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HONDA GROM 2022, off-road test [ testing the off-road mods on the HONDA MSX 125 GROM 2022 ]

In this episode I’m testing the mods that I have done to Miro’s 2022 HONDA GROM. I made the changes so the bike can be more practical off-road and to suit the off-road look.

I’m just going for a quick test ride as you know i modified this bike to go off-road or like these roads right here which are quite poor and the first modification that i did on this bike is to change the tire to off-road tires with the modifications that i’m doing to be honest with you i don’t really know how far i’m gonna go some of you might know you

Can do a lot of mods to this bike but i don’t really know if i want to do all those mods and here is where we’re gonna test it off-road it’s quite all right so because i put bigger noble tires and so uh i put bigger knobbly tires and i’ll modify the front fender i just want to make sure that nothing touches nothing rubs you know catches breaks off falls off

Explodes whatever you want to call it let’s give it a bit of speed that’s a big log in the middle of the road so just want to take a quick moment to say uh if you like this video please subscribe like and comment why not what do you think about this uh small trail and um what do you think the difficulty level is because uh i’m thinking of bringing mirror on this

Grom to try to have a go through here and me on my bullet blue rock and to be honest with you i’m not really uh much of a experienced off-road rider but this is not that bad one thing that i want to say about these tires is that i think it’s uh a bit more sketchy than uh the normal ones the ones that come on on the bike originally but the thing that i was

Expecting and it’s not really that bad is the vibration because these are noble tires i expected a lot of vibration but they’re alright i have a video that i made how i fitted these tires if you want to see that but these tires as i said in that video are max’s let’s let people pass because people coming up always have priority you should know that it doesn’t

Matter if you’re on a bike in a car everything that comes up you should let them come through except if it’s a lorry that’s coming down you might want to get out of the way because of the their brakes obviously going downhill lorries are with the brakes on and if the brakes get hot they can’t really stop so you don’t want to be in that situation let’s put it

In second gear and see how engine braking is going to work downhill picking up speed no it’s not going to work no he didn’t nod he didn’t know way so you don’t get respect one of these bikes unfortunately a lot of people like them but some bikers think that you know it’s a one to five it’s not a real bike it is a real bike what are you talking about but to be

Honest i don’t care so much fun on this vlog that if some people don’t understand it and a lot of people don’t to be honest well a lot of people that ride and rode for a long time big bikes they look at these bikes and uh they say that’s something else that’s nice but it’s not my cup of tea well if you say it’s nice and that’s something else why is it not your

Cup of tea because it’s small and i think that’s what it is because it’s small people think that they don’t get respect and you don’t that was a good maneuver one thing that i want to say about these tires is uh they do make uh like a noise like a tire to road noise that you usually get on off-road tires but it doesn’t bother me that much you can barely hear it

But i can hear it but it doesn’t bother me how’s the bang even though it’s uh it’s really nice outside it’s really sunny it’s six degrees celsius so it’s quite nippy but that’s not gonna stop me enjoying the day there are a lot of people out here as well enjoying the weather that’s a nice old church well in woburn there is a zoo it’s called the woburn safari

Park this is the entrance it’s woburn abbey you can take walks through here and obviously you can drive your car or your bike but you can’t really see much when you’re driving unless you go in the actual zoo and it is one of those uh like drive-in zoos where you they have special enclosures like lion and monkey enclosures where you’re in your car and there’s

You know lions and monkeys not in the same enclosure but you understand what i’m trying to say and you can walk through here there’s uh there’s a lot of trails that you can go we actually i have been on the field probably one day we’re gonna go and now i’m gonna show you guys you can see a few animals they actually roam free through here that’s the exit of the

Park uh they’re usually animals for here but i can’t see any now say some trees fallen over from those those winds that we had recent some sort of deer there in the distance those cars sound like they’re farting excuse you so these are the tires quite good i quite like them no not the biker there is a scuff there that one’s gonna set i said that i don’t know

I’m either thinking of painting the fender the same color that it was or this silver um i really need your help on this one what do you think i’m thinking of going the original color nothing seems to be loose nothing seems to be broken yet that’s it and i think it looks quite good quite happy with that there is a company out there called h2c that make like

A full body conversion you can do a super moto off-road version or i think there’s like three versions you can do and i haven’t seen one yet i haven’t seen anyone do one yet so uh i i was actually thinking about it should i buy one of those kits it does come with like an extension that goes from the headlight so it’s not actually a proper mod guard and then

It comes with these fork protectors as well and you get um these side panels are different and i i don’t know if you get these but i’m sure you get that bit that goes on the headlight side fairings and the four covers four protectors to be honest i didn’t like it a hundred percent i mean it looks good but it’s it’s not really it didn’t really wow me and i

Said i’m gonna do my personal conversion for now and uh i’ll see if i’m gonna do anything else to it if i’m gonna put handlebars because you can do so many things on this as you know you can put handlebars exhausts tail tidy seats you know anything change the rims you can see bikes modified on the internet like these grounds modified on the internet that you

Wouldn’t even recognize what bike it is and uh for now i think i achieved what i wanted to do and in the future if i want to do anything i’m going to have to think what i want to do probably some more slightly wider bars but uh i’ll see and tell me what color do you want that fender to be painted because i’m thinking just painting back the original color so i can you

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HONDA GROM 2022, off-road test [ testing the off-road mods on the HONDA MSX 125 GROM 2022 ] By Foreign skills