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Practically Free Gas w/ the 2022 Honda Grom Motovlog 007

I continue to review my use of the 2022 Honda Grom. I share some of my experiences of motorcycle riding and take you along for the ride.

Come on now there’s no traffic no traffic it’s not reading it yep and i’m off screw that oh i guess i can go straight huh yeah sure can all right that wasn’t too bad hey guys welcome back to another motovlog where i talk about my 2022 honda grom uh my adventures my experience with my brand new 2022 honda grom uh i’m about to hit 200 miles i’m at 198 miles

Logged in the odometer and so far this thing has been a treat an absolute joy for me to go ahead and own and ride i have been using this as a commuter bike i’ve been using it every day almost every day to commute to and from work i’ve mentioned on my other videos that i my commute is about six miles or so uh it did get a little bit longer now that i have

To take the back roads and not take uh the 60. um but i’m not complaining because it’s the more time i get to spend on the bike the more have the more fun i have i’m currently on on my way to get some fuel i am now a little bit less than a quarter of a tank and it’s been about a week and a half almost two weeks i think since i i filled it up and uh yeah

Yep i’m at 199 ah this thing is great i’m probably right now from the time that i just left work uh on my way to get uh a part pick up a part here at lowe’s but uh i’m gonna go and stop by and get some gas first uh yeah i’m probably utilizing about you know 17 18 cents of gas for this uh this run which is great um i want you guys join me while i go to chevron

All right so i have a question for you grom owners are you guys using 87 octane or 91 octane because on all my other bikes i’ve been you know i would put 91 right on the b w on the prelia on the yamaha just curious what do you guys use uh i’ve been told or i’ve been i’ve been reading that it’s okay to use 86 considering that this is not a high performance

Vehicle and that’s what i’m going to do i’m going to go ahead and go with 87 yeah 377. here it is way to go jackass 3.91 1.2 gallons that’s a fail look at that it’s still going i’ll take it i’ll take it it’s free gas yep and we’re off i’m gonna lose all right where am i gonna park today regular parking space absolutely not i have a honda grom

I’m gonna park inside the store well not really i’d like to plenty of space for me to park up there plenty look at this yeah i should go inside the store not all right took some of these what else nope okay just like that you know i could have went in with a grom picked it up went through self-checkout they probably would have called the cops so yeah

Yeah don’t want to risk it you know you know what i’m saying you know what i mean all right so for those who use and have who are honda grom owners do you guys park this close do you guys still use regular parking or designated motorcycle parking do you guys feel bad for parking on the sidewalk like i don’t know i think if there is plenty of space on the

Sidewalk where people can still get by right i’m not blocking anyone now considering that you know people could say oh you know people can touch the exhaust and it’s pretty hot and they could touch exhaust over there too so what do you guys think am i in the wrong for parking in the uh in the sidewalk clearly this is not a designated spot for for uh this is

Not a designated spot for motorcycles sure but it’s like honda grom it’s like i don’t take up any space plus i’m good to go that’s it i’m out look at that 199 miles full tank of gas all right let’s see how long it’ll last let’s see when the next time i get to where was that eighth of a tank i think to her roar and i’m off yeah oh this is so much fun

You know that could be a race course you know like actually this is what i’m talking about all right nobody here right with a like a larger bike even with like a 700 or 500 maybe a 300 right you can come in here go around these bins watch not that much trash put your knee down oh yeah yeah so what’s great about this bike so small you can make go to any

Parking lot right it doesn’t even have to be abandoned go to any parking lot you know maybe at a manufacturing plot where there’s a lot of parking spaces available and you can make your own court or your own uh circuit invite a few of your friends over right sweep up the area so that you know when you’re where the places you’re uh you know you designate as

A you know hair turns or uh or i’m sorry a hairpin uh turn or corner right that there’s not enough excessive debris something that will cause you to slip but yeah i mean this is what’s great about these bikes you can have fun with it just about anywhere um i don’t know i’ve had i’ve there hasn’t been a moment where i’m not having fun on this bike just going

Just commuting to and from work like i’ll i’ll find an excuse to uh to go to like you know lowe’s real quick to to run an errand right where i can go ahead and pick up some uh you know some some parts or some uh you know uh some kind of uh uh consumables right for work and uh yeah it allows me to get back on the bike again on this whole trip i’m probably using

About 25 cents worth of gas oh no not even that oh not even that probably closer to 15 13 cents of gas oh yeah oh this is such a treat it’s blast third gear second and i’m out oh this is a treat anyway guys i haven’t had i haven’t had a a video in a few days and i’ve been working on a couple other projects and i wanted to catch up that it has been an absolute

Treat an absolute joy i’ve been having such a blast owning this motorcycle and being right uh being able to ride it to and from work uh i take it uh i don’t know the last video you saw that i was uh uh you know i was on the rain um you know and i was able to uh maneuver in the rain with no problem i even went home dropped off my stuff went to go pick up dinner

On it it’s i highly recommend if you’re even if you’re trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle this is it if you already know how to ride a motorcycle get one of these you’ll have a blast because it’s it’s uh it is uh this guy’s gonna go ahead and hit me yeah anyway guys thanks for for tuning in i uh thanks for coming along on my little short adventure

Uh if you haven’t already done so please hit that like and subscribe button below it’s free to do and uh until then we’ll catch you guys later peace

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Practically Free Gas w/ the 2022 Honda Grom Motovlog 007 By ghosTECH’s GROM