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So so so hi guys welcome to the channel it’s time let’s go to the peak district see you on the road so guys finally we are on our way to the peak district it’s been a nice build up a nice seven day build-off and i’m finally on my way weather’s alright actually it’s not sunny but it’s alright nice and dry and uh so far it’s been a pleasant ride off here

Welcome to the channel honestly guys i’m so so excited i was up till like two this morning getting all my stuff ready i’m only gone for two nights hey ho anyway if you’re not subscribed please consider subscribing to my channel and i appreciate of course all of you know 232 or 233 subscribers i can’t keep track they’re going up that quick brilliance i really

Really appreciate every single one of you guys if you haven’t already follow me on instagram at tophold version one to keep up to date with my latest activity right guys brilliant i’m so excited to get there the monkey’s cleaned chains oiled stuff’s packed absolutely brilliant i just can’t wait i’m gonna get there in about an hour i’m about an hour away to be

Fair it’s not too far from where i live in derbyshire so let’s go um i started the day with three bars of petrol i’ve still got three bars of petrol undies there lovely little monkey bike and i’ve got an hour to go one hour and five minutes until i get there so it will be interesting to see how many bars are left wouldn’t surprise me if i can get there

And back on three bars we’ll see guys anyway i’ll catch you in a bit i’ll uh pick up the vlog when we’re about halfway see anybody guys i’ve still got three bars and as 15 minutes to go 40 miles i’ve just decided to get some fuel anyway and some money so i was going to make this stuff anyway so we’ll never know i’ll do another video with the uh fuel economy

Of this uh monkey bug especially with the upgrades as well i’ve got more upgrades coming and i’ll do a full full tank to empty tank run just to test uh how far the monkey can go i’m pulling up there feel up to the rim see how much she’s gonna take i was on three bars remember so we’ll see what’s gonna take there still going still going we’ll go slightly over as

You know there is an overthrow so it should be all right so far it’s 3.53 there you go i’ll do that three pound 78 i had three bars it’s not too bad that should get me there and back brilliant see you guys in a bit right full tank of petrol only paid three pounds 78 let’s go right guys we are about 30 miles away from the peak district now and i can tell you

Now some of the views i’ve been seeing some of the countryside and all that it’s a perfect day it’s not sunny it’s not dull it’s just lovely it’s like a warm breeze perfect for viking weather oh my gosh i love it so all right guys i got a bit hungry so i stopped for a quick refreshment and a nice cold drink to wash it down i’m just going to tuck into this

Then uh i think we’re about 20 miles out i’ll tell you what i’ll have a look at the monkey box monkey bikes all kitted out ready to go i love it i tell you what i do love that um dry bag on the back there it’s nice isn’t it so i’ve got sausage and bean mouth and a cold drink i’ve just rolled down the sausage roll and that she’ll keep me going until they get to

The peak district about half an hour away if i’m gonna polish this off right guys just had lovely refreshments i’m fueled up now for much better i got a full tank full belly and uh ready to go let’s hit the road we are 10 miles out from our destination that is the peak district i tell you what the butterflies still remain in my stomach i am so excited as we

Draw closer to our destination brilliant just had another bike it’s not there brilliant oh i feel like you can’t wait for a presence at christmas can’t wait to make the lads it’s been a long time coming it’s what it’s all about guys i’ve said it many times in my previous vlogs getting off and going throwing some stuff in your backpack in your dry bag whatever

Just getting off and going there’s no other feeling like it there is an element of freedom when you jump on a bike you’ll only know if you ride yourself but it’s just something you don’t get with a car feel the wind you’re taking the atmosphere taking the surroundings just to think i’ve jumped on this 125 monkey bike pack my bags and i’m off on an adventure

To see the lads at the peak district and i tell you what i’ve got a massive smile on my face weather’s great what more do you want fantastic right guys i will see you when we’re five miles out see him a bit well guys i wanted to bring up something else on the way yeah remember in my previous vlogs i was talking about the bikers nod every time a biker goes past

Um each other on opposite sides of the road they give like a little nod almost like a sign of respect sort of thing so i’ve been counting the amount of bikers nods i’ve received on the way here from my house to this point now i’ve got about 25 biker nuts absolutely amazing i love it i love it and like i said i’m gonna delve into the history of the bikers nod

How far it goes back why you know just a bit of the uh grand history on it because i’m fascinated by even when i stopped for some food it was a couple of bikers pulled up waved to us says hello how are you doing didn’t even know him but he’s like uh it’s like a brotherhood it is like a brotherhood you know it doesn’t matter what bike you’re on whether you’re

On a 50cc moped one two five cc monkey bike hashtag uh beast uh or um a tiger or a bunny or a harley doesn’t matter what bike you’re on you’re a rider you know so there is a respect there and i’m absolutely fascinated by it but um i thought i’d just mention that anyway right guys we are approximately 4.1 miles out from our destination and i had to turn the

Camera on now i was enjoying the scenery that much i forgot to turn the camera on at five miles but just well take a look at this right guys we’re about five minutes from our destination just hit a little town take it this is matlock uh he’s quite libraries people like sun’s come out but i’ll tell you what it’s absolutely beautiful around there really

Really i’ve got a nice feeling young people old people great life and there love it oh gosh 1899 that building traditional i just love these little towns guys i just don’t know what to say to be honest the tips i could pop there nice pub we’ll wait for the bike it’s night make for the bike is not yeah thank you nhs three minutes away from our destination

Gonna be a nice premiere in i do love the breakfast used to be fair all you can hear men well i’m gonna be approaching my destination on the right the premiere in matlock all right guys we have reached our destination that is the premiere in matlock uh someone’s royal enfield himalayan is there i believe this is a handy shadow wow that’s a gorgeous bow get it

I want to go and check in now guys and i’ll see you in the room right we’ve arrived at the room and the room is gorgeous you wanna have a quick look around i don’t know if you stayed at a premier room before you probably have but have a look nice and clean have a look at this nice yeah take a look at this as well added up my new merch so nice yeah it’s

Still in its experimental phase but uh i quite like the colors black and yellow fantastic well i’m gonna have a quick shower now and we’re gonna meet the boys right guys i’ve just ordered some fish and chips and i can’t wait i’m absolutely starving i’m gonna eat these fish and chips and call the taxi and go meet the lads for a beer i hope you enjoyed the vlog

So far guys i thought so-so relaxed it’s so nice right there i got people jogging old people young people families it’s absolutely amazing right there i wouldn’t even done anything yet i’m uh i’m very very chuffed with the location and it’s not even that far from where i live less than a couple of hours oh my gosh i can’t believe i’ve never been here before

Disgrace as always i just want to say thank you to all of my 230 plus subscribers i don’t know how much it is now it’s probably a 240 or 250 it keeps going up and i’m so happy so proud of myself as well so i just want to give a thumbs up to all you guys cheers thanks a lot if you haven’t already follow me on instagram version 1 to keep up to date with my latest

Activities and don’t forget to click the bell notification on youtube and that will indicate to you when i release another video all right guys i’ll see you in a bit all fresh just had a shower i’m gonna go for a bite to eat now then go meet the boys for a beer reflection of the morning it was a lovely ride down here the temperature was great the scenery was

Fantastic and i just want to get going now and tomorrow’s the big day we’re going to go for like 100 mile round trip around the peak district and i can’t wait fantastic i’ll see you soon another hipster what are you doing with this cow what is it so what well i’m not doing anything to it but it’s just um what’s up besser king daisy is it betty or daisy oh she

Pregnant that’s the other thing now do we have to run in and like get caught up shall we rock paper scissors at all no i’ll go in there you

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