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Motorcycle Chain Adjustment and Lubrication Honda NC750X

How to adjust and lubricate a chain on a Honda NC750X or any other motorcycle.

This time we will have a look at chain adjustment for the mc but it works just the same for almost any bike and with the mail came my 2 inch rocks racers i will cover the installation and how it changes to bike in a future episode so subscribe to stay tuned if you want to know how they repeat and if they fit and then seasonal 50 eggs i just got my bike back from

The first thousand kilometer maintenance and i noticed that the chain was kind of slack when i measured it the slack was about 40 to 45 millimeters and the recommended slack is 35 millimeters so i decided to do something about it here is what you have to do to adjust the chain first loosen the 27 millimeter evolved on the right hand side it was factory sight and

So it was very tight and when the nut is loose on the right hand side also the 22 millimeter bolt on the other side should be loose now to get the wheel back and tighten the chain you first have to loosen up the adjustment nuts first hold the bigger 14 millimeter nut and loosen up the 12 millimeter 1 and do the same on the other side then move the wheel back by

Tightening the 14 millimeter nut until the chain slack is how you want it first i twerk with half a turn that was too much so i backed it up a quarter of a turn and that seemed okay and then tighten the other side exactly the same amount this way you make sure that you’re really straight there is some kind of measure to let you see that you have moved both

Sides the same amount but in my opinion it’s very inaccurate and it’s hard to see then you try to knock the balls and you’re almost ready to go you should use a torque wrench and tighten the bolt to the torque that is mentioned in the manual i used to have one but i think it’s somewhere in some storage right now and on an adventure trip or longer motorcycle ride

You won’t have the wrench with you so i got used to do it only by video just make sure that you tighten it enough so that you don’t lose your wheel in the middle of the road then a final measure and it is now down to about twenty five millimeters which is okay don’t forget to tighten the 12 millimeter nut that function as a lock for the adjustment nut hold the 14

Millimeter and tighten the 12 millimeter be careful not to tighten these too much and this of course on both sides and once we are working with the chain it’s a good idea to lubricate it as well all new bike nowadays have changed with o-rings which will hold the factory grease inside the chain so you actually only have to lubricate the o-rings from the outside so

They don’t dry up and wear out i lubricate from the inside of the chain so that the rotating motion will press the loop through the chain to the outside and i do it for both sides of the chain so i’m sure that i lubricate both o-rings try not to spray the tire or the brake disc and then she’s ready for new adventures click the round icon and subscribe there will

Be lots of producing tutorials for badams as well as discussions about the performance of this pipe bye for now looking forward to see you all in the next video

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Motorcycle Chain Adjustment and Lubrication (Honda NC750X) By FinnMike on a Bike