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Key Ignition Switch Replacement – Vintage Honda CT70 Mini Trail Motorcycle

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Gonna do a little uh i’ve already troubleshooted it it’s not much trouble shooting because i’ve seen this happen quite a few times but this is a ct 70 here with a three position switch so you have off run and then lights as the third setting you can do on it so we get functionality on the second on the on the run setting i’ll get brake lights got my horn headlights

Will come on only when you’re in the nighttime light setting which is the third click we got headlights now but what happens is we lose the horn and i’m pretty sure i lost the tail light too i got no taillight either common problem is the key switch we’re gonna go ahead and do a key switch swap out and should fix the problem this is the honda behind the part

I’ll show you how i do a key switch swap out so here’s the tools and supplies you’re going to need for this job use a little tape to put around the key switch when i’m removing it and putting the new one in so protect the paint spanner wrench adjustable this is a 1951 model i got off amazon and use it flat head just to pull off the rubber boot on the wiring side

And then your new key switch we’ll start with pulling off this key side just give me a little protective cushion between the tool and the paint use my spanner wrench so so that now can be pushed in use my flat head screwdriver gently get behind this rubber grommet make some room with this harness it’s pretty tight here so i’m hoping i’ve had success

Just working from this angle kind of using my finger from the other side to push this out all right so they got this whole electrically taped up i wonder what’s underneath this why is it done this way not sure why they did that i must use the old harness so off with the old our new three-way switch from honda just looking at the pins making sure they’re not

All corroded go ahead and pull that off so take our key off take your nut off connect your ground on so usually this grounds off to the frame but i’m gonna kick start it and see if i can’t get it to run if not i’ll run an alligator clip on it i’m just going to test it out make sure to solve the problem i got my horn my brake light works on the first switch

Setting i’m gonna go up to the headlight switch headlights working let’s check the brake light so the illumination is on for the nighttime riding already brake switch works on the handlebar brake switch works on the pedal so we’re gonna just button it up and that’s a quick fix nicely gently push it back in it’s a two-hand job here we gotta come and hold it on

The other side just gonna rotate it so i get it to line up with the little nub nib okay i’m gonna put our retaining ring back on use our new one just hand tighten it and then we’ll use that tool to get a little bit more snug no scratches key back in here make sure that we start peepee crap okay we’ll just put this on get that rubber this is upside down

But we’ll keep it i can’t change it so there’s a key swap for you pretty straightforward uh the electrical problems like i showed most likely it’s going to be the key switch

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Key Ignition Switch Replacement – Vintage Honda CT70 Mini Trail Motorcycle By Vintage Honda Minis – Parts \u0026 Repairs – Orlando FL