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Honda Goldwing – 1.5 years – 23500 miles review – #12 Wrap up and final thoughts #goldwing #honda

Wrapping up my review of the 2021 Honda Goldwing Tour.

Hey guys modern ready here welcome to my channel i know it’s been a while since i’ve made a video and my apologies you know texas summer is just simply too hot and i wanted to take it a little easy and life got a little busy too anyway it’s fall the weather is much pleasant right now and i really wanted to finish this video series on my review of the honda goldwing

I’ve done a lot of video i think i’ve created a playlist i’ll probably also put a link to that in the description but i didn’t really get a chance to wrap up the um the the series if you will so i did start this series with uh with the bike having 19 000 miles in about a year and it’s about a year and a half now of me owning this motorcycle and i have about 23

500 miles right now i did do one long trip to northwest arkansas and then just weekend day trips and so on so there are a few things i wanted to talk about the bike and kind of well wrap up this video series and i have my points jotted down so i don’t miss any important features so the first thing i want to talk about is the handling of the bike so the handling

Is very interesting with this bike and your experience with the gold ring handling would really depend on the previous bike that you owned so in my case i really looked up to the concourse 14 the kawasaki concourse 14 or the or the c14 or the connie or the gtr 1400 and so on as it’s called in europe it’s a pretty heavy sports touring motorcycle it’s more in the

Sportier side compared to the gold ring just how you actually sit on the bike but it’s a pretty heavy bike too it’s very rock solid and high speeds and so on and the way i compare that bite to the gold wing is the gold wing very interesting i would say it i would the bike has a split personality and what i mean by that is you know split personality based on the

Speed that you are operating the bike so if it is below 30 35 miles the bike is extremely agile meaning you can just flick it left and right you would not you would never think that the bike is 8 30 pounds it’s that’s some nimble and agile at lower speeds like you can just really flick it left and right like a sports bike but then as the speed increases let’s say

You know above 60 miles an hour 60 65 77 for 80 miles an hour the bike becomes extremely planted in a straight line and what i mean by that is if at higher speeds let’s say at 70 miles or 75 miles an hour if you need to swerve a little bit to kind of avoid a road obstacle like a roadkill or a debris it’s not that easy for you to actually maneuver the bike you you

Can but you’ll need to use your entire body and actually give it some good force for you to be able to actually move the bike left or right to avoid that roadkill if you will and that is very different to the concourse i had because the concourse was more nimble even at higher speeds and i’m not saying this is a negative with the gold wing it’s it can be looked

At as a positive too because it is like super planted and stable at higher speeds but it’s important for me to mention that and that you can’t just easily swerve the bike you’ll need to use your the entire force of your of your body not just you know you’re trying to move your handlebar you need to use your body to actually move the bike left and right if you

Want to and for that reason i have started to build a habit of maintaining uh an even longer distance between me and the bike or the vehicle in front of me so that i do have enough time and room to basically do any maneuvers if i ever need to even more so than a typical motorcycle that you may be on so that’s something i really wanted to mention it’s like yeah i

Mean the only way i can explain how the bike behaves is like it has a splint personality one personality when it’s on lower speeds and another personality when it’s on higher speeds the other thing i want to mention is about the the handling when it comes to windy conditions so generally speaking you know heavier motorcycle like the gold ring or the harleys and

So on they are more stable in windy conditions and that is true for the gold wing too and i think the gold ring is really stable because of how it’s designed you mean the cavity over here right it’s able to kind of suck in a lot of air and it kind of really makes the bike feel very planted so you may get the bike would shake a little bit left and right in really

Windy conditions but you still have a good feeling of confidence which you may not have in other other vehicles or motorcycles of people that’s one thing i wanted to mention so but again you know talking about biting in windy conditions right you do feel the wind what i mean by that is like if if it’s just you know five miles an hour the wind no you’ll hardly

Notice it but if it is 10 miles an hour 15 miles an hour 20 miles an hour you do notice that you know the bike is trying to shear through the wind and try it and trying to properly forward you will you will actually feel the wind or feel the bike you know shearing through the wind and again it really depends on you know how arrogate how aerodynamic your previous

Bike is when you compare that to the gold wing right so in my case the concourse 14 it it had a full body firing meaning the fairing would cover even the engine but in the case of the gold wing the engine is more exposed it does have good fairing it does have good protection but the engine in the gold wing is more exposed so i do find that the concourse 14 was much

More graceful in shearing through the wind at higher speeds compared to the gold wing and i think gold wing the bike itself is a little more wider so you do feel it actually you know pushing through the wind especially if the the conditions are a little more windy um i have been through extremely windy conditions and one would say it really dangerous conditions

And i would agree in hindsight right should have gone through those conditions no i should not have but i’ve gone through you know windy conditions like 30 to 35 miles an hour and that is when it becomes really uncomfortable and i would highly recommend that if you if you know that you know the forecast is really windy that day and if it is you know over 30 35

Miles an hour i would highly recommend you keeping away from the freeways right you can maybe take smaller roads and that’s what i did and this was when i was traveling from nashville tennessee to little rock arkansas i made it i did a trip of the natchez trace parkway in the april time frame and when i took the freeway you know the first couple of hours was not a

Problem and then it suddenly got really really windy and for a stretch of almost 50 miles i was going i was going on the freeway and was really really hard and then i you know it just then dawned on me that why am i taking the freeway let me take the smaller roads and then i took the smaller roads and you know in smaller roads though it’s it’s windy you can really

Manage it because you’re not going that fast so that’s one you know piece of information i wanted to share about how the bike handles and windy conditions and just the general aerodynamics of the bike the other thing i want to quickly mention is about the engine right so again i don’t need to talk a lot about the engine uh it’s it’s very well known that it’s a

Very proven engine it is a redesigned but the the fundamental architecture still remains the same compared to the previous chance so it’s a six cylinder flat six and it’s about 1833 cc i don’t know the the horsepower and the torque you can look it up but what i would say is that it has plenty power you will never ever feel the need for more power there’s never

Ever a need for me to downshift to actually you know overtake and so on i will just twist the throttle and the bike will just go overtake any other vehicle or want to overtake and so on so that’s something i want to mention from an engine standpoint it is really very powerful very fast very quick so on and so forth the the other thing i want to really mention is

The sound so some people you know would just love the sound of a wheat when the harley makes right and i completely get it for me i just love the sound of the gold wing it’s just you know it’s music to my ears and that’s one of the reason i actually wear earbuds because the earbuds that i wear i’ll probably make a separate video of the year with that i have but

It kind of filters out the ambient noise like the road noise the wind noise and so on for the most part and so i’m able to actually hear the engine sound and i really enjoy it so i really like the sound of the six cylinder engine and the gold ring i just wanted to mention that the other point is really the looks of the bike right so again uh it you look looks are

Subjective some people really like the look of the gold ring some people do not like the look of the gold wing they like the look of the harleys with more chrome and so on but i really like the look of this bike and especially the um the red and the black color i think for the 2021 they also have a completely blacked out you know batmobile version which is like

Completely blacked out with matte matte finish and things like that that is a really good looking bike too but when i saw this one in the showroom in the lighting and all that i was kind of sold and i have gotten a few compliments if you will right i mean people just you know walking by and saying that the bike looks really good one of my friend’s side it’s kind

Of looking like a like a spaceship and there was once a kid that ran to me and you know wanted me wanted he had a phone wanted to take a picture of me standing next to the bike and so on again yeah some people like the look of the bike some people cannot absolutely stand it and for that reason they will never ever get a gold ring and completely get it but i just

Wanted to share some of my experience when it comes to the looks of the bike so one other issue i know i did promise that i’m not going to talk a lot about the issues with the bike and so on but one issue i forgot to mention which is important for me to mention is that in the dash the the plastic of the dash here is uh very scratchy so you need to be very careful

When you’re actually trying to clean the dash here yeah you know but you don’t really need to clean this dash very often right it doesn’t get dirty that often but when you’re when you’re cleaning it i would highly recommend that you just use water and some very you know soft microfiber cloth to kind of just lightly wipe it off or else the dash gets scratched pretty

Easily and um and that’s one thing i wanted to mention i forgot to mention the the other thing is that’s pretty much it really so those were the few final points i wanted to you know talk about the about the bike all in all this is a extremely well built well-designed well engineered well executed motorcycle as i mentioned in my opening of the video series that

The that honda and their engineers took quite a big risk and trying to upgrade an already really good motorcycle and so you know they knew the the risk that they were taking and so they they bought their very best and it clearly shows in the outcome of the bike so in my very humble opinion my opinion only i’m not asking for anyone to agree with me that this is the

Best motorcycle ever made yet period and i really feel that i know it’s it’s thirty thousand dollars right it’s quite a chunk of money but for how much other bikes cost and how much bike you get with the gold ring for the money you pay it’s a very it’s very reasonably priced again people may disagree with me i completely understand but the amount of engineering

Technologies safety that’s built default into the bike stock and and how much you pay i really think it’s very well priced right again i compared it to like let’s say uh yamaha super 10 array not not the super terrate the yamaha tenerate 700 i know it’s it’s a completely off-road bike right for the folks who are more familiar with the off-road adventure and so on

But that bike has hardly any features and it’s ten thousand dollars right as compared to you know that for the gold ring for thirty thousand dollars you get a lot of motorcycles so if you just you know try to compare it from that starting point compared to you know how much other bikes cost and so on phone does very reasonably priced it and again it’s important

For me to mention all of this i mean honda is not paying me to say any of this but it’s important for me to kind of appreciate the engineering excellence that has gone into building this motorcycle and so it’s it’s important for me i kind of even think that it’s it’s it’s a duty for me to mention about all this and try to promote this really excellent motorcycle

Because you need to give credit where it’s still anyway so that’s that’s really you know my uh summary of the um the gold ring and and the review again it’s just my opinion there are a few things i may have said which you may not agree and that’s totally fine um yeah so if you again if you guys like content like this i will highly appreciate it if you can like

And subscribe because that is the only way i know that there is interest in content like this so that i can make more videos if there’s no interest you know there’s no motivation to make more such videos and things like that so do let me know i definitely appreciate the feedback again thanks i do hope to make more videos going forward if you’re stuck around for

Um you know almost 14 minutes thank you again and see you in the next one bye

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Honda Goldwing – 1.5 years – 23500 miles review – #12 Wrap up and final thoughts #goldwing #honda By Moto Reddy