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Honda VFR 1200 speed, its deceptive!!!

Just a quick anecdote regarding the vfr’s deceptive speed.

Hi everybody uh i’m in the garage it’s pouring down up there just thought i’d do a little chat about the uh deceptive speed of the vfr 1200 um i’ve unloaded to it on um my videos about the engine and um about the um first impressions um so i’m just going to give you a little anecdote uh just highlight you know how deceptive the speed on this on this vfr 1200 is if

You own the bike obviously you’ll be be aware of it if you spend any time with the vfr you know but just for for new viewers um so a friend of mine ian had um i just recently bought a zedd thousand sx kawasaki a bike to that that i really like um he said he’d just run it in uh he handed me the keys and said give it a blast see if you think go for it yeah um and

I’ll ride anybody you know i love bikes whatever you took the keys out whatever it is i’ll ride it so i knew the road around the cafe that we were having a chat at and um we wrote down right so i’ll give it some you know and uh yeah i was impressed i was really impressed how fast the kawasaki was i’d written one back in 2011 the very first ones and it was mainly

Through town and slower um but riding this said a thousand sx i thought you know what that that feels quickly my fat 1200 now there’s not going to be much in it it’s 140 or brake horsepower it’s lighter than the bff um but you know it did feel it did feel quick um so i came back and i said yeah you know i get everything that he said about the bike um would seem

To agree and particularly the performance um and i told him how quick it fell compared to mine now obviously uh figures wise this is that the um vfr 1200 is quicker than the z thousand sx every figure you look up 960 quarter mile that top speed well over here is limited um the vfr is quicker not a lot but it’s quicker so on the way back from the ride out um i

Thought well i was leading so i thought i’ll go down the same road that i took ian’s bike down and i gave the vfarsome and i thought you know it’s not allowing it though um until i looked at my speedo and the vfl was showing higher figures at certain points you know now look it’s not scientific um it could have been that when i looked down at the ian’s speedo

Um i was shooting off and it could have been when i was looking at the vfrs i was i was like full throttle um but the fact is this felt a bit slow but wasn’t you know a speedo error taken into account because this is pretty accurate at the moment um but this felt a bit slow and i think that’s why people think it’s a bit too refined and a little bit bit boring at

Times you know um so if you’re looking at one and you take it out it might not fail as fast as it really is but trust me these things are quick thanks for watching

Transcribed from video
Honda VFR 1200 speed, its deceptive!!! By Graham Vfr