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Kids Honda CRF-50 Review

In this video we highlight the reasons why we purchased the CRF-50 and run through a few of the key points to consider when choosing to buy a kids mini motorbike.

So any of them so this was the first but we brought a couple years ago now only two years ago now when it keeps showing interest or one of getting to bark so at the time it was probably two brands and i was looking at in particular and that list a yamaha we see the llama so from a yamaha point of view there’s two options so there’s the peewee 50 and is the

Scheme’s go up empty so the reason why we do this way and it was really pulling driven by our usage so we leave these up the river in the storage shed it doesn’t have any power so we didn’t have the ability to take the bite on a true concern or something like that and the yemenites pcr 50 only comes from as an electric start you know i believe you can you can

Get a kickstarter for it but into electric start out of the box so that sort of ruled that one out to me and then the keyway 50 i don’t know because the keys were a little bit late i ii was coming to evolution was going to lucifer in a fog she was already a point which is hope it was to be for the pig weight 50 and i just couldn’t be bothered with it was or

It’s an oil injected through stroke but it couldn’t be bothered having a very meant to destroy all those fun things so that’s why we ended up with this it’s a keystone the maintenance-free issue system so i can leave it there for two or three months the cuticle so let’s go for a ride we’re going to your long beach oak and give a couple kicks and let go so

That is why we went this way it’s a little bit more about this particular bike will this particular model so as i said it’s a maintenance-free mission system it does obviously having a division which is which is amy if you’re wanting to control an idiot child i’m just getting on the bike and going so that’s a new feature they’d rather just a normal normal

Gentlemen handlebars front leader brakes which is stated obviously a really significant clutch with a three-speed gearbox so neutral all the way down and one two three up so the good thing that i love about this is i can use there’s enough adjustability on the throttle screw that in first gear you can whine before all that fun the clutch won’t disengage and

You’ll get moved all over also you can really become a super detail exactly how fast people like to go based on the riders ability so that’s it that’s it that’s a really good feature there they run a two point six liter fuel tank we preserve so look a lot of life like these especially if your kids are learning they’re not gonna be obviously you know banging in

Through the years i’d ask you straight up you know straight away there’s this point if there’s basically fuel in there for them to get around for a fruitful day friday curb lately fuel to get 50 kilos but it’s not a caning bike if as a child will touch the ground if not animals anyway so the weight doesn’t concern that don’t seem like is something that was

Also gonna be a consideration especially starting and so from the top of the seat of the ground is 55 centimeters just are running at 50 for my next 55 centimeters from the seat to the ground but another key measurement you gotta take note of these 35 centimeters from the top of the seat to the top of the head now we found ourselves in the situation and when

We first got them the obviously blake wasn’t tall enough in the legs when sitting on the center to reach the page so but he would ride one you know pull up on the side ice or something like that could be stopped even getting on there and riding it but it was just that there was a limitation on see there he had you know sometimes he keeps daughter and i was

To win land that would sort of you know free-school that but third vibrancy to the seats who are seated whooping and i’m not sure i believe you can do obviously ii turn to raise that but we didn’t we certainly got away with just resting my eyes it didn’t seem to take anything from from a training point of view always talking about training those two types

When we got this bike from the brackets are still on there the dealer so as these though these sort of who see them use the actual vote to retain them to the bike they’ve got these these vertical springs women underneath your wines and tension the spring and that obviously dictates how much the wheels are either in or out of play and what do we them is they

Lease that very close to the bike so when the kids especially little fella when we’ve got conference up he started shooting really really hard was the only appointment that it was actually selling to sort of keep the back wheel up on the block and both of kids had a couple skiers weave them so when we got a second bike we opted for this training little sip

And it’s it’s nothing new you see the jump available even your local dealer no different we have to step it up we feel things much much better so really really simple to its just go ahead place that ball through the retaining that the factory the factory footplate boat comes out and they may supply you along the boat with the kid that goes through courses

That can play one on each side and these apply to you too just like a ticket anywhere spanis of it obviously claims on to the actual where the single bar once you put them centralized you can think that they all seem thing they also like down this is the bar is obviously things like that so you can basically take the wheel skiing amount of players as much

As you like so obviously right now as you can see they’re pretty much in play for the the wheels will be running all the time as the confidence and the ability of the rider increases you’ve got the option to pull the wheel down a plate will then make them obviously feel like they’ve got a balance of the bike and still will be securing that if you may ever

Obviously they’ll be was there to save them so for us the game as i say really really easy to use maintenance-free reliable and they keep the kids absolutely so close between we would like you to talk we pay let me play about two grand for these run out sort of factory rebate on and think oh that has been paid under the tongue i think there are i’m pleased

That two and a half i think your memory the kiwi fifty was a bit smooth down and i think that speaks to i think you may be a $150 giro police so they all sort of work together there’s a there’s always plenty of deals going and then in fact there seems to be very less of them so sarah fifty they’re a good thing and seven kids rubber alignment and from a little

Experience differently absolutely greater than one you can give you our computer for mini bike thanks for watching twenty keep the reviews coming if you’ve got any questions send them through jean

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Kids Honda CRF-50 Review By Xplore Family