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I borrowed a Grom from a friend! 2020 Honda Grom review

I may or may not want one….need one…..yeah. Need one.

Good morning everybody we’re gonna do something different on the channel today i’m actually gonna be reviewing a motorcycle for the first time so a friend of mine picked this up yesterday i went with them and this is a 2020 honda grom brand new i believe only has four miles on it when we showed up to the dealership this thing was still in a crate he wanted the

Blue color they had one more that was still on the crate they they had to take it out in front of us and all that now to get it prepared and all that so this is his first motorcycle so the reason i’m on it the reason why i’m having it here and why it’s in my position not his he’s actually out of town so we went yesterday they kind of convinced him to get it he

Had been thinking about doing it for a while this is his first motorcycle which is a really good motorcycle to learn on because it’s very light it’s gonna work it’s brand new really doesn’t cost much and it’s it’s a looker it’s little it’s cute not very fast but it is a really good looking motorcycle inverted forks and everything this color just looks really good

I might be a little biased on the blue and white but it is a really good looking motorcycle you know he asked me can i keep it there for a little bit so i’ll get back he’s like don’t worry you know take your time you might be gone for a week or two and so it’s in my garage for now and i asked him would you mind if i could make a review on it he’s like dude use

It take it out errands you gotta go somewhere whatever dude just use it normally like i don’t care it’s fine you know so i’m like okay awesome so i have a ground for about a week or two so we’re gonna go ahead and review this thing and just tell you how cool this thing is keep in mind my daily driver is an fc07 i also have a 78 cb750 uh my first motorcycle was

A honda shadow 750 so this is definitely a lot different than what i’m used to driving around if as i had been i can’t tell sufficient enough as far as traffic goes i mean it must be just i’m just not used to something this slow this is little uh but it’s definitely definitely a lot of fun so the 2020 honda grom comes with a 125 cc single piston engine makes a

Gruesome 10 horsepower and around 7 pound feet of torque absolute absolute monster seo 7 gets nothing on this thing and in my opinion honestly you cannot get a good deal on a grom unless you buy it brand new you can also find a used grom from anywhere from 25 up to like 3 500 like thousands of miles on it already it didn’t make any sense i still think this is a

Very good price for this bike it’s a bike you use every single day depending on what you’re doing and it is just it’s a good bike it’s a good looking bike there’s so much aftermarket for it you get inverted forks like a cbr you get front and back disc brakes you even got passenger foot pegs you got a four-speed transmission awesome front end i love this updated

Version uh the hold the ground doesn’t look as good in my opinion this is a very basic motorcycle there’s no adjustment up in the forks there’s no adjustment down in this shock so pretty much what you get is what you get but regardless honestly you’re buying a motorcycle this cheap and knowing that it’s a grom and you kind of know what you’re getting for it they’re

Super cool to look at they’re really cool and for my understanding these are seriously one of the funnest things you could buy as a second motorcycle i wouldn’t really say this is good for your only motorcycle that’s what a lot of people say because i love my fz07 and kind of looking at it this kind of kind of looks like a baby fz07 career seem to be one of the

Best things about groms they seem to be just crazy fun and i don’t know guys i’m kind of thinking about doing pulling the trigger on one myself so gonna have to adjust the angle a little bit keep in mind it’s very small now i with my small frame might actually make this thing look like a full-size bike but uh it is very little very very little so don’t want

To get on it too hard i mean eh honestly heartbreakings are probably one of the best things you can do i’m not even kidding but this isn’t my motorcycle so i’m be careful with it like any other motorcycle your brake your throttle kill switch starter your signals your horn hi beam it is a full motorcycle it’s it’s it’s pretty funny and insurance is super cheap on

It and uh let’s see let’s go through this real quick trip a trip b let’s get to it so going up to third gear now we’re at 35. so it doesn’t take too long to get to 40. so around the streets it seems fine you know it’s a computer that’s really what the point of this bike is now obviously people make it do a bunch of other things but this thing is little man i

Mean i feel very much like if i’m riding the metropolitan right now but uh just at a higher rate of speed and keep in mind it’s only four gears so i keep i keep trying to find fifth very very uh very frequently downshifts really well too now the mirrors are a little like the thing is i am a small person but i’m not necessarily you know small width wise i guess

You could say it just vertically is where i’m challenged but really where i my mirrors all i see are my my arms i can’t really i can’t really see past my arms i have to tuck them in to see in my mirrors or make sure that i’m riding in a position one or three to kind of see behind me so definitely got to keep an eye behind yourself if you’re a wider person or if

You’re an average sized person which i’m not but like i said with wise i think i’m an average sized person but vertically yeah i am definitely lacking in that that regard so i mean really it it doesn’t seem lacking it doesn’t it doesn’t it’s not really lackluster now in situations where you might have to speed off that might be a little bit more uh challenging

To do especially for every person i weigh about 160 jump around 158 160 very very often but it is really weird i feel like i am seriously on a mini version of my fz07 i mean the way the the legs are cut the handlebar is obviously a little different whatever but like for the most part this this obviously feels like an seo seven on a miniature scale it’s really

Comfortable um wouldn’t sound as good as nexus 7 definitely wouldn’t pick up as fast or anything like that but this is truly just feels like a normal naked bike on a smaller scale this does remind me a little bit of their goal for fifth gear again this reminds me a bit of the metropolitan the metropolitan you can just smash it and just stay open through all the

Whole time so you’re not going to go fast enough to really get into any trouble uh you definitely have to rip this thing a little higher but keep in mind it’s a one cylinder thing you know a weed whacker has one cylinder you know so there’s that but uh this isn’t this is not a bad motorcycle at all i’m actually having a pretty good time i’m pretty comfortable

You know keep in mind you can’t set your your suspension at all but i mean for my weight 160 which you know if you’re up 200 plus you know i don’t think this is really the most you want to be on anyway but uh you know just that’d be a good thing to keep in mind i forgot this is prior to the fact that you feel like you’re on a toy which really really is what it

Is it’s like a toy but this does not feel terrible whatsoever i am going to go make some key copies because i don’t feel like getting stuck outside of my house i wonder where can i park this thing i am actually going to get myself a parking spot here because the fortunate part about grommet is so little that uh theft was not necessarily out of the question here

But it’s a good thing about the chrome you can literally put it wherever you want i got the key copies and i felt a little judged so i went in and the guy that was making the key copies he was like hey man what kind of bike is that oh that’s a little honda grom he’s like how big is it it’s like it’s like a 125. a friend of mine got it and i’ve been riding around

And he’s like oh okay he’s like how fast those things go i was like oh not fast at all i mean maybe like 55 60 miles an hour maybe he was like really like how yeah i have a i have an mp07 that one’s uh so that one’s a 700 and that’s the one i drive every day this one i’m just running around for a friend he’s like how big is it like like uh i don’t know where you

Misunderstood me but i think he meant that rom was the big one and he was like how big is like a 1500 1200 huh like it’s a 125 it’s like what really yeah oh that’s cool but it’s just like i just felt like a bit of disappointment from the guy but no worries i’ve i’m used to that i’ve been doing it for 25 years all right so i texted my friend he said hey see how

Fast it goes from a dead start okay let’s get this done let’s see what we could do fifty uh we’re stuck at 52. yeah it’s not going any faster too what if i start tucking up to 53 54. all right i think i’m going to call it here for the rom so what do i think about the day with the honda gram depending what you need it for it’s a pretty good motorcycle so like

I said i wasn’t really struggling to keep up with the normal street to street traffic and the feeder was fine freeway completely out of question i’m not even gonna try that but that’s not really the point of these bikes it’s a computer you know it’s meant for people who live close by to the job or you know want something little that they don’t need to go super

Fast and you know do small things here and there like you don’t need a big bike for everything and this is the answer to that really and uh okay so i’m sure some of you figured out there is no friend this is my honda 2020 grom i just bought this thing yesterday so i uh yeah i obviously have an issue because i just bought the fz07 about a month and a half ago

Though i thought i bought that one second hand i bought this one brand new they’re just so cheap you know there’s cheap and they’re they’re awesome and this thing is awesome i’m you know i just kind of got it for credit purposes some stuff happened in my life with my job and all that crap blah whatever and i should hopefully be going back to my old job very very

Soon i’ve been talking with them and that seems to be pretty much set and there’s a big reason why i went ahead and did this this thing’s going to get you know i’m going to behave this thing off and you know tops a year you know it’s it’s i got it because it’s it’s affordable monthly payments are so low the the insurance was super low i was able to put this and

The s07 for all my insurance for a really really good deal and just just it’s just it’s it’s a fun bike and um i really want to get into something that’s the thing i really want to get into stunning and uh the m07 it would break my heart if i broke that thing if i if i made it fall because of all that crap so i kind of figured this would probably be a better

Thing and it’s a good looking bike like i said it looks like a bdm 07 which is a big reason why i got it but uh yeah obviously if you really thought this was my bike the whole time you must not know because this whole time i’m saying my friend my friend my friend but you know damn well i don’t have friends so everybody that is my 2020 honda grom duh yeah i have

A problem i need to i really need to start doing car stuff you

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I borrowed a Grom from a friend! 2020 Honda Grom review By MyLifeSucks