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Honda CRF150F Motorcycle Review

The Honda CRF150F is a great dirtbike, designed more for trail riding and fun than for motocross racing. The Honda CRF150F makes enough power for fun in the dirt, and it is very easy and cheap to maintain, and because it isn’t a racing engine, it will run forever. The engine is overbuilt and under-stressed, and very reliable, which makes the Honda CRF150F great for long trail rides. The 2.1 gallon tank will give you 100 miles of range, which is plenty for a day of fun in the dirt.

All right this is a review of the honda crf 150f motorcycle uh my son was learning how to ride uh he borrowed a friend’s xr 100 for a ride and that was a little small for him it was one from the 1980s so this is kind of the son or grandson of that bike a little bit taller a little bit bigger um overall equally reliable it’s gonna run forever and we’ll get into

The specifics a little bit later but basically we wanted a bike that was you know big enough for an adult to ride so when he gets tired of it i can use it as my play bike and then something that was smaller than my honda 500 which i don’t want him to ride because this would happen to him all right here’s a close-up look at the bike we’ve got a disc brake in the

Front on a 19-inch wheel and you’ve got a 16-inch wheel in the back with a drum brake so that’s an inch smaller than your standard you know big motocross bike it is carbureted as you can see carburetor is real easy to clean rebuild kits are less than 20 bucks spark plug is easy to get to um this one has a kickstarter in 2006 they redesigned them to be electric

Start so the pre-2006 there’s no battery and you just kick start it people seem to prefer that and then in 2006 they redesigned the engine to make the engine stronger and lighter but they put a big heavy starter on it so it’s actually a little bit heavier than the earlier models but you’ve got the electric start as long as your battery is charged up you’re good

This particular one the early models don’t have a battery so all you got to do is kick it to start it and you don’t ever have to worry about charging it up in terms of maintenance it’s designed to be really easy to maintain you can see these these caps right here is where you would adjust your valve clearance and it’s a screw and lock nut system so you don’t need

Any parts like no shims or anything else to adjust the valves just open this up screw it up and down tighten it and then check your clearance they styled it like a racing bike even though it’s not at all intended to be for racing it’s got a little less than nine inches of travel in the front and back about 2.1 gallons in the tank no instruments hydraulic disc

Brake legal spark arrestor and you can see it’s made in brazil you can see there’s no adjustments on the fork so you pretty much get what you get and you can change the oil and springs if you don’t like it same thing on the the rear suspension other than there’s a collar you can crank up and down here to raise and lower it to increase the spring tension but

That’s about all you’ve got to work with no damping settings or anything like that so it’s basically a dirt uh play bike it’s kind of the category it’s in the engine’s gonna run forever it’s reliable it’s you know it’s not over stressed it’s over built and under stressed if anything and you can just rip down the road on it all day long get it dirty and it’ll run

Forever and that’s kind of the point of what we were looking for and in addition to that it is kind of a medium-sized bike but the seat is 32 inches high so you know for an adult you could buy one of these and just have it be your play bike and it would fit you just fine you know if you were uh let’s say a woman five foot six or under and you wanted a dirt bike

Actually you’re a woman and you’re five foot six and under and you like motorcycles go ahead and send me a personal message all right but i digress so if for for women a lot of times if they’re looking for a bike that’s manageable and they’re not six feet tall then this is the perfect kind of compromised trail bike just for going out and having fun in the dirt and

Keeping up with your friends um anything else to mention the oil change interval on this uh is whenever probably once a year and it takes a little more than a quart there’s no oil filter you can watch my oil change video to see how to change the oil on it so basically all the only parts in the oil change video that you need are oil and then you clean out this mesh

Screen and you’re good to go for until next year

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Honda CRF150F Motorcycle Review By hoohoohoblin