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Honda Goldwing 1500 SuperBrace Installation Video

This installation video is for the Goldwing 1500 SuperBrace #2315. The GL 1500 SuperBrace is the industry leading motorcycle fork stabilizer and has been helping Goldwing 1500 riders since the bike was released. Our fork brace provides better stability (especially at the dreaded 35-40 mph low speed wobble), superior aerodynamics, improved front tire and a more streamlined look. TAKE PRIDE IN OWNING THE ORIGINAL, U.S. MADE SUPERBRACE!!!!

You know i’m a big fan of any product that makes my mic handle better makes it safer makes it ride better you know that’s why i have a superb race fork stabilizer on my 2012 gl 1800 but what about you guys with the older model gl 1500s hey i’ve got some good news for you guys with gel 1500s superb race makes a fork stabilizer for your bike too and just like mine

They’re made in the usa from billet aluminum they’re tough they’re strong and they’re super easy to install but the best thing about it is they’re going to make your bike handle better low-speed handling is improved that front and wobble helps with that and you know how you go down the grooved pavement and the fronting gets kind of squirrely sometimes we’ll it

Helps with that – superb race makes that happen i’m going to show you how to install it right now here i’m using a pick to remove the decorative caps that cover the two bolts that hold on the fork protector remove the chrome plastic fork protector by removing the two four millimeter allen bolts as shown you with the fork protector removed you can now see the four

Six millimeter allen bolts that must be removed to proceed with the installation begin by removing one of the rear bolts on one fork and then the front bolt on the opposite fork by only removing one bolt on each fork that will allow the fender stay to remain in place while we prepare the installation replace the two bolts that you just removed using the long all

Thread bolts that were shipped with the super brace kit now this will help hold the fender stay in place as we remove the other two six millimeter allen bolts now we can remove the two remaining six millimeter allen bolts from the front forks now carefully place the super brace over the to all threads and just tap it with your hand until you get it to seat against

The four mounting plates now i should point out that it took me a few tries to figure out that you need to make sure the fork price is extremely level between the two forks before you start tapping and then tap very lightly on each side back and forth and keep it level otherwise it will get in a bind now it may be necessary for you to loosen the axle pinch bolts

I didn’t have to do that but if you do refer to your honda manual for torque specs now we’re ready to insert two of the bolts into the holes to hold the super brace on and i used a 7/16 inch socket to tighten these with the first two bolts in place we can now remove one of the all threads and replace it with another bolt and tighten it now repeat that process for

The last remaining all thread make sure all four bolts are securely tightened using the 7/16 inch socket congratulations your superb race has been successfully installed using a pair of pliers you need to break off the two small tabs on the chrome plastic fork cover so that it’ll fit properly over the super brace

Transcribed from video
Honda Goldwing 1500 SuperBrace Installation Video By SuperBrace ForkStabilizer