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Honda CBR600F with aftermarket EXIL Hyperlow exhaust Double Gun/ Double Barrel review staff member, Ade, buys an aftermarket exhaust to cheer him up after the disappointment of failing to buy the 899 Panigale.

It also is pretty cheap i treat myself cuz them if you mayor why not no i couldn’t get the finance on the duquette ii went all the way through it got insurance sorted out can get finance on it and also insurance cost was ridiculous quotes range from two and a half thousand to ten thousand pounds so for what i’ve thought that some do it a few months enjoyed this bike

To love it anyway cracking bike i’ll go from there right doesn’t watch a lot is a key very big box is it right now god’s exhaust cuz it looks different islands in the out they’ll they’re quite come on internet i’m actually seeing levites with it in the flesh i don’t like long pipes come out bike before get a short stubby one yeah and this is chutes w1 alright good

Instructions oh my god whoa that looks nice piece tempters will apparently well noise yeah sensual don’t think it’s got some removal barrels this is called the ixil pipe blow ducey’s double gum look looks down 60 well nice of you like but probably lighter the one i’m removing looks very nasty finished it hasn’t got removable baffles just one of auxin me so it

Could be as loud as it is and that is it my that looks nice happy of it okay let’s get the work of this bastard i believe it’s customary to do a starting up sound first of he’s a little bit bummed up spike sir just stand up it first you it’s about 5,000 lives put me one article makes a wiper flow it was a nightmare to get on well actually gain numbers alright it

Was annoying me to take the thing off because a boat that was here on the older one was seized it was absolute nightmares around this side i couldn’t do it started riding off the nuts getting frustrated to grant our spreading it of an anti-corrosion spray to get rid of rust indiana laughs sorry i took it down local gouge and now they did it with a proper nothing

Goes white random nut and got the old wrench goes around it and come off straight away to parties so i gave them a cut liquid being money and that’s it thank good so come back slipped it off put this one on it was no trouble at all putting on and here we go well doesn’t sound too much difficulty felix greek okra backside but what’s it much to me well actually

This is louder we’ve got much changing loads and beaten yes definitely i think the sound actually those theories oh yeah i’m really starting to think actually he’s making up different noise tickets a built-up urban part of working town center so if it will around more than usual yes definitely you take the off the read your comic posting of zero extort ilan yes

Definitely louder okay sort of change my name so delta and theta yeah and we’ll kind of rumble tone okay let it off on please yeah i said days then look you know weeks ago yes there is that noise they’re all sounds wicked oh yeah say well let’s put back on it’s a very facing camera and that have its own microphone so you’ll get an idea of what i’m listening

To and i china suprem phobia utilize in the rearview there’s a live microphone on it so you can hear it a bit better i mean now jump back on you after turning off that’s a lot louder look more rounder and is a bit deeper it’s got lovely nor a fluttering semi verbal going on oh charlotte when you’re on it when you’re not accelerating but unloaded stable kind of

Ribs is it a little bit of overrun with a little bit of pops and that you come off the ribs so yeah oh yeah we got bit more to it so think now this money the respect we can realize little bubble there girl it’s a lot louder weirdly the bike feels a bit smoother maybe it’s just me maybe that’s just wishful hoping it’s a lot now there so it’s a lot better get this

Graciously wait and this is selling fair and better to me it’s going to stand organic why next week i’m just noticing the nuances better sounds more burbles as you’re on the overrun now the lower revs as you pick up through the ribs you screamed in a deeper kind of more aggressive fruity tone the noise it makes most oppressive noise it makes is ringing you’re in

The wrong kind of gear and you’re low down which always sounds kind of deeper any bike course because your neural gear that know is real deep column not always to it you

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Honda CBR600F with aftermarket EXIL Hyperlow exhaust Double Gun/ Double Barrel review By Which Bike