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Honda Fourtrax 300 ATV PLOWING SNOW

Showing how to hook up a plow to a Honda Fourtrax 300 atv and doing some Snow plowing. Check out all our other videos and make sure to subscribe while you’re watching!

All right and welcome to mr. brown’s amazing world it is gonna snow tomorrow so we need to get ready for plowing and all ready for winter in general so this year’s our plow for our four-wheeler nothing too special about it we use a 1999 honda 300 4 by 4 or 4 tracks four-wheel drive four-wheeler awesome it’s uh honda 4 tracks goes just about anywhere nice sized tires

On there it’s got electric start it’s got reverse it’s got five gears five years you don’t have to have a clutch to it it just you hit the shifter and go now this plow was a manual hookup to it and what it does and get ones that have a winch instead which would be a lot nicer but you know this one works the pretty well just the way it is so what you do these little

Tabs here they’ve the holes in there and a little roll pin will go through those and attach to a mount that’s on the four-wheeler here let me show you over here quick where that is right underneath your foot this right here you just put it right in that slot put the roll pins in and you’re good to go then you have the other mount here which we just discovered

We need to get a new hook so we can raise and lower the plow that’s pretty much it you do that and you’re ready to start plowing so follow along we’ll do some plowing probably tomorrow so we just slid it into place pretty much right like that and you hook this chain up to the lever and as you raise and lower it works really well and again what i was saying before

Let’s put a roll pin right through here that’s all it is alright luckily i just found the roll pins i was looking for so i’ll stick those in and keep on moving all right should we have it all hooked up see the roll pin in there and we have it just dangling there but you get to see the gist of how this works and you just pull back on the plow holds itself there

For you and now there’s this part here pull that and you’re able to pivot the plow to either side or plow straight depending on how you want it to be i didn’t need that skin so whether you want it straight or you need to angle the other way there you go and your plow and pushing the snow works real well the faster you go kind of puts a better curl to it i guess

You don’t really want to go too fast with this just humming along the right speed but now all right we’re good to go let it snow all right well finally snowed i guess wouldn’t say finally but we have our little bit of snow this morning before everybody goes to work at school and get out here and do a little plowing take our beast out we’ll fire up and a few ones

Just last you’ll give it a second here second okay 20 degrees out one kick fires right up like it’s wholly on okay warm up a tiny bit here wow it’s all good to go so you do you pull it far he lifts it up pretty simple now i had the same machine before with winch controls and the winch raised and lowered the plow that was awesome highly recommend that because you

Can adjust it in between a little bit instead of just up-down up-down it’s like instead of these settings it’s where you want it with the weights little more precise there’s not a lot of snow today but just love to show you what we have to do little pile of stuff ah well you got to do drop down this thing’s great you get right up next wherever you have to

Then you get to make jumps for when you’re done or with it i should say make jump little snow and take three wheelies out race around have a great time this little flower i mean it’s perfect for this master right here he’s more i mean i plot a foot of snow where they just were you takes a while and i don’t want to beat up my machine i like kind of goes no prob

Until it runs that attraction so that’s how you know your food for too much you can start spending make a nice simple pass up the driveway those i see consistent that’s a big big bother and wow to be moving great great great i wonder if you can get one pretty far louisville just the right size now what i like to do is take a path down this part over there or

Chill art there and put it’s not out over there right off the bat because we make just over here and doesn’t take lunch alone specially making a difference wow it’s great right there i find this to work so much better than a truck everywhere now you are outside i fit everywhere around that my machine to use the whole rest of the game it’s also here to

Play any excuse to come out goofing around with you and it nearly 3/4 know just enough i don’t get this out of here to be a see device later all right we’ll do it quicker faster you can go a little faster courses smell better they don’t have to have too much running a reason to how you do your plowing you figure out a little pattern and the best way to get

Around everything okay maybe a wiggle and move here curve it around here and when she needs that card get in there really this thing it plows perfectly it’s a good sized pile we have going here makes beautiful jumps that’s like 300 feet high already and this little thing just pushes right into it like it nothing i have another plowing video that we did last

Year on this thing have you checked that one out we had more snow for that one i’ll probably take this out of him and it gets deeper phyllis you wanted a four-wheeler it’s a good way to tell your wife well it beats up oh and did i mention you can track the kids up and down the road too they love that usually that sort of snow days the system anymore like i

Said you don’t need a real brine the reason that just push that with a pile right out of here and i’ll get that on the way down just want to get this part of the table the blade but it doesn’t weigh anything i mean it’s a big giant lever but the nice thing about a winchester you can have it go up a little down just a little bit to keep it just touching the

Ground instead of skipping and bouncing off of it and fun to cut it actually hold the lovable time to adjust it they’re going make a bank turn there oh it’s so beautiful out here there’s no one ever now what do we have to do push this pin now we’re straight or we could just keep going turn it to that side this time like it’s nothing pretty good now

Plenty of traction to get up it and we have jumps to play with that’s the best part i got to play with this i get to play with all the toys i do find if you have the blade straight it keeps pushing you can almost push better without on an angle no but sometimes in the middle there we go put it in the middle it’ll push off the sides a little bit more it

Doesn’t seem like you push as much my friends amazing worlds were plowing you know go out and get yourself one of these back for shuffling it’s a waste of time and i know they make quite a few different brands get the winch then you get stuck in the mud later you can pull yourself out and do all kinds of other fun stuff with a winch got to check out our

Other videos we do a lot of really cool stuff with these stupid toys have a lot of fun of them make sure to like and subscribe we’re hitting our thresholds with our subscribers and everyone if you count so thank you really really hope you like this stuff any questions please comment thank you very much you have a great day

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Honda Fourtrax 300 ATV PLOWING SNOW By Mr. Brian’s Amazing World