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welcome to another GARAGELESS video…

All right so here we are another day so this is the front sub cage i’m probably only gonna run it for a little while because i guess it’s not smart to have does more damage than good i mean i have a welder so i can fix it i guess things break so on wyatt we’re gonna put it on i bought it we’ll run it for a while i i really don’t think it’ll look the greatest

So it will be a temporary thing and then once we get the the rear one that we’re really good to go mail lady almost screwed me i’m like the dogs are going off so i was like okay she’s here and then like i’m standing next to the door waiting for her drop back drop i lost an eye see if he one of those pieces of paper that they stick to the door and didn’t even

It says like first attempt on hate and stuff didn’t even knock on the door so yeah it’s real nice so luckily i was paying attention and she didn’t take off so now we’ve got it came from thailand it’s here it’s a dark nights street cage front sub cage so i think it was like 220 shipped or something like that so let’s go ahead and unbox this thing and get it

On me all right got it all out now we’re just gonna unwrap it i think that was everything i was in the box so let’s get all this stuff taking other packages see what we got here alright so there it is so it comes with longer you know swing arm bolt and i’m not too sure that one’s for they think pretty sure this one might be for like the this guy i mean yeah

This is the rest so this guy will go ahead and should mount something of this nature so utilizes that one and that one so let’s go ahead and get this thing done so i did notice a couple of things that are i mean i guess depends on who you are this will still work but like the the prep work is like you didn’t get powder coat in there and the wells run cleaned

Up before was powder coated i’m not picky so and otherwise we’ll see how old fitment is so let’s go ahead and get started so i’m pretty sure we’re gonna go ahead and get the do the knot the hard one first so i’ll do this middle one first the trailing arm bolt or whatever so let’s get that off and get it on there alright so i don’t have a stand like to hold it

Up so my tactic for this is pretty much i took off the took off the nut and then i kind of use this one to pound it through so we’re just gonna kinda so it usually comes in this way hopefully there’s not an issue with it going that way so what we’re gonna do is just pound it through and in theory it should replace it as we pound it through so should be easy

So let’s hope that works sure thing pound it out just like butter so should be almost there so well keep going and yeah just make sure if you’re doing this make if you’re doing it this way that you get this guy sitting up here cuz it’s got to go right there as well so yep let’s do that alright and then this guy we got to pull this off and it looks like it’s

The same thing it’s just shaved to clear this guy so we’re gonna go ahead and take off this nut we should be able to get that thing on there alright so i was like a little 8 millimeter bolt right here so take that out and this guy comes off if you want loosen up this knot first and then so i should have to do don’t touch this one and you just loosen this one

Up and then it’ll slide off and slide the new one on bolt it on make sure you put the cable slides into here so yeah too easy it’s pretty self-explanatory so let’s keep going okay a new one is so that way you can see it kind of gives you more clients for this one i’m gonna do the exact same trick i did for this for this side mostly because i feel like if any

Side is gonna have to come off it’s gonna be the other side because we still got to replace this this little guy because i bent that one when i looped it the first time so yep so let’s go ahead and sew the clutch things done are you tightened it back up it was a fourteen for this and i was nate for that for this night i used uh and it’s a nineteen i believe

Yup nineteen so now just get this guy off which i’m sure is a fourteen so let’s get a fourteen get that thing off and do the same thing that i did for that where we pound it through so let’s do that okay so i got this side it’s all in there so i just kind of took like that and the hammer and pounded this guy all the way in anything with this one so that way

We’re protruding pretty good on this side so there and there so now and that trick worked for that as well that one was really on there i think whatever lock did they use down there was that pretty good stuff so i had to use my impact i was trying to do with the wrench and i was just felt a little sketchy so um yeah so now we’re gonna put this pipe in which

Will snake so much so we can put that pipe in and then we can put this die down so let’s do that design flaw well at least on my end so the nut only fits on the one side so that’s kind of crappy for me so now we got to go ahead and pull that out and we have to do it the hard way so pull it back out well this is proving to be quite the pain so we got this one

In but if you look in there don’t know if it’ll focus but it is not lining up it’s not lining up so tonight with this a little bit more and hopefully we can get it to line up there it is so not too bad yeah definitely sticks up a lot but yeah this weekend i should do ya cuz that’s all i’ve got for this one so you guys know the drill play time subscribe see you guys in the next one

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