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Honda Super Cub 1Finger Adjustable Brake Lever

In this video we install the 1Finger adjustable brake lever for the the Honda Super Cub C125.

All right here’s mega here and welcome to another honda super cub video for on the hades omega motor channel um so today i’m doing a video about this one this is it’s a one finger break is what it is or uh it’s actually a two finger breaker i think it is i got this from steady garage for 39 okay um so one of the reasons hades megan wanted to get this is one

Yeah super cubs only got like one lever okay there’s no clutch lever on it and it was fairly inexpensive 39 bucks if you think about it that’s kind of expensive for one lever but that’s fine um but i got the black this is the black one with the red kind of adjuster on it okay so since my bike is red i got the black with the red okay uh yeah is that is that as

Red as it gets that’s interesting yeah i want i was i was thinking it would just be all red but i guess that’s what it looks like uh it’s black and then the adjuster is red um i was hoping it was just gonna be a full all red lever and then and then the adjuster is black but i guess not um but it says one here one finger dash one zero zero nine red and then

It says one finger brake lever red so i guess that’s the red lever all right guys take it out yeah dude it’s hardly red man it’s mostly black okay that’s fine whatever um but yeah one of the reasons i bought it is fairly inexpensive compared to the other levers you only need one and it’s adjustable okay um so i’m not gonna lie hazel mega breaks with two or

One fingers when he’s riding so um when you get these full length levers it kind of makes it hard to do that because if you if you pull it hard enough it may hit your knuckles especially if your gloves have like a big knuckle protector on it it kind of hits your knuckles and it kind of it feels funky you know and the brakes on the on the super cub are not the

They’re not the stiffest feeling all right they have a lot of squish to it as well to say so you could really pull that lever it like you’ll be breaking and then you can still pull the lever more in there okay what it could use is some stainless steel brake lines is what it could use but anyway yeah i’m gonna go ahead and install this and then uh then we’ll

See what it looks like on the bike i don’t think it’s too hard to install it looks like it’s just one bolt and then i’ll i’ll show i’ll show you what i’m talking about real quick okay and then uh but yeah that’s one of the reasons i wanted to buy this one it’s it’s cool looking okay and it’s adjustable all right so so if i want to have the lever more out or

More in um you could do that with this okay as opposed to the stock lever okay so let’s go take a look at it it was 39 at steady garage okay by the way if you guys are looking for something like this i don’t know what other bikes levers fit on this bike so i don’t know if you can order anything from like china and then it’ll just fit okay but um i i’ve had

Pretty good luck with those chinese brake levers in the past and uh but that’s fine i don’t i don’t even know where this is made it it just says one finger on it okay that’s that’s the brand right there okay i’ll i’ll put a link in the description where i got it um so yeah let’s go take a look at the brake lever okay so here is the stock brake lever for the

Honda super cub all right it is a full length lever all right it’s designed to all all the digits okay um to to pull it and look at how much squish it’s got okay so right there it’s touching right you feel like yeah it’s starting to bite now and then you could oh look how much squish there is to that man that a lot of flex in the lines is that’s what i’m gonna

Say okay it doesn’t it doesn’t get stiff at all all right um that maybe has something to do with the abs system i’m not sure but okay um so one one thing hayes omega has done in the past is i’ve cut levers okay i’ve cut the levers cut the ball off the lever basically and then i’ve i cut this i cut the ball off and i i glue it back on okay but this is like a

Kind of easier solution right here okay it’s already made so i don’t have to deal with that and it looks cool so let’s take it out of the package and compare real quick before i go ahead and install it okay so it comes in the bag kind of foil looking bag there there’s the lever it comes with a sticker put that on my uh my case i guess my top case all right

There’s a sticker there i can’t i think it’s a white sticker it says one f all right it’s it’s hard to see but it says one f on it it’ll look great on my black case okay all right this packaging came with and i think it when it came with to me it wasn’t like a foam packaging also so and it came to me in perfect shape okay don’t drop it his omega all right

There you go there’s your honda super cub one finger brake lever or two finger it’s actually a two finger so so um when hades omega rides i use two fingers okay i’m it’s it’s just some it’s it’s a habit that hades omega has formed okay i know in the msf classes they teach you to break with all your hands okay and use a lot of break but i like to i like to

Feather the break okay and and so uh one of the reasons i got my glove right here one of the reasons i don’t like the full length levers okay because i’m a two finger breaker or one finger is if i pull this hard enough it touches my hand okay i don’t like that i don’t like the feeling of that yeah it’s touching it right now okay so so that kind of limits how

Far you can break okay um and and so if i could if i can push the lever out more by adjusting it and and shorten the lever if i if if this part wasn’t here it wouldn’t touch my hand okay so so that’s why i’ve decided to go with this lever okay okay so let’s go ahead and install it okay it looks like installation is pretty simple um we just gotta bust out

The 12 millimeter here there’s a nut underneath okay i’m gonna go ahead and take that out like yeah i think it’s this way you’re going to want to take that nut out okay and then take the bolt out and it should just come out and make sure nothing nothing pops out all right there’s nothing to pop out okay there’s nothing super special about this lever okay

So good thing is i got a spare lever ah okay there’s a there’s another reason why you want a short lever okay if you heaven forbid you ever drop your uh your super cub okay i haven’t done it yet but if you do drop your super cup this lever is very long okay this lever literally it’s it’s about the length of the throttle okay if you look at the throttle here

See so the same length as the throttle if you dropped your super cub on the right side okay you you risk bending this or breaking it okay so uh one of the one of the reasons i do cut the levers on my dual sports is so when you do so well one is so it fits on the hand under the handguards okay but uh but another reason is uh so the uh okay i’m just gonna put

This in here uh another reason is so when you do drop the bike you don’t bust the lever off because busting levers off sucks that that will ruin your ride real quick okay also one thing you want to make sure is there’s some some grease on the bolt here okay there’s just a teeny tiny bit of grease i’m gonna go add some more grease to it okay um because that’s

The pivot okay if you don’t grease that um this will wear out faster okay this will elongate okay oh one thing one thing to note is there is all aluminum okay it looks like it’s a very good quality aluminum is what i want to say um the oh this is just aluminum also so a lot of levers will have like a kind of bronze bushing in there or something some kind of

Bushing in there to to make it you know softer i guess i guess you it would be better to have this wear out than this wear out okay so i think usually i think the bolt is a harder metal than the brake lever okay anyway i’m gonna get some grease okay i got some good old valvoline grease here automotive grade i’m just gonna put a little dab of it over the bolt

Okay over like the bottom part because apparently that’s where the paint and go wipe that grease up okay so another reason to change your lever is yeah they do get worn out okay so when there’s a lot of play in them the good thing is if they’re if this does develop play um you can adjust it out of it okay but yeah it’ll still kind of flop around a little

Bit okay i think you want to push it all the way out get the hole lined up okay so yeah you want to make sure that this part here is uh right in front of the piston for the uh master cylinder okay it should just slide in right let’s make sure this thing is the proper size yes it is yeah it’s already there’s already no greasy just it’s pretty so the the

Lever is pretty dry when you install it so make sure you put a decent amount of grease in there so you’re gonna have to kind of push this in a little bit to get that in there here i just need to start screwing okay yep yeah okay so the bolt won’t just go straight in you have to screw it in so you have to make sure everything’s all lined up before you screw

It in okay should stop at some point all right so here i got the service manual for the super cub right here and so the pivot bolt is one newton meter or 0.7 foot-pounds okay and then the nut itself is 4.4 foot-pounds and 5.9 newton meters okay so not a lot all right do not just start cranking it really tight or else you’ll break something so use a torque

Wrench if you got one if you don’t don’t tighten it very tight okay just snug it all right so the bolt is one this doesn’t even do one newton meter okay so yeah i i i can’t even my torque wrench can’t even do that so i’m not even gonna bother torquing the bolt okay just don’t make the bolt very tight okay so i’m just gonna snug it a little bit i think that’s

Good all right and then the bottom one the nut is like six newton meters all right almost six five point nine so i’m gonna go do s somewhere around around there’s good okay okay so i’m gonna install the nut just gonna do it by hand it should be locking now but it’s not and of course the brake of course the throttle is in the way yeah okay so it’s it’s kind

Of a pain an ass to torque it i’m not going to torque it okay guys but if you can it’s 5.9 newton meters all right or four foot pounds all right so i’m just gonna i’m just gonna snug here okay it should be good that should keep it from backing out basically okay so there it is it’s on there and it works so probably what you’re going to want to do is take it

Out for a test ride i’ll take it out for a test ride down the block real quick because i want to make sure it’s not breaking all the time so there is a lever right here and it clicks okay so i guess when you move it this way it moves the lever out see okay see the lever going out okay okay you want to move it in you go this way whatever goes in there’s a

Little piston that goes in and out right here okay when you turn this okay that’s like on the loosest setting right there okay so i will show you how it looks like with the loosest setting and the high and the and then that’s right so uh i believe this is the loosest okay which is not bad it doesn’t hit my knuckle at all but maybe with my glove it hits my

Knuckle on okay and then if i want to move it out all the way it kind of helps if you push it forward first and then loosen it okay there you go that’s the that’s the maximum out position okay and it’s dependent on how long your fingers are and you know it’s it’s user preference okay but it is adjustable now and now it will not really hit my knuckles all

That much okay so i probably want to keep it in the middle somewhere okay i think the maximum the maximum isn’t good don’t put it on the back so you can see there’s just a a teeny part of the piston still only pressing on the on the part that presses on the piston okay so i would move it in a little bit there we go that’s a little better and a little more

Of it touches but anyway i think in the middle is good for me i will i will play around with it but i think that’s good right there okay um yeah i kind of wish that the sweep was a little bit further in okay but yeah it does work good for one finger breaking too two finger breaking you might be able to get up there you can probably get a third finger in there

Too it does have a little bit of play like that okay i kind of don’t like that yeah it does huh and that i’ve tightened it pretty good already so it does flop around a little bit that’s one thing i don’t like um the i know it does flop around a whole lot i wish i wish they had made this a little thicker so it’s a little tighter in there okay but that’s okay

I want i it would be interesting to put the stock lever back on and see how much that flops around okay that’s it’s gonna do stuff when you’re moving when you’re riding so okay but i like it i like it a lot okay so that is the uh the one finger uh the one finger two finger break from steady garage i ordered from steady garage for 39. i will um i’ll let you

Guys know how it is uh riding you with it in a in the next clip all right all right thanks for watching yes we got by the way that’s what the one finger sticker looks like okay all right yeah all right breaking test breaking breaking breaking yeah you know with this i i’m kind of not happy with this brake lever because my my my index finger doesn’t go in the

Right place okay that’s what i’m gonna say um yeah i feel that my middle thing it’s it’s where my middle finger is is where all the leverage is being on all right it’s where all the pressure is being put on yeah it feels more comfortable to break with my middle finger so so it’s like yeah it is a in essence it is a one finger break okay because you’re using

Your your middle finger to break okay now could i use can i use the two outer ones yeah but it doesn’t feel as good i guess i could adjust it inward i could adjust it inward and then i could just use a two outer but i like using my index finger and my break my my middle finger to break and it feels like i’m using more of my middle finger okay but that’s fine

I can get used to it yeah it’s a middle finger break dude okay yeah so i feel like see how my my middle finger is is on there right now yeah that’s how it is man and now if i was to move my hand outward on the grip more then yeah if you’re if you were to use if this if the grip was longer then yeah you could probably do that but you can’t dude it’s uh yeah

That’s what i want to say all right well i have this kind of throttle rocker thing and it kind of prevents me from moving my hand all the way out too so that doesn’t help so all right here’s me go

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Honda Super Cub 1Finger Adjustable Brake Lever By HadesOmega Moto