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Honda Vtx 1300cc and 1800cc whats the difference?

I boght both bikes

Oh hey guys so when i was looking for a honda vtx my question i literally bought this one a week ago and then i just bought the red one i just drove it back home right now a guy from lax sold me the red one this one i got from santa ana is that where we got it so they’re both cali bites this one has no rust at all that one has a little bit because it was uh the

Guy lived the original owner lived by the beach so he’s got some on like the handlebars and stuff but let me turn them off so the the difference between them like if you want to you know if you’re trying to choose which one to get the difference that i personally saw and felt there probably is many other ones but the ones that i’ve noticed personally so the

1800 i mean that thing is like a tank or like a train when it’s on the freeway it’s just going straight and it’s gonna plow through whatever jumps out in front of it it’s just gonna keep going that one is not as stable on the freeway i mean it could be tires things you know the tire but even with if i put new tires on you could just tell it’s just you know it’s

A lighter that bike is much lighter it is um definitely recommended that’s a great starter bike you know if if you’re going to start out riding motorcycles don’t get a 650 you’re going to get tired of the 650cc it’s not going to be enough in a week so just just get a 1300 it’s a great starter but it’s not too fast at all um this is fast the 1800 is really fast

So don’t get that if that’s your first bike get that one for sure the 1300 so this one has much more stopping power it has dual disc brakes so it stops much better it goes much better and stops much better that one has only one disc brake and it doesn’t have that system to where when you press the rear brake pedal on this one it activates both front and rear

Brakes which is kind of cool on that one you know the rear brake activates the rear and the front activates the front another difference is this is fuel injected and this is a 2003 but because it’s a 1800 vtx it’s fuel injected that’s a 2006 and that’s carburetor so those are those differences what else am i forgetting what else am i forgetting i mean basically

That’s that’s kind of it so that one is really nimble i would say that’s you know like i probably already mentioned it you know that’s really nice for the city it’s real nimble and it’s much lighter than this one and you can just whip it around and have fun in the city if you want to take it on long trips you know you’re better off with something like this but

Um yeah and uh that that clutch that’s another difference so the clutch on this is it’s a cable clutch which interestingly enough is much smoother so it like takes off much smoother you have more control kind of of the bike this has a hydraulic clutch you know the hydraulic clutch is supposedly it’s you know they say it’s a little lighter maybe because it’s a

Bigger motor they wanted to go with this clutch so it’s not as heavy on the hand but to tell you the truth this one takes off smoother shifts smoother it just some it’s a really nice clutch system i don’t really like the hydraulic clutch so this one has 4 000 miles and this one has 9 000 miles and you know the first thing i started researching was the honda vtx

Tick or click or clunk you know it’s all over the internet everybody’s writing about it nobody really knows what it is people say some kind of a low here and there you know but basically this one ticks from start to finish it’ll just tick this one it’ll it’ll tick when it warms up or starts clunking or tinking you know something like that and then it goes away

Sometimes sometimes it doesn’t go away so you know two vtx’s both have the tick and just just ride them i mean they’re going to go 100 000 miles with the tick i believe but yeah so i just wanted to tell you guys you know the people that are buying something like this those are kind of the differences between the bikes so you know carbureted so a little more

Maintenance this one is fuel injected so not much maintenance needed that’s about it thanks

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Honda Vtx 1300cc and 1800cc what’s the difference? By Boatsman MC