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Honda GL1800 Goldwing walkround and startup | Motorcycles for Sale from

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Okay we’re going to take a look at this 2009 honda gl1800 gold wing i’m gonna grab the camera and have a good close look around the back for you okay let’s have a close look at this honda it is hpi clear and it’s only one form of keeper so what we’ll do we’ll start at the front and we’ll take a good look around the bike for you get a look at the condition it

Is in gloss black it’s got nice quite a few nice bits of chrome on it as well it’s also got the abs on it it does also have cruise control it’s got the uh front spot lights as well it’s got the little chrome bars on there protecting the side of the engine looking at the radiator there loads and loads and loads of loads of little extras on these i’ll try and get

Through as much as i can i may miss stuff because i have the luggage on there there’s a heated front and rear seats as well see that’s the controller there for the adjustment for the heat on the rear seat and you’ll also see the uh intercom cable there it does also have the intercom cable there on the front and you’ve got your loads of controls on the side there

For the uh for the multimedia system on it does have sat nav built in on this chrome protection bars there as well at the back let’s get a look at the exhaust on this side look at the condition of the boxes as well see the speakers there at the back let’s get a look over the top of the seats nice big comfy seats on this you’ll also notice there’s got an

Airbag on it as well look at the dash up there we will have a close look at the dash and the controls in a moment let’s get the rack up on the back on the top box let’s get a good look around the back okay look at that top box as well we’ll move over to the right hand side you can see the aerial there big aerial on the back let’s get a look at the exhaust

On this side this is in really nice condition this i’d say it is only one form of keeper really well looked after look on this side you’ve got your uh controls for your sat nav on there also got all the controls up on their bars as well so what we’ll do now we’ll go have a look at the controls and get the mileage off it okay let’s have a look at the controls

Right there’s plenty on this one this is not standard um you’ve got your front brake on there obviously in your throttle then you’ve got your cruise control which is on and off um so that’s all you set for your decelerate as well and then you’ve also got it’s got reverse gear on this so pop that in that puts your reverse gear on so you can reverse it there’s

Your starter that’s your kill switch on there uh then on this side you’ve got your height adjustable headlights on there then you’ve got your this is for your suspension your pre-load up and down and you can set it there’s memories on there and down at the bottom here you’ve got your navigation system when that’s on and we’ll move over to this side you’ve got

A lot on this side so this is for your radio for your um traffic announcement news and then you’ve got your volume up and down and obviously your desk your mute on there and you’ve got your indicators and your lights hidden in there and your horn and then this is your it zooms in and out on the uh on the actual display on there and down on this side you’ve got

All your controls for your radio and your fog lights on there as well and your hazards so all your stuff on there you’ve all your mini mode buttons and then you’ve got your four buttons on there which is displaying for trip and dimmer and then your heated grips on there and your heated seat so that’s on there i’ll pop the ignition on take another look at this

As you can hear there’s your let’s radio that down you can see the mileage on there it’s done 50 695 so when you display on there you can switch that through on there let’s put it onto your sat nav so you press your enter on your sat nav that should load up your sat nav so these this is your zoom button in and out so you can zoom in and out on your sat nav on

There so really really good easy to use system on that and there you go okay let’s start this up listen to it run where are you and there you go if you’d like any more photos or videos anything you want to see up in close up we can do that for you and send it over to you on whatsapp if you want to give dave or don a call on all one six one seven one three three

Two one nine they’ll be happy to help you finance is available on this bike we can also offer contactless free delivery anywhere in the mainland uk there’s also extended parts and labor warranty available and a 30-day money-back guarantee you can visit us online at or you can call us by phone on all one six one seven one three three two one

Nine or you could call into our showroom and great to manchester by appointment only during these corvid restrictions you

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