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Rebirth Honda CBR650F

After a full right side fairing and coil rebuild.

What’s up youtube in a few followers i have i know i just uploaded the video of the wreckage in the aftermath of the wreck during the training accident but that has been a little bit back and i’ve gotten back off my vacation from texas and i thought i would give you all a peek into what i’ve done already to fix it and we are definitely back roadworthy i was planning

On taking a ride today but you know i don’t know it it’s supposed to storm a little bit later i mean there’s some sunshine outside right now but it’s supposed to storm a little bit later so i don’t know if it’s going to happen or not i may sit back and have a adult beverage instead you never know but here we go let’s take a look at what we’ve done so if you looked

At the other one this whole right side fairing here was completely broken all the way down to here up through there and horse i probably didn’t get a good picture of it or angle of it but this down here was all broke as well this piece of fairing right here all the little ears and tabs that connected it to this piece were broken off and this was hanging slightly

This mirror was broken this mirror was broken and something i found out later is that the radiator cap was leaking because the cap itself was bent now for those of you that are gonna be like oh watch out the radiator may be leaking the neck baby leakin i’ve already had it checked out already had it figured out and to turn out it was just radiator cap and seal was

Messed up um so i’ve gotten that fixed the only little thing we have that is visual are only few things we have right now that are visual is this right here and i don’t know if you can see but it comes off so i’ve just got to get after it with something that’s not going to scratch it with something that’ll take it off i take a long time to do by fingernail and i

Might end up scratching it one more thing or no but that comes off i have a little scratch right here this whole thing just seemed too big of a deal to replace over that i mean i like that it was brand new and had never been laid over before but you know it happens so that’s what we’re going to leave it for now this right here as well and once again way too big

A deal to replace i mean it’s just a lot of money involved in that now we’re going to put him up to that um yeah and i know i’m going to get some comments maybe if i if i could gain some more followers saying that i should have this right here same on this side just barely little dance next not a big enough to you to replace and that there that’s pretty much it so

That’s that’s what it is y’all may have noticed i’ve got a brand new sticker pretty cool huh i’m a big fallout 4 fan and a big fan of pretty much anything bethsaida does i don’t get a lot of time to play anymore back in the working field and as you all know we all got to grow up sometimes but every now and then i’ll get on and spend a couple hours especially if it

Has to do with fallout so just going to start up right quick here for a moment looking for advice on exhaust uh-huh my blinker stolen looking for advice on exhaust this is standard stock exhaust i think i’m going to change it out pretty quick i don’t want it too loud like i don’t have to wear ear plugs on that ride but i wanted to sound a little no no a little

Peppier it just so quiet right now unless you’re running up around 8,000 9,000 rpms or higher so there she is needs a bath if i take a ride later today i will definitely put the gopro on still looking for a good mike put in the helmet that will connect to the gopro i know everybody’s going to say a sin acento sinha just a little out of my price range right now

Especially since i bought a brand new bike but a good to see you again good to hear from you and hope to get comments and some more subscribers this is tacticool rider here and

Transcribed from video
Rebirth Honda CBR650F By Mindwarp