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Honda Rebel 450 Review

Quick overview of my 1987 Honda Rebel CMX450.

What up youtube this is brandon i decided today i’m gonna do a quick little review of my wife’s 1987 honda rebel 450 i think believe it’s officially called a cmx 450 so yeah i bought this bike about a year and a half ago i think i paid two grand for it which was a little much more than i wanted but i wanted to get her the 450 if i could find one and this was in

Really good condition pretty much stock so we went and bought it and we got it with 6,000 miles on it and now it has 20 and the only issue it’s had has been nothing just oil changes and looping the chain and just recently i noticed a little bit of oil leaking out of what appears to be the head gasket here so i’ve got to get that taken care of but other than that

It’s been a great little motorcycle no problems very surprising this bike was only in production for two years because it’s it’s awesome for what it is so i’m gonna go for a little ride and i’ll kind of talk through what i like about it what i don’t like about it and what i think it’s a good motorcycle or not of course i already said it was so okay step on the

Plot there now so without further ado ziggy move it he likes to chase was i run ziggy so anyway first things first this is just a stronger version of the honda’s rebel 250 but it shares basically none of the parts so before you buy one of these bikes the number one negative thing about it is that parts are hard to find so if anything breaks on it you’re gonna

Have to find a place in order the replacement you can’t just go and get parts from anywhere and also some mechanics won’t work on it so just bear that in mind that having been said if you want to get a good beginner friendly bike or one with a low seat height which was a big something i was looking for because my wife is 5 foot 2 and i want her to be able to flat

Foot the bike so that really limited our options too i mean there was only like four or five bikes that fit the description and she liked the look of a rebel and i told her well i want a bike i can go on the freeway so that eliminated the 215 well it didn’t eliminate it but made it less than optimal so the biggest thing the 450 has going for it over the 250 is of

Course the added power from the extra displacement and in addition to that it also has a sixth gear which when you shift into it is overdrive and it lights up on your little display here i can cruise on the freeway on this thing doing about 80 comfortably above 80 you could get i’ve gone 90 on the freeway but no overtaking power your overtaking power kind of ends

At 80 so but that’s reasonable so the power is good it’s significantly more than the revel 250 suspension suspension for my weight the suspension is way way too soft i mean i bought them out the rear shot just going over little pumps so when i’m accelerating through turns and the front shock i can bottom out just by pushing on it but you know my life ways i mean

A hundred hundred pounds with gear on and i went 200 pounds without here so that kind of explains out a little bit better instrumentation it’s fine for what it is you have a speedometer here if you have a trip meter and then of course your odometer you have your turn signals down here oil pressure high beam neutral and then the overdrive light that’s it no other

No other instrumentation but it works it’s a minimalist motorcycle no low fuel light basically you drive in my case i usually reset this every time i get gas and usually about 90 to 100 miles the engine will kind of start sputter a little bit and there’s a little button right down here which you flip over and will switch and that puts it from little cops ahead

Still that puts it from let’s try turnaround on my wallet with me i think they’re doing a dui checkpoint that puts it from regular to reserve and then you get about another twenty to thirty miles on reserve so yeah suspensions not great the breaking breakings adequate i would say the bikes so light it only has like a single-sided disc in the front and then it

Has a drum in the rear but because the bikes so light i think wet it’s like 400 pounds it stops pretty quickly i’d say the braking is about the same as the rebel 250 so you know it is what it is good beginner motorcycle fuel range it’s about 120 miles with the reserve used up 130 maybe what i was gonna tell you about it i mean there’s not much to say it’s a good

Motorcycle i don’t foresee s selling it my wife likes it and i mean she really likes it i threatened to sell it because she wasn’t riding it and she said she likes it and won’t let me sell himself i write it we put 14,000 miles on it i probably put 12 of those i’d probably take it out once or twice a week for my work commute and i drive about 100 100 miles a day

Or so so guys a little more and just seeing powers through the miles give it a little gas going up the hill here my buddy warned me about the cops so yeah really surprising that this bike didn’t sell more than it did i mean it’s a good motorcycle it lasts you longer than the 250 i think it has a lot more longevity because of the extra power and the sixth gear

Maintenance could be an issue if you have something significant happened but from what i’ve read in from my experience the bikes been pretty much bulletproof with no issues i mean right now i have a little tiny oil leak what looks like the hud cylinder gasket but you know i haven’t diagnosed that yet that just started recently so i would definitely recommend this

Motorcycle if you’re in the market for a rebel 250 check your craigslist and such and if you can find a 450 in good condition definitely don’t hesitate to buy one the only thing i’d mention is if you’re gonna buy a 450 get one that’s closer to stop condition of it from what i was seeing when i was looking for one a lot of the ones you’ll find have been heavily

Modded to make them i want to be street bobbers and stuff like that and i don’t think that’s i think that’s a little bit of a disservice to the bike because it’s really nice and it’s a stock form and from what i have read i haven’t written one but from what i’ve read when you start chopping up the exhausts and stuff it really screws out the performance and so on

And so forth so anyway that’s a little short review of the revell 450 good little motorcycle and if you’re in the market for a 250 i would definitely definitely recommend trying to find a 450 if you can find one for sale so yeah if she is needs a bath alright thanks for watching

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Honda Rebel 450 Review By tehBar0n