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Honda CTX700 DCT Island Cruising

Cruising the Honda CTX700 DCT in the Tropical Tip of Texas. Some discussion of the Dual Clutch Transmission and a look around at some island riding.

Hey folks captain jim coming to you with another two wheel video sometimes scooter sometimes motorcycle but always about having fun for the ride back in the tropical tip of texas that’s our home area and i’m out on the ctx today i’m going to spend a little time talking about the dual clutch transmission on the ctx and show off some of the area where

We live in right now i’m heading off the island that we live on heading on to a little piece of the mainland of texas right there and then taking off uh heading east across the queen isabella causeway heading towards south padre island that water that you see that’s the laguna madre the bay in our area okay now a little bit about the bike i’ve had

A lot of questions about the dct on this uh seems that a lot of riders think that it’s just an automatic transmission just put it in drive and go and and it is that but it’s definitely so much more than that the the way you can drive this bike is just about unlimited in terms of how that transmission can work uh if you put it in drive mode it will

Shift it’ll up shift way fast to the point where at 30 miles an hour you’re in fourth maybe even fifth gear it’s pretty docile at that if you shift it into sport mode it will hold the shift points later and you’ll get more acceleration you’ll get more engine braking and there’s a definite use for each of those if like where i’m cruising right now

On the island that’s a 25 mile an hour speed limit on this road and if you put it in sport mode at 25 miles an hour it’s going to be hunting back and forth between second and third gear put it in drive mode and it’ll shift to about fourth gear at that point and just run smooth and easy just like riding a big scooter out on the main drag on south

Padre island i’m heading north right now towards one of my favorite cruising places on south padre island this coming up on the south padre island convention center it’s where big events are held concerts uh large conventions that sort of thing but what it holds for me i have kind of a a personal attraction to ah there it is you’re seeing it right

There that’s a wyland whaling wall those are near life-sized orcas painted on the wall on that section of the convention center and some of you know that i’m a retired boat captain the last five years that i was working was running whale watch boats out in the pacific northwest where i got to see those wonderful orca almost daily and right now

I’m pulling into the parking lot of the convention center and this would be some low speed maneuvering i’ll just be quiet while you get yourself busy watching this it’s good practice to take that ctx out since it is it’s a lot bigger than the uh and just practice some low speed for those of you not familiar with trail braking that’s a good way

To have low speed control with an automatic transmission on a motorcycle you can put the bike in drive and keep it under 10 or 11 miles an hour it’s not going to upshift you could put it in sport mode for sure it won’t upshift put it in manual it won’t upshift and you use a little bit of rear brake and that controls your speed much like you would use

The friction zone in a manual transmission motorcycle and this right here was a walk around where you could see the ctx and then now we’re back out about on the scoot leaving the convention center and i’ll be making a right turn here and heading south on padre boulevard the main drag south padre island is a destination resort area the main part of

The populated area on the island is about four miles long it’s a lot of high-rise condos hotels beach shops bars restaurants pretty much the best beach in texas and one of the best beaches in the country all right heading off from south padre island i’m heading out over the queen isabella causeway headed towards mainland once again and it’s a two

And a half mile trek across that causeway and you’re going across the laguna madre there looks like a lot of water out there most of that water is two to four feet deep except for the channels where it’s been dredged that water is what brought us to the tropical tip as you can probably tell from my screen name i’m a definite boat guy we’re boatless

Right now by choice but i still love seeing the water and if i need to be on the water i can throw in a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard but right now my main joy is getting out on the scoot and i call all of our two-wheel conveyances scoots always have back when i was riding harley’s they were scooting all right we’re back on the mainland there is

Uh the port isabel lighthouse and we’ve come to the end of today’s ride thanks for riding along

Transcribed from video
Honda CTX700 DCT Island Cruising By Captain Jim