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Honda CBR500R How Many Miles?

I review and test ride my flip bike 2017 Honda CBR500R I bought for $1000 and spent $1000 on parts so $2000 total and compare it to my early courier bikes like the Honda CX500, Honda VT500 and the Honda NTV650.

The honda cb and cbr 500r twins introduced since 2013 have been a best-selling motorcycle all over the world i’m going to review my flip bike to find out if it lives up to expectations hello hello so this is my honda cbr 500r it was a non-runner so i rebuilt rebuilt it i should replace loads of parts on it and uh now it’s insured it’s back on the road but

Before we get into that really interesting thought occur to me so i’ve been riding it around you know my background is like a london motorcycle courier which i did for like 20 years so if you’re wondering what a dispatch rider does this is my mate simon cutting through the london traffic delivering urgent packages i thought this would make a really good dispatch

Bike because it’s really easy and light to ride it’s cheap and you get really good fuel economy that’s what you want because if you’re a dispatch rider you want to hang on to as much money as you earn as opposed to like spending it out on on your motorbike kind of a bit different if you just have motorcycling as a hobby and you want to sort of you know buy nice

Bits for it and all that kind of thing it’s a bit it’s a bit of a different mentality to that and then i remembered that this is the bike that simon has got uh in in the uk the last time i went back was about five years ago and i met up with simon at brandt’s hatch which is a motor racing circuit in kent and he gave me a lift on the back of his cb500 which is

The naked sibling to this bike so it’s basically the same but it doesn’t have all the plastic fairing on it when i told him i was doing this video he said have you seen stan’s post on the facebook dispatch riders page and i said no and he goes we’ll go and have a look at it stan had a an early cb500 which has just done like a mega mega amount of miles so think

About how many miles you think this this bike could do right and then double it and you’ll kind of get there now i’m not going to tell you uh the answer now i’ll tell you later on in the video um anyway this feels quite good about this one and because i’m going back to from london to texas you are watching sir patrick bikes looks like it’s got a bit of a black

Cloud up there one thing about this bike is it’s really easy to push around it’s really like i said before it’s like really light and easy to maneuver and the gearbox is really sweet that’s one of the first things i notice i’ve been scarred by the cx-500 gearbox bloody horrible things it’s really a comfy riding position like it and um kind of lent forward

A little bit so you haven’t got all the weight on your bum or your butt as we saw here um yeah i’m not that impressed with the front brake i think it would be better if it had twin discs on the front but if steve is really nice it’s funny in it he’s got a laugh it’s like i want to like ride this bike like take going back to me roots being a dispatch rider

And of course hasn’t rained for like ages in texas and as soon as i go out i think i’m a dispatcher rider again and it starts pouring down the rain that’s um assad’s law in it that i like the fact that it’s got the fairing on it mirrors work well at this sort of speed sort of 40 50 miles an hour and of course you’ve got the suspension uh you’ve got the you can

Harden up the front forks on this as well so you could head out and do track days on it if you wanted to plenty of people use those ninja 400s are really popular on track days and this it’s a really similar bike but that feels like it’s got more power i’d rather have one of these than the kawasaki 400 ninja and now i’m getting rained on again so let’s go back

To the uk and watch simon chuck it through this roundabout it’s a really nimble bike you might be wondering why he’s going so fast it’s because he’s got mark marquez on his tail but seriously watch him overtake this van the bike’s easy got enough power just to pull out and blast past it now back to texas let’s go right here you can turn right on red in texas

Not so much in um in the uk you can’t turn right over it but yeah you can here we go on the dual carriageway easy accelerates supposed to have a top speed of about a hundred and twelve hundred and fifteen so i’m doing seventy miles an hour up just under six thousand revs and it redlines at nine oh yeah i mean i’m accelerating i’m gonna accelerate

Up to 85 86 it’s it’s well fast enough to to do that so i’m going to get in the left-hand lane here because i think the traffic is all backed up though so it’s three of my dispatch bikes that i’m going to compare it to and so you’ve got the cx-500 i actually had about five of those they were definitely cheap and cheerful and when you go wrong i just go and

Buy another one off jazz bikes for 500 quid so i also had a vt 500 which i really like to ride i love the twins and i really like that bike see in england now you just like okay i’m going to move over a bit like you just bomb up in the middle but you’re not allowed to do that here you’ll get nicked then i had an ntv650 which was again a v-twin it was a really

Nice bike to ride but the gearbox went on that as well so just because a bike says honda on the side of it doesn’t mean to say it’s reliable because they’ve messed up quite a few of their different bikes now you will also note that those three bikes i mentioned the cx-500 the vt500 and the ntv-650 were all shaft drive that meant you didn’t have to mess about

Adjusting the chain but these days o-ring chains are so good just put engine oil on them and they’re fine they last for i got i used to get a ridiculous amount of miles over 50 000 miles i’ll get out of jail and sprockets and of course this this bike trumps the cx the vt and the ntv because it’s got a fairing on it i’m 5 11 rp is a pretty much perfect riding

Position for me i don’t think i would change it too much even if it was adjustable so let’s have a look at these um if you look over here on the right like there’s a ford f2 f150 and then there’s a chevy now they may be v8s and there’s a a toyota tundra pickup truck there and i’d say i could pretty much out accelerate them you know away from the lights but

If you’re just if i’m in top gear and i’m going along at like 50 miles an hour if that if that guy in that truck just put his foot down and he’s got a v8 he would be able to out drag me on this so don’t expect warp drive performance i think it stopped raining now yeah don’t expect warp drive performance um out of this bike it’s just 50 horsepower it’s a v it’s

A it’s a parallel twin but of course the positive side of that is that you’re not going to use up loads of petrol you’re not going to use up loads of gas so i’m going to take you through all the stuff that i did to it so starting from the top i changed out the ignition switch so now it turns on and off fine change the left handle bar the screen also change the

Top triple tree put a ton of work into this thing it was like i was only a thousand dollars but honestly man the amount of work i put into it put these funky brake and clutch lever on it also put on new bar end weights on the top put on a new fuel cap so i also replaced this seat cowl piece here and also the lock that holds this bit on it was all sticky the front

Indicators the front brake wasn’t wasn’t rooted properly so i took all the front brake apart cleaned it all up put new brake fluid in it and that works properly now this is the original uh panel on this side this is original so this side new i think these left hand panels they weren’t too much money they were about 130 but i got it cheaper i got one cheaper

On ebay eventually you had to wait for it to come up the bottom panel there i had to glue it with some contacts i mean there’s so much work i i did i put new pillion foot rests and foot rest hangs on it because there wasn’t any on it i put a new left hand footrest hanger and i put new pegs on either side it didn’t have a chain guard so i put a chain guard on

It also put a new back tire on it i was going to replace this panel because it’s got a hole in it but i never got around to it i found this it didn’t have an exhaust pipe on it actually so i got this exhausted off amazon or ebay i can’t remember it was about 60 60 bucks kind of works okay also change the oil the oil filter and i put a new air filter in in

It and i think that was about it i’ll probably think of other things as on as i go on about it but um honda cb 500 cbr 500 absolutely brilliant bikes i think they’re better than the three bikes that i mentioned and if i was still dispatch riding i would definitely get one so uh here we go now i’m gonna tell you how many miles simon’s cb cb500 has done first

So at the moment it’s still going strong and it’s done 107 000 miles now we get to the juicy bit we get to stan’s bike has done 353 000 miles but that was with two engines the first engine did 250 000 miles but then the cam chain snapped and he replaced the engine and i know he’s telling the truth because i got him to swear an oath of honesty on the dispatch

Riders bible the london a to zed macbook thanks for watching like and subscribe please don’t forget to like and subscribe cheers

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Honda CBR500R How Many Miles? By Sir Patrick Bikes