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Motorcycle Usb Charger install, Honda Fireblade.

Installation of Oxford double USB power socket to my Honda Fireblade.

Hi guys well welcome to my channel today we’ll be looking at how i installed a usb power supply on my 2013 honda fireblade loads of products out there but i decided to opt for the oxford double usb power supply so stay tuned and we’ll go downstairs to the man cave and show you exactly how i fitted this product welcome to my mancave well here it is my 2013 honda

Fireblade i would remove the front and rear seats and the side panels as well what was i trying to achieve by mountainous usb power supply well basically i wanted something to power my iphone 6 which i’ve mounted on the headstock of the motorbike by using a ram x grip now there are plenty of products out there on the internet i decided to go for oxford a usb power

Supply and the cost of that was around 26 uk pounds and the reason i went for oxford over any others basically it’s a branded product and the reviews on it were pretty good actually so that’s the reason i went for the oxford usb so this is the completed installation of the usb power supply and i’ve mounted it just to the left hand side of the ignition switch the

Rubber cap that it comes with waterproof cap seems to be of good quality and it looks like it’s quite a nice snug fit so hopefully no water getting in there well there are several ways you can install the central electrical system i’ve chosen to install it in such a way that the power supply to the usb is independent of the ignition switch so there we go switch

Switch the ignition on and there is no power supply to the usb i’ve mounted a little on/off switch in the tire unit of the motorbike and switching it on there you go and the blue light indicates powers running to it and switching it off no power running to it and you can see no car on it so even with the ignition switched in the on position i switch the ignition

Off again still no power to it and i can activate the on/off switch in the tower unit and there we go there’s power running to the usb so here it is my setup i’ve got a 30 centimeter usb lightning connector cable running from the usb into my iphone 6 which is mounted in a ram x grip so there’s no power to the phone at the moment and the ignition is switched off so

I just switched the on/off switch in the tail unit from off to on and there we go the phone has got some power and is charging very nicely from the usb i can switch the power supply off you see the blue light goes off and the phone is no longer charging so it all works very well hey guys you know that it works now i’m going to show you how i did it the usb socket

Has been mounted to the left of the ignition switch by using two zip ties one here and another one here just going through the little hole in the headstock area the kit does come with a small section of rubber so that rubber is protecting the zip ties from scratching the headstock area just in the area of the hole here so yeah there’s a small little bit of rubber

Here the socket does come with a handlebar mount so that handlebar mount has been removed so you just left with the round barrel should we call it of the usb socket which has been mounted to the handlebar area it was any case of running the power supply under the tank and into the seating area here the oxford usb socket does come with a inline fuse and that has got

A three amp fuse installed in it so guys what other bits do we need well we need to go and purchase a four pin relay you can get these from your automotive shops this is 12 volts 30 amps i have to go and purchase an inline fuse protector and this one is of the blade type and then you’ll also have to go and purchase a on/off switch again you can get all of these

From your automotive shop so here’s a little drawing that i’ve done we’ve got the battery here we’ve got the relay the four pin relay and then the usb which is mounted on the handlebars so let’s keep it simple from the battery you have one power supply going from the battery through the fuse which we’ve put a 25 amp fuse in that one and that goes into pin 30 on

The relay and then from the battery have another feed from the positive terminal going into the positive side of the little switch which we’ve got mounted in the tower unit and then the negative return goes back to the ground straight and negative side of the battery that switch has got a third terminal in this case marked a four accessory and that accessory goes

From the switch and to pin 86 on the relay we then go from the relay pin 87 and that takes a positive feed from the relay into the usb and then from the usb the black negative cable goes all the way around to the negative ground side of the battery pin 85 is simply from the relay to the negative side of the battery so trying to keep this simple when i switch this

On it sends power to the relay which then flicks the switch inside and then that then allows the circuit to be completed from the battery along the usb cable to power the usb when we switch this off that then opens the switch in the relay which then stops power going from the battery to the usb simple apologies for not showing you how i actually wired it in on the

Step by step basis but it’s already been widened before i made the video but i hope the video has given you some insight it’s basically how easy it is to do but i’m no electrician if there’s any doubts now i would recommend you go and seek some electrical device from a proficient person before you put everything away just make sure once you’ve put your tank back

That you can turn the handlebars freely without any snagging from left to right so you get full and free movement there and just to make sure under the seat you’re not going to put the seat or the tail unit back on to any of the wires that you’ve fitted and run through the framework which may cause any splits in the cabling so tuck everything away nice nice and

Neat and tidy i use zip ties to keep everything together and so you have a nice install and use black tape to protect the end of the relay i know there’s not gonna be any water getting in there generally speaking but belt embraces just put a load of black tape around the end of the relays to keep all the wires and nice and tight or some shrink wrap if you can get

Some shrink wrap big enough to cover the relay itself well that’s it guys i hope you enjoyed the video and if you’ve enjoyed it please feel free to hit the subscribe button thanks so much have a great day

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Motorcycle Usb Charger install, Honda Fireblade. By GSD321