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Honda CT110 Project Part 11: First Ride?

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Right then thank you very much to patrons you purchased some fun little bits we got this got a nice gear shifter and we got some uh little bits to hold the sprocket in and nuts and bolts and stuff so yeah let’s uh get the chain of sprocket on oh dear what rollers are they what pitch is this is this the wrong size can’t be the wrong size oh no i might just

Change the really sprocket i must have i made a mistake right so my logic this is a 420 front sprocket 420 spacing this is a 420 chain it’s a honda small cc engine and i thought it was similar to a honda cub so that’d be a 420 420 420 that rear sprocket is a 428 do you know what this means it means that this chain won’t work so i have to get another chain silver

Can salvage the old sprocket from this so this time i’ve double checked it so it looks like this is the sprocket off the honda ct and don’t fit uh it’s too loose and you can’t line up the the mounting things with both so i need to get a four to eight front sprocket for a cub or for a life hand so that’s all i need is a 428 front sprocket and then 408 chain i

Mean i’m going to put this chain back in the box because it’s a 420 chain and all my other cubs use for 20s so it will be used eventually so this is the original honda ct sprocket and i thought maybe i can put this on the lifehand engine close but no cigar so i’m going to go through all my sprockets find out which one i actually need because it needs to be the eye

The eyes need to have it right let’s find out which one it is it actually is all right it’s obviously not going to be that sprocket is it because look at the spin on that no play whatsoever it just goes so that’s nice so that’s the right size it’s a big sprocket as well so i thought i just have one little look in my spares okay and i found this this is from the box

I don’t know if you can see it there four two eight sixteen tooth now that is a four two zero sixteen teeth okay so we’re not gonna use that i don’t need to buy a new sprocket at all four to eight 16 tooth awesome we have found it so i can put this sprocket on here well fingers crossed i’d like to put this sprocket on here yes yes that’s a good that’s a good

Fit now will this fit and line up with the holes turn and pull oh oh okay let me just tighten this up awesome okay okay okay cool so now we just need to order a four two eight pitch link chain um which i don’t have so i’m gonna order that and it will be hopefully here by the end of the week maybe nice and tight like nice and tight hey oh sweet okay

So apart from a hole in the exhaust there it’s all good and the gear leave is in the wrong position and the cover isn’t on and there’s lots of teething issues probably but we’re close so very close on the ct today and we’ll carry on with the exhaust repair and this is all like exhaust wrap or something that is on here so i’m going to take it all off because

You can see there’s a hole there but there’s a major hole under here um and i can’t adhesive any of this because it’s all just dirt so i’ve got to undo this see how bad it is here hopefully i can save it because i don’t really want to have to order exhaust because exhaust is around 160 quid um they’re not cheap and i’d probably have to wait a while for it to come

I’ll get all this tape off i don’t know what this is like just foil bits of beer can or something it’s sharp whatever it is if i’m wearing gloves difficult to get off as well um get it all off sand it down a bit and then hopefully can re-glue it wow it’s been heavily met oh heavily metal pasted before so it’s obviously gone under repair before dear idea this

Is not not really great move that it’s made a mess removed all of that you can see there we got some holes but i’m going to try to use this stuff all right so down here so i’ve patched the exhaust up this is actually held i’ve had it running um the first time i had it running it did actually blow from one of the larger holes but that seemed to have dried quite

Nice gone quite hard already which is really really good so i think that’s fine um of course i will test it before i put it back together but i found out down here you can see there’s a load of black scoring there it’s not sealing properly now i know that it doesn’t fit properly so i’ve stuck a couple of gaskets in there but it still hasn’t properly sealed so

I’m going to stick a third gasket in there and hopefully that seals it because look you can see where it’s just black because it’s been blowing out there will this work that’s triple gasketed now um i don’t want to get the bike back out and start off again but i do want to find out if it’s going to work i haven’t tightened the bolts down all the way because i’m

Scared i’m going to snap an engine bolt somewhere so i’ll leave it as it is for now it looks like there’s no movement let’s poke a screwdriver and see what happens poke poke poke no movement at all i mean as long as we’ve got no movement there at all as long as you’ve got a seal as long as that performs a nice seal that doesn’t blow it might be all right i don’t

Know right just to draw yourself attention to one of my previous builds when i did the honda c50 and i put the lovely 110 engine you know i probably put a playlist down below but when i did that build i did it using uh no battery no motorbike battery but the headlights and the horn are quite strong on this bike and the horn on the ct is pretty bad so um i ran

A capacitor on this and i was having trouble finding the exact same capacitor that i used last time so i ended up asking in the forums and stuff and people said why don’t we get a nice um you can get something else that’s much nicer and some people i mean the bike was finished and unfortunately i haven’t got it on the road finished you know i haven’t done its

Fine tuning or fine teething issues because it’s just a road cub and i’ve got several so yeah i ran out of money basically and i couldn’t put it on the road and then i got distracted with other projects so unfortunately you’ve actually never seen me road ride this bike um i might i might not i might just keep it really nice and just leave it like that i don’t need

It on the road it’s just nice to have anyway back on subject this is what was recommended to me um i could actually wire in this to the honda ct um it’s a low 12 volts battery and it will not start the bike so it will not start the bike that’s fine i’m not going to uh use it to start the bike i’m using it purely as a like a capacitor anyway i decided not

To go for this one i’ve decided what i’m going to do is i’ve just managed to buy and find a capacitor so hopefully in a few weeks time i’ll have a capacitor coming in incidentally you can check out the big pezza podcast now available on spotify and coming up very soon to an episode is me going through all the 69 questions that you have to answer for importing a

Motorbike to japan if you want to listen to me on the podcast you can go ahead when i get my bike registered i will make a full video on how i imported my bike from japan to england so if you want to stick around i probably will do that at some point anyway this is just an update on the honda ct 110 i will probably not post another update because everything is

Pretty much done with the bike i’m just waiting for some documents to come back so i can actually put it on the road but it like i say it’s not going to be on the road until april the 1st of 2022 so hopefully it’s not much longer to wait it’s literally just over a month to wait or something because we’re at the i’m recording this day of recording is the end of

February so literally march and then as soon as april comes april the first i have to just take it for a ride anyway thanks for watching and i’ll catch you in the next video

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Honda CT110 Project Part 11: First Ride? By Big_Pezza