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Hondas Crazy Inovation | OVAL PISTON

Hello Every one. in this video we will talking How Turbocharger Works and increasing Engine Power significantly. Thanks For Watching

Suppose we talk about a masterpiece in the two-wheel sector then obviously one of the best innovator manufacturers can be set to fall on the wing team namely honda because as we know honda always success manages to hit the world with its newest engine starting from the 1950s and even up to 2005. actually until now although not as exciting as the innovations used

To be but even so here we want to talk about one of honda’s best years of innovation to be precise in 1992 as undoubtedly many of you already know in 1992 honda has also made a motorbike with a unique design and this is nr 750 it is one of the legendary motorbikes that has always been discussed until now the beginning of the emergence of the honda nr 750 came

From the honda nr 500 as a vehicle created by honda to compete in the world gp here is the beginning of the uniqueness of the nr 500 was born because at that time another manufacturer uses a 500cc two-stroke engine on the other side honda is still loyal to using a 500cc four-stroke engine of course this condition will make it difficult for honda to compete with

The other team so to realize this and solve the complicated problem faced by honda the engineers from the honda team were forced to make an unusual breakthrough mainly by creating an oval-shaped piston by combining two can’t you imagine how crazy was people’s response at that time when they heard a crazy idea from honda how could they make an idea that really

Out of the box because actually before developing this oval piston honda had experimented with an eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 530 cc and this was tried in a training session and got results that were considered entirely satisfactory but due to regulations that limited the number of cylinders to four pistons honda closed the project and switched

To developing the oval piston engine and go back to the discussion about the oval pistons not only is the shape out of line but the number of valves is also really unusual because with these larger pistons each piston is equipped with eight valves per cylinder consisting of four intake and exhaust holes and also two connecting rods for each piston and can you

Imagine how much friction can be produced by this engine an ordinary material will be strong enough to last long from any power created that is why the material used in this motorbike is also very premium for example the piston is made of deraillium and magnesium then there is titanium material for the conrod and valves and it is also equipped with dual radiators

That use aluminum and this engine comes with a four oval piston 32 valves eight spark plugs eight and rods and eight intake and exhaust ports this engine configuration of this engine using the v4 cylinder 90 degree with dohc combined with an overboard engine character with a relentless size for the overboard size the piston length is 101.2 millimeters times 50.6

Millimeters multiplied by the stroke of 42 millimeters licking this engine is unique because it does not exist in other manufacturers so let’s continue into the body to prevent this engine which believed that the bodywork sector is also maximized by using carbon fiber materials you could say at that time this technology was still there very premium sophisticated

And rare and because of the premium sophistication and rarity of the bodywork his bodywork has also not done carbon completely but there is also fiberglass alloy and titanium okay now we talk about the output power this bike has enough power to compete with a two-stroke engine it can produce 125 horsepower at 14 000 rpm and also to increase max power honda set

Up the redline up to 23.000 revolutions per minute besides that this motorbike has a torque of 66 nm and 11 000 rpm and the weight of this motorbike is around 244 kilograms the engine configuration is complicated and complex starting from the crankshaft to the head but even though it is heavy this engine can still produce a top speed that is relatively fast at

257 kilometers per hour although it is clear that we don’t need to calculate it just by predicting it we can already imagine the acceleration will be a bit slow when we remember the weight let’s continue to other sectors on the other hand this motorbike uses a suspension from a well-known suspension manufacturer namely showa with the front suspension using an

Upside down 45 millimeters aluminum suspension swing arm also uses aluminum material with monoarm type then to minimize the weight honda also equips the motorbike with a twin spar aluminum alloy beam frame wrapped with scratch resistant titanium then gets the shoes from this motorbike this motorbike is also equipped with aluminum alloy wheels and tires from the

Michelle rx radio of course it will further add to the exoticism of this motorbike so it’s not wrong if many people say that this motorbike is like a two-wheeled ferrari but it’s a shame because you have to fight a two-stroke motorbike that clearly won’t be balanced if compared with a four-stroke engine this motorbike has never been at the peak of victory and

When honda realized the severity of the competition the oval piston honda finally chose to sell initially it was a problem as an exclusive motorbike and when the nr 750 motorbike was born and produced this motorbike was only produced in as many as 300 units and reportedly circulating at that time this motorbike was priced at a fantastic price of 5 000 us dollars

Besides that all these motorbikes deserve appreciation because honda dared to come by emphasizing the creativity of genius and the engineer’s madness in the two-wheel sector in maintaining belief in its four-stroke philosophy honda has created a motorbike with quality and love that we cannot underestimate as world automotive lovers foreign that’s all the information

We can give in this video if there are suggestions for criticism questions feel free to discuss on the comment column below on courier and see you again

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