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Honda Cub C90 , walk around of one of the last sold in the UK.

The most successful motorcycle ever built , even with its clunky gearbox!

Okay just come back from a little spin on the honda i thought we’d do a very quick walk around well there she is just on a six or seven miles i guess and she’s looking quite nice as i say i’ve just cleaned and polished it i put the new tube in done a few extra little jobs yeah a few extras on there as you can see the the center rack and um the front rack were

Extras i said i wanted this for a utility machine for shopping and um and it does the trick that rickman top box is uh not a very good nick but it does a very good job for the shopping uh screen is excellent as i say just come back from this little jaunt it’s slightly slightly raining it’s kept all the rain off tuck your legs into the to the middle and the rain

Stays off your legs i mean it’s such a good utility machine you can see why they sold 60 million of them look at the mud guards proper mug guards look designed to keep all the crap off the engine everywhere even got a little deflector on the rear look which is a nice touch the rear dampers as i say a bit of a drawback they’re far too wally and wally and soft and

Are not adjustable front suspension that’s well it’s been like that for years it’s okay it does the job you wouldn’t want to be putting a bigger engine in it really unless you’re a better rider than i am uh this one has got something that makes it slightly more useful for an older person like myself and if you look on the crank case what can you see you can see

An electric motor so it’s an electric start so this this makes this in my opinion the best one to have it’s in the right color it’s electric start it’s low mileage um and it wasn’t very expensive and i bought it about 12 13 years ago hasn’t had much use since an elderly gentleman had it to go to the allotment so the top box was full of soil and bits of plant

And all sorts and he tied the tools to the bike so there were you know one or two little minor imperfections to deal with this one i’ve also put a side stand on it um to do that you just need to change the the footrest assembly not even sure if you can buy them now that’s been on there for 12 years or more uh simple enough to do four bolts job done it’s useful

Um as you can see one thing i really like is fully enclosed chain guard the chain will go virtually forever with only five horsepower and i just use cheap uh lube oil sort of stuff i chuck in the chainsaws um just lube the chain and just uh put a drag under it overnight and just let it drip out because it’s not going to get mucky so you know that’s a simple job

You know no expensive chain loops required um just checking i’ve turned yes petrols off there is a petrol gauge on it it’s got decent sized indicators as you can see as i said before on the interceptor walk round indicators are getting a little bit on the small side for my liking but these are excellent and um do the job beautifully nothing much more to say

Oh yes one interesting thing if you as you see the the rear foot rests are attached to the swinging arm which you think well that’s not very good because the passengers leg legs are going to go up and down and then i thought about it from an engineering viewpoint and i thought hang on that’s not such a stupid idea because you’re actually using your pillion’s

Leg as dampers because they’re always going to put a bit of weight on the footrest so in a way that makes up for the lack of um rear damping and and for the rather poor spring rate but i guess they designed these things for roads that were well almost non-existent and that’s why the suspension tends to be a bit wallowy although thinking back um back to the 70s

The honda you know all those 175s they they tended to be a little bit on the soft side the little bag in the middle um came from thailand um it’s not that useful but it was available so they had a couple left quite a few years ago and i thought well i’ll get one and just fill in that center section um it’s not you know you can put stuff in it but i just bought

It because it was available and under the seat i managed to get a locking petrol cap that’s an extra i haven’t seen those for years uh in in this cut climate in the uk with the rain you have to watch out for rust on older ones where the plastic mud guard comes over onto the steel chassis you can get rust around that area but there are replacement parts you can

Weld in this one obviously has got no rust and also up inside the fork legs up there you can get rust around those sections where particularly when the salt gets up there obviously no trouble with this one but i do squirt wd up there every year just to be on the safe side nothing much more to say really except everything works the the mirrors are in the right

Place they seem to work nicely i put the uh the rubber around there because of um ethanol and petrol it takes the paint off so i put that there so it can be wiped easily everything is um as you can see in pretty good knit you can see where a bird’s crapped on the yeah i had robin’s nesting in the garage and that’s remnants of robin crap that’s it then i think

We’ve done enough i think we’ll put it away before the rain gets worse

Transcribed from video
Honda Cub C90 , walk around of one of the last sold in the UK. By Calder Dale