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Jumping Over A Human On A Honda Monkey Bike Long Distance Monkey Bike Ride Must See!

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Hello welcome back to the channel so we’re on episode 3 of the cheddar trip and it has been awesome so far but as always let’s start this properly in this episode an old piece of board a human being and a monkey cycle what can go wrong cue the intro right then so this is the start of episode three i believe or might be even before by now are we all good

Right should we go and find some cheddar let’s go find some cheddar let’s go find not any old cheddar let’s go and find the best cheddar we’ll go this way i think in the world oh drink oh you could have you bought an umbrella no well what are you gonna hold over me when i’m having my having my having my cheese and it’s raining a hammer do you know what seriously

I’ve done extreme motorcycle riding in my youth and i generally used to jump off of the tabletop twist the bike to the left and bring it back down again but my legs are in the air right i’m not kidding you fearless i was and then obviously i’ve done the job like the ambulance that just tells you everything is dangerous um that what just happened beats anything

I’ve ever done on a motorcycle in my entire life i’ve never been that nervous and that rid ever you’ve got a lot to be worried about i rode up a mountain in ice and snow and that was scary but not as scary as what’s just happened anyway at the end of this video we have an ending like no ever ended getting wet yeah if we go into tree now can we hug a tree i think

We need to hug the tree after what’s just happened i need to hug many trees bring back the zen bring baku then what’s that not the ying and the yang what about my mojo yeah we are getting wet now oh do you want that do you want to work not with you no love it maybe with uh andy’s mondo hero oh my god that was nuts you get a subscriber down this is the bit where

We’re gonna keep going up and up and up cool i reckon up to the cliffs so if you get scared let me know and i’ll hold your hand what’s going to say it’s just the best ever adventure you’ve ever had it’s first time i’ve ever seen some i was going to call it the search for the best cheese in the world but it’s not really called that anymore there’s a gorge there

Where just gone past it at the car park is that cheddar gorge no it’s not it’s a different gorge oh that’s not cheddar then what’s that is that cheddar or something like that no it’s that um oh what’s it called where they melt the cheese cannumber is that cannonberger gorge where all the cannabis comes from might be i was expecting more like mountains yeah are

We on the right road no we’re on deep cap we’re not on cliff thingy yet that’s why i think we’ll know when we get there because it can be a bit more touristy again i think yeah we’ll stay away from them they smell bad it’s got to be a pretty bit of the nest was that it we’re going down no that’s not it thank you public public what about down there no we’re not at

The gorge are we yeah but that’s off-roading it’s a public footpath down to a farm i don’t think the farmer’s going to be very happy he sees us riding down there oh it’s just ball sport like your face you’ve suddenly gone really positive because we’re not a jedi gorge yet that’s why i meant in general well my uh after what the little thing we’ve just done i’ve i’m

Feeling a bit more positive now because no one’s dead no one’s dead yeah that could have very easily gone what another way that could have been the end of the trip right there yeah it could be for the bower cheddar five and three cups really yeah quick i’m going faster wait for it we’re gonna wait for ending first one there wins andy the legend not just a legend

He’s now my hero yes my hero yeah yeah that’s all i can say i don’t want to say too much more because it gives it all away what an absolute legend oh look we could go over there and hug in the field we need to get to cheddar before we do any hugging also your game then possibly i’m going to hook andy here right hero andy thanks it’s really raining now yeah it’s

Hurting i don’t put it that far where are you getting where i’m not getting well obviously i’m getting wet but this is your idea i’m getting wet wow that really does hurt i told you the rain acid rain what are you looking forward to the most the straight cut cheddar off of the cliff yeah or the amazing pickle or the amazing cracker which is your favorite part

Uh looking forward to the pickles to be honest for me it’s that fresh cheese off of the cliff and become all this way to get yeah i’ve got chili pickle mate come on i’ve got a bit of a selection pack i don’t know what coming what’s in there to be honest i might let you have a little bit more chili because we can create the ring of fire we could have two rings of

Fire three actually we’ve got we’ve got we’ve got we’ve got the legend with us aren’t we yeah that’s even better three rings of fire burns burns burns have you ever lighted he ever lighted a fart i’ve seen people do it i haven’t done it myself do you reckon you’ll give it a go no we can reenact the jump then you can be there lighting it far yeah no hold up

Cows i love a good cow he’s off chasing the cows leave them cows alone have you ever stroked a cow yeah i have do you know they smell bad yeah there’s a legend there he is he’s just called the legend now nicknamed him the legend we’ve got the sidekick and the legend the legend oh i’m getting a bit wet yeah i have to put the waterproofs on yeah it’s getting a bit

Um fond somewhere to pull in for a minute what it’s like lay by somewhere under a tree i like trees i like trees i like trees my crutch is actually getting wet now yeah now you’ve just said that i’ve just felt it mine i just feel it trickling down oh this is horrible this is this is this is really bad yeah and i’ve not got my waterproof oh no it’s just going

Through my jacket ah no no no no no no no no no nothing to stand up now my wax jacket for about 20 seconds then it just pours through is anyone’s pulling in there yeah let’s pull in there is there a tree there’s no trees oh here’s a tree no that’s not really a good tree is it yeah that would do we can find a tree yeah we’ll find a tree together where are you

Going yeah that’s good you always do it a bit dodgy didn’t you you can’t just do it like a normal person that’s what sidekicks do what just be dodge yeah right it’s time to get the cheese i’ve got the knife i’m getting the cheeses you ready go on and what you gonna do now go and get this fresh cheese cheddar this is where you get your cheese from get in right

Okay what on earth is he doing see fresh cheese straight off the gorge right that’s where you get your cheese from you feel that it’s still warm it’s warm actually it’s all sweated over me you can hold that now you go cheese is done see they don’t believe in it but all you got to do is believe never give up and please it’s like a fairy film how you do it be

A cheddar like you know you watch those special programs about nature and you see that like monkeys sitting in the bushes this is what you get cheddar gourds right are you excited yeah it’s a bit easy down here mate yeah i think so there’s a bit of a river i’m steaming up already it’s because you’re around me again don’t worry about it dude i just thought yeah

Brute must have worn off but it has oh no cheddar gorge well do you know what though take away ever a takeaway even with the rain i should say it’s something quite special and riding through constant bits of river is making it more epic the epic water crossing just enjoying this now i don’t care about all the cars that are behind us could that mate it’s going to

Get worse mate yeah come quick up behind me arse again why because it scares me i met boys like you before oh look goats look the sheep no they’re not they’ve got rams on their heads look at this it’s like is cool isn’t it we’re going for another river you don’t have to shout about it wow look up there pull in there a sec okay hang on whoa what are you doing

Just flipped that’s not sergio roy wow i was breathless my heart rate so we’re here and we’re going to enjoy nothing but the best cheese in the world we brought bishop fingers we bought posh crackers we bought pickle so we’ve got everything that you need for the best cheese pickle crackers in the world so here we go let’s enjoy some amazement some

Perfectness some glory let’s do it all right we’ve got to protect the area keep the ladies away all right stay back stay back yeah we’re safe now we were young but not enough to be dumb it was love it seems like you forgot i was your own you and i by the i wish i can take you back make every moment if you felt what i felt remembered completely it’s the

Best day of your life in an old right so we’re looking at the stunt for later and our new friend has come up with an idea so he’s got a bit of wood from a random stranger and what what’s your plan well i’ve seen it on youtube and in various films and in the circus where someone lies under it oh it might have been that what’s that famous motorcycle the royal

Signals the royal signals they’ve got um oh what are they called they’ve got a famous i think it’s disbanded now anyway there’s a famous motorcycle it’s that famous i can’t remember the name but not the red arrows um anyway so i’ve got this found we’ve been passed this bit of wood on what we could do if someone lies under it i’m not saying who and then you ride

Over it well i’ll be riding a bike so i can’t lie under it you’ll be riding your bike i’m certainly not laying under it are you lying under it it looks like i’m going you know i went through glastonbury how much did you sniff you seem very confident about lying under a bit of wood i know you want to do a stub i do well i want the ring you’ve got a ring of fire

Oh wow have you had a curry i love my curry don’t get us wrong i don’t want a poohy ring of fire to land in this just an idea you know a passing idea yeah okay i’m not pretty good allen’s gonna get a fan subscriber here i’ve already got a subscriber he’s already a fan you’re gonna ride over him yeah it’ll be funny i’m not if you fall off no you’re not gonna

You’re not gonna jump out the way here well they never give up as they say so let’s give it a go right like all good things okay we like to put everything together we like to make everything amazing and something really happened that was really cool and i want to finish it off now we were expecting a ring of fire of fire we hoped someone would turn up with a

Ramp we even got promised someone was going to turn up and set fireworks off but that didn’t happen but what did happen is a legend we met a legend and the legend did this crazy thing and turn around and said i’m gonna lie on the floor i’m gonna put a bit of wood on me and you’re gonna jump over me the guy was absolutely nuts and we all thought he was joking like

I said let’s put everything together and let’s see what happens right so your plan is to lie down like that with an old bit of board on you and you want me to go as fast as i can because i know you like to do a jump in your video well that’s that’s the big that’s a big finish as long as you’re happy and you’re not going to fall off because i would hate anything

To happen to you what about you yeah what comes up when it happens and just you know i’ve got no insurance and there’s no health and safety there’s no ambulance standing by yeah but i’m gonna put my hand on so it’ll be fine right so just for everyone on the camera repeat your name again and your last name andy moore right so andy moore just everybody knows he’s

About to risk his life with the pie eating monkey cycle rider jumping over him this is gonna go wrong in every way bravest man i’ve ever met seriously the bravest man i’ve ever met well done you didn’t hurt me at all you

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