uh she still slammed i don’t even know if she hit her brakes or not but yeah that’s annoying but i’m not gonna

Hold i’m not gonna let it bother me not really a lot i can do about that just learn from it i guess i don’t even know what i was saying so yeah but yeah these are conditions that i that i can ride in you know i feel i’m not very like i’m not as very like not near as comfortable as when i’m riding and you know like a nice sunny not windy no like a perfect day i’m

Not as comfortable right now but i’m still pretty confident in riding in these conditions because i know what to look for uh fairly well i think so yeah man this light’s taking forever i don’t even know what that lady said to me i hope i can find out in the video afterwards she said to me i think she might have said you fnb or something like that i don’t know

Ridiculous in a hurry you’re driving fast you got one headlight out i wonder if she would have thought something different if she knew she had a headlight out he’s like that’s hard seeing car even on like the interstate and stuff when i’m riding home from work i have a tough time like picking out the actual vehicle when a car has a headlight out it really makes

A big difference you need you need to have both of them in but anyways i appreciate you guys watching tonight i hope you have a good evening whenever you’re watching this i’m starting to schedule videos so a lot of times you won’t be seeing this video until a couple days or one day after i record it but hopefully you guys have a good night enjoy yourselves peace out you

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Honda CBR300R | ANGRY DRIVER ENCOUNTER | Rainy Night Cruise And Chat By MRBishop8