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Honda Hornet 600 Honda 599 Suspention SETUP. DIY Motorcycle Maintenance by: The old Mechanic

HONDA HORNET The FRONT and REAR SUSPENTION settings (for everyday roads)

Yeah now we’re gonna make some adjustments to the the rear suspension and the front suspension now this guy it’s his first motorcycle he bought it second hand and i know that previous that owners often like to go on forums and people brag about their knowledge about suspension how well look at me i’m a specialist what i always do when i know that a bike has

A previous owner i always set the front and rear rear front suspension to the standard setting why because in this case honda and believe me those guys at the honda factory are not stupid when you got it in the standard standard setting the bike is perfect believe me it’s perfect you only have to tweak on the settings when you do track days on a circuit or

Whatever then you can tweak the settings but under normally road conditions bumpy roads nice asphalt the standard setting is the best you can’t go wrong with it so i looked up the settings in the service manual and i’m gonna look what my good friend honda has to tell about it let’s have a look suspension never get that so first we have to turn it clockwise

Clockwise to the hottest setting nah nah so that’s the hardest there is a pincher over there perhaps you see it i zoomed a little bit further in yeah see now it’s at the hardest position and we have to turn it to the soft position one and a half time so that’s this is one and this is a half oh see i told you i know those those owners look up on the internet

Got to a forum and then one guy said well you have to not one and a half that’s not good donna crazy just five rotations out that’s the best yeah but you see this the damping is now correct look at the spring now have the preload for the spring avk what the preload is position two is the standard position and hey the k k that’s one and that’s two so the spring

Position preload is alright now let’s do the front i’m sure it’s the same thing make on a bed now let’s have a look at the settings for the front suspension what does the manual say hey for the preload setting on the say we have to screw it all the way out as far as possible and and then eight turns for the default setting there is a tiny hole puncher hole

We first have to go first we have to go all the way to the softest setting there is a small s soft heart with an arrow but now wow wasn’t good at all it was all the way in way too hard man there it is now it’s tight now and the notch is over here and now we have to screw it eight turns in one two three four five six seven and ladies and gentlemen eight

Are we going to do the same on that side come on and there we go eight turns to the heart position so here we go one two three four five and this is eight good we already set it on both sides now we’re going to do the david got this one two this we have to go clockwise all the way in there’s a little notch on there one and then when it’s now it’s tight

And then we have to have a cake two turns out so it’s over there and over there one two one easy this the same all the way in and then one two out okay that was all wasn’t difficult there now he’s back to the standard setting which i know by now it’s the best setting for normal street riding yeah see you the next time you

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Honda Hornet 600 Honda 599 Suspention SETUP. DIY Motorcycle Maintenance by: The old Mechanic By The Old Mechanic