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One Year Review | Honda Rebel 500 | Von Allen Vlogs

This is a one year review of my 2021 Honda Rebel 500. I will show you the accessories and parts that I have added and the approximate costs. I will also talk about the things that I like and hate about this motorcycle.

Why am i being serious even when you feel low you can still go even when you feel slow you can still go even when there’s no hope you can still go i never answer the know man i still go go for today’s video we’ll be doing a one-year review now akin 2021 honda rebel 500. all right so i got this in august around august of last year and at that time it was the

Only model available not the dealership and within i’d say about 50 mile radius location go because of the limited inventory i was not able to get the abs model of the rebel 500. at a limited supply so uh as you can see this is the uh the matte gray metallic color available at that time a matte pearl white so on msrp nato no time it was around sixty three

Hundred dollars six thousand three hundred dollars uh of course plus dealer charges uh registration and taxes um almost uh between eight to nine thousand now 400 to 450 000 pesos it’s a 471 cc liquid cooled engine it’s a six-speed shock atom curb whitney is about 408 pounds with a full tank of fuel why am i being serious is 2.96 gallons according to honda’s

Fuel economy estimates it is uh going for about 67 miles per gallon so that’s not bad especially if it’s going to be my daily compared to about 15 to 18 miles per gallon this is much better that is much better something one year of ownership i’ve added everything that i could add so oem accessories from honda directly so i’ve got the 12 volt accessory socket

About 43 dollars i got the brown custom rider and passenger seat that is about 139 plus 64 64. 64 um rider rider seat in passenger is a bit more expensive because of the hardware that it came with then i also got the the front fork boots and cover along with the headlight cowl saddlebag brackets left and right i also got the the left saddlebag the 14 liter

One so so about 636 dollars plus taxes and shipping more or less about 700 in oem accessories so important guys is the tbr two brothers raising ceramic black comp s slip on system so this ranges from about 416 dollars to about almost 500 dollars depending on order maybe from revzilla cycle gear or uh i think you can also get it from amazon why am i being

Serious all right another one is the uh the t-rex racing center stand i also got the denali sound bomb mini horn another accessory i got is the quad luck moto it’s got the the vibration dampener the things that i like about this honda rebel is uh it’s very lightweight napa and it’s so nimble too at low end seat height yeah uh it’s perfect for my height i’m

About five five five five five and a half seconds now that’s another reason why i like this bike i actually love this bike at classic classic look yet it’s modern so maybe you should say modern yet classic or classic yet modern balance blacked out so you know black is beautiful but too much is charcoal things that i don’t like about it what is it um to

Be honest i can’t really think of anything that i don’t like about this motorcycle so i’m being honest here why am i being serious i mean i could always trade it in i could always get another bike one year of ownership i could completely say that i love this bike i love this motorcycle because it’s perfect for my height it’s perfect it’s weight i dropped it

So many times i was able to pick it up get it back up easily luckily i wasn’t sitting on it when i drop it and i’m not the type of person that goes to the gym so i’m not really strong like i said nothing that i don’t like about this bike i am not being i’m not being biased just because i own it but i’ve i just love it guys so if you haven’t subscribed yet

Please do so now because it would really help me out not only we’re doing moto vlogs here we’re going to be doing travel vlogs we’re gonna be doing live vlogs so that’s it for our video guys i appreciate your subscription and uh shout out to all my friends to all my family is watching this video at uh my youtube community why am i trying to be serious why

Am i being serious go go and if you play that game then you just might make a change

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