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Momentous New Engine Release – 2023 Honda Hornet – Best 750cc Motorcycle Engine Ever?

Ridge Roamer discusses the all new Honda 755cc parallel twin engine with Unicam SOHC design, where it will/may get used in the Honda motorcycle line, and the implications that will have for the brand and it’s standings against the competition. This is a highly significant engine for Honda moving forward from 2022 into 2023 and beyond.

Honda recently released their new hornet which is powered by an all-new 755 cc engine today i want to focus not specifically on the new bike but rather on the new engine and what implications that may have across the brand on the surface you might think cool another 750 class engine from honda they’ve been making 750s since 1969 and they still make 750s a v-twin

Variant in the shadow cruiser and a parallel twin variant in the nc 750x so what makes this one worth talking about this engine is a parallel twin single overhead cam utilizing honda’s unicam design this unicam technology isn’t new honda developed it over 20 years ago but it is a great fit for this engine enabling a more compact engine and less heat accumulation

That single cam is actuating a total of eight valves the four intake valves directly and the four exhaust valves by way of a forked rocker arm actuated off a single lobe on the cam the crank is a 270 degree design resulting in that uneven firing sound and feel that so many twins benefit from so how does the performance compare to honda’s 750 parallel twin already in

Production well torque is close the nc750 makes 51 foot-pounds where the new engine makes 52. but horsepower is a completely different story partly because the nc 750 only revs to 7000 rpm the max horsepower is 58 where this new engine revs to 9500 rpm where it delivers 90 horsepower now that you see the potential of this new engine how is honda going to utilize

It for that answer we need to look a couple of places what does the rest of the market offer in that engine class and where are their holes in honda’s current lineup obviously the first place honda is looking to use this engine is in the new hornet which is a sporty standard naked street fighter whatever you want to call it cool that’ll definitely fill a gap in

Honda’s current lineup which now has the 300 500 650 and a thousand cc variants of similar style price and performance jump from 650 to a thousand is significant and this new hornet could either help bridge that gap or maybe even replace the 650. the next natural place i would look is to replace the nc 750x engine why have two 750 class parallel twins especially

When one is so far superior in performance than the other with honda’s other adventure bikes being the cbe 500x and the 1100 cc africa twin they could really use a strong performer in the mid-size adventure bike class which has been exploding the bmw gs ktm adventure triumph tiger all have bikes with similar displacements and power outputs yamaha relatively recently

Made a huge splash with their tenora 700 introduction suzuki continues to develop their v-strom line it makes sense that honda would want a piece of this mid-size adventure bike market with a bike that would actually be competitive and appealing which let’s face it the nc 750x just isn’t i understand it’s a good bike but it just doesn’t have the punch or the sex

Appeal that the tenerate 700 or so many other mid-size adventure bikes do how about a direct competitor for the new yamaha r7 a cbr 750rr would fill another gap in their line which currently jumps from 600 to 1000 cc’s where other brands have something in between either a 650 700 or 750. maybe a performance retro style bike love it or hate it suzuki did it with

The katana kawasaki’s done it with their z900rs and the z650rs yamaha has the xsr 700 is it time for the rebirth of the honda hawk what else in the honda lineup is a bit stale the venerable xr650l could get a really nice upgrade then a wicked supermoto version that could compete with the husky 701 how about a midsize performance cruiser split the difference between

The rebel 500 and the rebel 1100 where else do you see this engine getting used feel free to comment below thank you for joining me today check out some of my other videos or follow the link to my website in the description below have a great day thank you

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Momentous New Engine Release – 2023 Honda Hornet – Best 750cc Motorcycle Engine Ever? By Ridge Roamer