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Honda CBR300R | My Top 3 Favorite Motorcycle YouTubers

Tonight on the way to my friend’s house I decided to talk about my current top 3 favorite motorcycle YouTubers. Let me know what you all think! Thanks for watching, and links to their channels are below.

See ya are you recording no i forgot to put my phone in my my thing here i get so nervous riding with my phone in my pocket like that what is going on you guys hope you’re doing good hope everybody hope you’re treating yourself well i um i know another another night ride video not very uh very scenic you know you can’t really see much in the video but i am

Riding a lot at night when i’m going over to my buddies houses and stuff so which is currently what i’m doing right now um but i hope you’re doing good yourself you know summer’s coming up should be enjoying yourself taking it easy hope work whatever you’re doing for work is going well um so i have a little bit of a interesting topic that i just came up with

As i was watching a youtube video and i wanted to talk about in this video my three top three favorite motorcycle youtube videos gosh i worded that completely wrong what i mean is my top three favorite motorcycle youtubers so youtube channels favorite motorcycle youtube channels so i’m just gonna do like a three two one kind of thing um basically so i’ll

Start with number three so number three i’m gonna say is probably uh the the revzilla motorcycle channel so revzilla is like a company that makes a lot of motorcycle uh motorcycle like parts accessories everything like that like basically everything you need motorcycle motorcycle wise they’ve got it so they’re they’re a really good company but they have a youtube

Channel where they also do a lot of like uh what you call like instructional videos showing you how to like clean your chain how to like you could find literally anything on there from them as far as motorcycle maintenance and like treatment and everything like that so i think that’s a really helpful thing they do and they’ve done a really really awesome job at

Actually capturing the motorcycle market like they know exactly what motorcyclists want and as a business student that’s really attractive to me i think they do an outstanding job as a company in in attracting the right customers and knowing what the customers want and things of that ass things in that sense so they’re number three uh they’re not like very super

Like entertaining to watch in my opinion i think i think they are entertaining but like when i think of entertain entertainment in motorcycle videos i don’t think of revzilla they’re just kind of like what ones that you go to when you need like when you need to a little more detail on how to change your chain or how to change your oil uh or rotating a tire taking

Off a tire or whatever i don’t even know if motorcycles rotate tires but anyways they’re like the go-to for that so that’s why i have them at number three on a number two number two is surprisingly if you’ve watched any of my other videos i’m gonna say number two is actually dan dan the fireman so as far as safety goes ddfm and ddfm is just short for dan dan the

Fireman um as far as safety goes ddfm is like tops the list he is like he is like by far the best motorcycle youtuber out there that i know that i know of as far as safety and education goes about motorcycles like he is strictly like he has late made it his life’s purpose almost it seems to like educate new motorcycle riders and experience motorcycle riders the

Same on how to be safe and he really devotes a lot of time to it you can tell because he has like a whole course you know he does like videos every other day i don’t know what his schedule is exactly but it seems like it’s almost every weekday he does like crash review videos and so he talks about he does a lot of after action review on motorcycle accidents and

Stuff and that is like a perfect educational tool for when you’re learning motorcycle to um to basically train you on what crashes are going gonna look like um how they’re gonna happen and most importantly the mistakes that riders make that are pretty much not not necessarily always the reason that crashes happen but a very large portion of why crashes happen

Comes down to writer mistakes and writer errors and stuff like that and so he does an awesome job at you know detailing that going over an after-action review talking about what the writer could have done differently if the writer made a you know a a good move here a bad move there whatever it may be he is by far the best at that and i think most other youtubers

Would agree with that most other people in the motorcycle world would agree with that um and then i mean i don’t necessarily like how he’s like super sponsored and you know i mean i think it’s a good thing he’s just trying to build his brand obviously but it’s kind of annoying sometimes how he’s always referencing get you a rock for him out i think is what he’s

Sponsored by or like um uh cardo like cardo he he sponsors them and stuff like that so i think that’s a good thing but it just kind of gets repetitive and a little bit of an annoyance when you’re watching him all the time but that’s what you have to deal with when you’re looking when you’re watching free videos online on youtube so i mean i understand that and

It doesn’t it doesn’t like make me mad but it just kind of gets to be a little bit of an annoyance after a while so i’ll do a couple honorable mentions before i do the one so um i’d say as an honorable mention uh dirt bike lunatic he’s like some i don’t know a lot about this guy but i watch his compilations a lot so he makes like a lot of videos where he talk

Like crash compilations and stuff like that he doesn’t do a lot of actual review or analysis of the crashes he does a little bit but not near as much as like ddfm or um other like crash review specific channels but he does i like his videos because he kind of just puts the content out there for you and lets you kind of interpret yourself because a lot of the

Times he’ll chime in and say like what do you think was the biker in the right or in the wrong you know how do you think this biker could have reacted differently things of that nature and so that’s why i like his videos because they’re it leaves you with your own interpretation whereas someone like ddfm they’re going to be kind of imposing a little bit of their

Thoughts saying they’re right which most the time i agree with them but um that’s why that’s kind of the part of dirt bike lunatic there that’s what i like about his channel in specific i can’t really say i have any other honorable mentions i could think of a couple more but um i don’t think i have any that are like i don’t watch a ton of different channels like

I know i have in the past but like i don’t necessarily consistently watch them those those few i do so for number one and i was a little bit i was a little bit on edge about this one because i thought ddfm would be one but number one i gotta go with yammy noob and the main reason that i go with yammy noob is because while he is educational it’s not his main

Focus and that allows him to be very very i say he because i for a longest time i thought it was just one guy running the channel but there’s like a couple guys that make videos for the channel anyways while he’s educational he also does a really good job of making his videos very entertaining his editing is on point his you know uh his um like his jokes his

Like comical like his comical sense is very very good he does a good job of like kind of trash talking like motorcyclists like kind of annoying motorcyclists in a nice way not in a way to like you know make fun of them or anything but he does it in a neat way that really kind of appeals to me i like the way i like his humor a lot and then at the same time he does

Probably one of the better jobs uh he probably yeah he probably does the best job even when you consider ddfm he does probably the best job at like describing motorcycle physics and well he does it in a joking manner because it’s part of his you know is his channel style he does it in a joking matter but he does it very accurately and you know he talks a lot about

The physics of why things happen on motorcycles and then he describes like how to safely you know kind of counteract them in a sense and so he doesn’t i really like the way that he he talks about the physics of motorcycles how they work and you know what you can do to basically make yourself safer on the road and so he you know a lot of that stuff along with the

Fact that he does provide a very entertaining aspect to his videos i really like that about him so that’s why i have him at number one so if you guys have watched any of these youtubers and you have an opinion on them i know this was kind of a quick video i was running out of time but um and i may be a little bit off on my descriptions and analysis of them but

Nonetheless just kind of open for debate what do you guys think of the the channels um and just let me know in the comments if you’ve seen them and what you think of them who’s your favorite so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed and take it easy peace out you

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Honda CBR300R | My Top 3 Favorite Motorcycle YouTuber's By MRBishop8