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Racing Bros Shicane HLR Edge Rear Shock Install for the 2022 Honda Grom

Balancing out the Racing Bros front suspension kit I installed on the bike a week ago, I picked up the Racing Bros Shicane HLR Edge rear shock for my 3rd generation Grom from @Steady Garage .

Welcome back i recently installed the racing bros full front suspension kit in my 2022 grom and now to complete the suspension setup i’m installing the rear shock i decided to go with the racing bros chicane hlr edge shock this is actually the same one that steady garage ran on their project 56 bike that was one of the first groms that i saw at the barber small

Bar event in june of last year but i spent a lot of time looking at the different shocks and i was very happy to land on this one there’s actually a few companies that are offering 2022 specific shocks most people are running the olin’s shock one of the main disadvantages on the olin shock for me is the fact that the can is external and ends up sitting here where

I currently have my chimera intake wait a minute so after i recorded this but before i posted it to youtube a viewer reached out and let me know that they’re actually running the olin’s rear shock with the air can right next to the chimera intake i’ve got some pictures here and it looks like it’s a tight fit but it does work so i wanted to make sure that i was

Sharing that the chicane edge has this right here on the back of the shock this one is a couple hundred dollars more than the olins steady garage also has one by gears racing that’s a couple hundred dollars more than this i think it’s a thousand dollars or more i think this retails for about eight hundred dollars there’s quite a few adjustments you can make

On the shock it has high speed and low speed compression adjustments as well as dampening and rebound and you can also adjust the height plus or minus 10 millimeters i think the main difference between the 20 22 specific shocks and the ones from the previous model is that the 20 22 gram is i think 10 millimeters taller the older shocks will work but i’d prefer

To install something that was specifically designed for this bike should be a very simple installation let me pull off the side panel and the seat i will take a look at the old shock also hold them side by side and then we’ll get this one on the bike i also wanted to quickly show off these titanium bolts that i put in place of the stock ones that came with the

Yoshimura kit the bolt that came with it just looks so much like it was from home depot or lowe’s it just didn’t match the overall finish especially since it was a shiny zinc color and the rest is this kind of matte titanium and then you can see some raw titanium here in the welds which now match perfectly with this bolt this is an m8 by 1.25 thread and it’s 30

Millimeters in length okay i have the seat and the right triangle off i’ll need to move the brake reservoir as well as these two phillips bolts to remove this little plastic piece so we can hold the nut of the shock on this side and get a ratchet tool on this side to loosen the top bolt so i can just move this out of the way now to get to the bolt in there and

From this side you can see where the nut is that will hold with a box wrench as we spin it out from the side all right i didn’t take the bolt completely out yet because i need to get the bike somewhat suspended before i remove that but it’s a 17 millimeter box wrench that you can hold the nut with on the top side here and then a 14 millimeter ratchet that you

Can use to get inside to hold the bolt as you loosen it up alright so with the bottom bolt out i’m going to finish taking out the top bolt all right old chalk out so before i throw the new one on the bike i thought i’d hold them side by side the overall lengths are the exact same you can see that the coil there’s quite a bit more coils on this one as well of

Course as the can on the end this one also just looks uh pretty cheap i mean the grom is a 3 300 motorcycle i’m not i’m not really complaining there but this one definitely looks nice so uh yeah dimension wise about the same this does feel a bit heavier so since i noticed the weight difference i thought i’d go ahead and weigh it before i get it onto the bike

The racing bros chicane hlr edge coming in at 1898 grams and the stock shock weighing 1520 grams so i think that’s about a 370 gram difference about 13 ounces so somewhat heftier but again i’m expecting to get quite a bit more performance out of it to make that difference worth it okay so the fitment is perfect and just enough space to clear uh both sides of

The yoshimura pipes this diameter spring may be a couple millimeters wider than the stock one but i still have about five millimeters on each side and i also like how this air can is here and fills out a bit of that empty space that previously was taken up by the rear hugger which i took off the bike but i think now it looks pretty complete because while there

Was a lot of space without the exhaust system or this shock now with both of these it really fills out this back part of the bike so let me get both of these nuts tightened and torqued and the panel’s back on the bike and we should be done all right that was a very simple install it only took about 15 minutes i love the way the shock looks i can’t wait to get

It on the road start dialing it in and reaping the benefits of having a suspension setup like this i want to thank the guys at steady garage for not only advising me on this shock but actually quite a few components on this bike they’ve been very helpful as i’ve put this bike together so a big shout out to those guys i’ll leave a link directly in the description

Below to this shock and i’ll also be doing a follow-up video after i put some miles on the bike get it dialed in and have some opinions on the overall performance of it i still have a lot of videos planned for this bike next up will be gearing i’m going to make a few changes to the ratio now that i’m making more power on the bike to try to balance that out i have

Some cosmetic stuff coming and still planning on diving into the engine to try to make some bigger power so thank you everybody for watching please like this video if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel if you haven’t stay tuned for more videos and keep on building you

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Racing Bros Shicane HLR Edge Rear Shock Install for the 2022 Honda Grom By eastcoastish