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Rebuilding a Wrecked Honda Grom Motorcycle Auction | Part 3

Thanks for watching part 3 of the wrecked and totaled motorcycle rebuild! In the next video we’ll be installing a new exhaust on the Honda Grom plus some shorty levers, bar-end mirrors etc.

Alright guys we’re back for part three of the 2018 honda grom rebuild if you missed the last part just a quick refresher you know we finally got it started cleaned up the wiring mess that was back here and got it turned on got it started everything’s good to go there cleaned everything up for the most part and also did what we could with the rear swingarm and how

It was bent but if you want to see more on that you know throw a link up in the top right corner so you can click straight over to that we’ve just had a couple new parts come in we’ve got a new axle bolt to replace this one because it was scarred up a good bit and it just would draw your attention more to that the other damage here more than anything but yeah

Figure a couple bucks to replace that axle bolt that way it doesn’t draw your eyes do that part new chain guard and then we’ve still got all of this stuff that we’ve got to get thrown on there too but what we’re gonna start with today get the new axle bolt in get that buttoned up and then replace the rear set so we can get that straightened out and then we’ll

Start throwing rest of the plastics on after we install them they’ve integrated till i ditch these factory turn signals and then the levers and the bar in mears yeah first things first we’ll get started on the axle bolt get that thrown in then get the rear set replaced get that buttoned up and we’ll we’ll go from that – what which which fireworks you want

To shoot up we gotta go get some more gonna light it up in here say hi to everybody on the internet two hours later alright so we’ve got the new rear set on it’s all straight everything lines up good we’ve got the new bear hugger on i’ve got the new axle bolt in and now we’re gonna tackle the integrated taillight to replace the busted up one here which is still

Just the factory taillight which this would be pretty straightforward and easy simple plug-and-play right down here tap in for the signals in the integrated life to replace the factory turn signals see ya let’s get that star to get that knocked out make sure all the lights work with the turn signals front and back and we’ll go from there all right so

We’ve got the old broken taillight popped off and we’ve got the new integrated taillight on they’re mounted up wired all that fun stuff so now the big kicker let’s see if it works left yep it works a new flush mounts work left side now let’s try the other side just to make sure yep right side right side hold the brake for the for the money spell half the price of

A lot of integrated tail lights on the market for the grom we’ll see how long it lasts though that would be the big kicker and i’ll throw a link down in the description below so you guys can check out exactly which one this is that i’ve picked up on amazon so yeah we know the the new front signals work the new tail light works so now we’ve got to install the new

Side fins then you tell pieces all three of those and i don’t know if we’ll have time to get to the levers and the mirrors tonight the new exhaust should be in tomorrow so we may end up waiting for the next one they’d knock those out depending on how quick we get the the new plastics on make sure it all lines up so yeah let’s go ahead and get started on getting

The plastics on that way it’ll start to look like a whole bike again and we’ll go alright guys we’ve got new plastics on all the way around all of its buttoned up and she’s looking like a grom again new side fangs and you tell pieces thankfully since there was no real hardcore damage to the bike itself everything went on just as it should just like it came off

Which means that’ll be a wrap for this video guys keep an eye out for the next part part 4 in the next few days new exhaust is coming in tomorrow so we can get started on that and then we’ll finally be throwing on levers the bar and mirrors and possibly some more stuff in the works for it we’ll see how that pans out but i’ll keep you guys posted yeah that’ll do

It for this video guys thanks again for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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Rebuilding a Wrecked Honda Grom Motorcycle Auction | Part 3 By HondaPro Kevin