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New Honda Rebel CMX 500 2022

New Honda Rebel CMX 500 2022

Foreign honda says the cmx 500 rebel is a big bike that can be used as a base for modifications for two-wheeled enthusiasts so that does not mean the look of this motorbike is bad just pay attention the design is modern but still minimalist the curve is like tempting to ride not surprisingly astra honda motors set a figure of 200 units to be sold every year as

A driving force the rebel is equipped with a parallel two-cylinder engine that produces 47.8 ps honda designed the engine to be quiet and vibrate even the special concoction given can also provide a sound that fits its performance through the shotgun model exhaust not obnoxious and annoying honda rebel engine the rebel is powered by a pgm phi liquid cooled 471.3

Cc two-cylinder engine that produces 44.9 horsepower at 8 500 revolutions per minute in 43.6 newton meters of torque at 5500 revolutions per minute the rebel has a seat height of 690 millimeters the front tire sizes front tire size while the rear is 150 80ths r16 features of honda rebel chassis suspension and brake supporting features include twin tube rear

Suspension show a telescopic fork front suspension diamond body frame type steel body frame material dual seat seat type disc front brake and disc rear brake features on the console include digital odometer digital fuel gauge digital speedometer trip meter oil change indicator and display screen honda rebel is available in three different colors graphite black

Matte jeans blue metallic matte axis gray metallic the rebel is equipped with a 471 cc dohc8 valve liquid cooled parallel twin cylinder engine taken from the honda cbr500r engine foreign peak power is 45.5 horsepower at 8500 revolutions per minute maximum torque is 43.6 newton meters 5500 revolutions per minute power is channeled from a six-speed manual

Transmission however the blend of the two machines is not the same because the needs of the two iron horses are different rebel is intended as a cruiser motorcycle so there are slight changes in the pgm phi injection part of its flagship the embedded power unit aims to strike a good balance between physical size and flexible output bore and stroke are made at 67

Millimeters by 66.8 millimeters with a compression ratio of 10.7 1. meanwhile the inside of the cylinder head uses a roller rocker arm shim type valve adjustment to achieve light weight reduce the load per valve and reduce friction silent sv chain cam chain has vanadium coated pins reducing friction with increased dust protection the inlet valve diameter is 26.0

Millimeters and the exhaust valve diameter is 21.5 millimeters crankcases use centrifugally cast thin walled sleeves the internal design reduces pumping losses that can occur with 180 degrees ignition timing this motorbike has a 2.5 l capacity oil sump the six-speed gearbox is designed to be easy to raise and lower especially in cities the braking device uses a

Disc with a diameter of 296 millimeters with two piston calipers at the front at the rear uses a disc measuring 240 millimeters with one piston calipers paired with two channel sensor breaking is standard on the legs the front tires of the honda cmx 500 rebel are 130 90 to 16 and 150 80 to 17 for the rear wheels foreign foreign

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