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Honda VTX 1800 Issue

Fuel Issue Quick Fix.

Mother how are we welcome to my garage yeah thought i’d take the big guy big thumper out for a bit of a cruise today there’s nothing like bear ear on a beat v-twin and yeah very into a bit of an issue and the symptoms were when i was riding along that um all the sudden i had like a power or can you use maybe a stuff all tatl start coughing him backfiring and so

I pulled over and had look enough sort of checked everything that i could see just on the side of the road but then actually i put fuel in just before i left and i thought i may be contaminated fuel so i took the fuel cap off and then i had look in there now then look fine i couldn’t see any sort of residue that didn’t look like fuel in there and so you know put

The fuel cap back on him bang talk off back wheel spinning out first second third as usual no dramas at all and then all of a sudden started happening again then i realize that the breather to the tank gives easily that these needed has got a big breather hose on them and the breather to the tank i think was gone so yeah i’m just going to clean that out and yeah

If you’ve got a vtx 1800 and the same sort of symptoms try taking the petrol cap off put it back on while it’s doing the symptoms and if it goes again really good that’s the problem it’s actually the fuel breather hose because a tank so we’ll go and have a look at that now anyway it’s just a thumper under vtx 1800 it’s a little bit of work under this one put

The full vans and hinds hyper-charged k&n filter pao commander all chained in cluster ship odor cosmetic extras as well that yes is a big dump is nothing like being out here on a absolute torque monster now what we do is under here under here and see it is swing this around we’ve got a fuel bri those for the tank so what we’re going to do is we’re going to

Take the actual cap off and blow this out and see what’s where the blockage is cuz i said when i took the cap off it ran fine and then all the sudden to start on the symptoms again so i take the cap off again and run fine so obviously it’s a breather issue so if you do have a similar issue to that where your bike just all the sudden starts trying up like that

That would be the one to do those all going to do is take the air compressor put under you put in here and the case you hear the air blowing up through here it seemed to come through but doesn’t take much just a little bit of in there is all you need to back this up so that sounds like it’s coming through for me so we’ll doing air is so she under here where

The hoses is actually a little plastic clamp and we’ll put that put the hose back in there cluster clamp here what that sits where it supposed to sit and we’ll put the fuel cap back on and we’ll let it idle for 10 minutes and then that only takes 10 minutes i found to start doing the problems again and then we’ll give it a couple of full pops and this is any

Hesitation then it’s obviously not the issue if there’s no hesitation there there was your shoe but judging by the scent and us is so fast that you’ll cut off so eat know since i took petrol cap off yeah it went fine again so i say let’s just build up to too much pressure and little lad and the fuel to go down into the fuel pump is over your little today okay

Okay i can still hear me i’ve had eyelet and minutes now and god the guy drowned salty oxygen minutes until pipes grown up in the suction the tainted like that i can’t go to the fuel base which was a small post and as you need all righty good side turn it off when it first actually happened i thought of motorboat and spark plugs breaking down was only after i

Took the fuel cap off to check the fuel for any contaminant that you are realized it would have been the breather hose for the fuel tank and so having similar symptoms um first thing to do is just well as well as having the symptoms just pull straight over take your fuel cap off put it back on and see if you guys like about llen because if it doesn’t do saving

Problems it could be spark plugs breaking up that’s what initially i thought it was that no i’m not dog and just a quick bang with the air compressor and not initiate problem fixed okay thanks for watching we’ll see in the next one

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Honda VTX 1800 Issue By Glenno’s Garage