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Hey what’s up everybody today we’re going to be riding an africa twin if you are new to my channel i try to mix it up and do all sorts of motorcycles with rides reviews and the should you buy series is pretty fun as well if you are new consider subscribing to see more content like this and drop in a like on that video down below we’re doing a video on the honda

Africa twin this is a 2020 model it is used it has about 14 000 miles on it for those of you that don’t know the africa twin is honda’s 1100 cc kind of dakar rally style bike it is an absolute animal it has tons of torque even though it only makes 101 horsepower it is super fun it’s usable power and the bike rides amazing it looks big but once you’re on it it’s

Super lightweight it dips in and out of turn super easy and it’s got plenty of get up and go as you’ll see during the test ride and today i’m gonna tell you whether or not this is a good buy or if it’s a good buy so let’s get to it this is a base model as base as it can be we’re going on a test ride with this guy on a harley davidson breakout good follow me since

I’ve never taken one of these out before as per usual you’re gonna get my genuine first impressions thoughts and review on this motorcycle right off the bat i know this is a big bike but it doesn’t feel like a big bike and everyone will probably think it’s very top-heavy but once you get on it and sat down the suspension kind of compresses a little bit and it makes

It pretty manageable i don’t ride adv bikes but this feels really good the motor is awesome feels very punchy i don’t know how to change my ride mode how do i how do i do this how does this work oh that’s the horn whoops uh user two what the does that mean user one what does that mean off-road nope don’t need that gravel no urban maybe no tour i don’t want

Tour i want i mean like whoever user two is they had it yeah it’s responsive from user two so that’s what we’re gonna roll with feels super healthy this bike has 14 000 miles on it i got no weird ticks no weird taps feels super refined i’ll say that’s one thing that honda’s really consistent on with their motorcycles is they don’t feel hollow they feel like there

Is some how do i put this fortitude no the word i’m looking for is definitely refinement like it’s just a very refined machine at every level a honda just has so many years of making motorcycles under their belt and i think there are some from other japanese manufacturers such as kawasaki or suzuki that kind of feels soulless and and they do feel hollow and they

Feel empty and they’re just not very exciting i think the africa twin is one of the more exciting motorcycles to come out in the last few years uh feels incredible it looks incredible the front end it looks super pissed off and it looks like it just wants to be like that dakar gnarly shredding bike and i think the motor backs that up and the torque it’s got

Torque and i think what’s really impressive about it is honda can take a bike that is designed to do that dakar rally racing type stuff you know cross country adv whatever you want it to do and they can take that same engine and carry it over to the rebel and have an amazing cruiser as well with totally different characteristics just from tuning alone so i think

That’s super impressive i don’t know how my guy’s doing back there on that breakout i take it he’s doing okay here let’s turn on the cruise control and just get a quick tab on him does it work in second gear no i bet i have to be in like fourth yep there it is was it working third nope gotta be in fourth gear to use cruise control that’s how most big bikes are now

Does it wheelie i know what wheelies she wheelies dude what a cool bike this thing feels amazing seriously if i was gonna look at an adv bike i think this would be it i don’t even think it’s a competition i keep calling it an avv bike i guess it’s not an adv bike it’s kind of an adv bike it’s kind of a dual sport it’s not even the master of none it’s the master

Of all it’s a phenomenal ride seriously this thing is so good i can’t wait to get it on the highway and really dig into the throttle a little bit and i’m pretty sure whenever you put an exhaust on these they sound amazing so i’d be super curious to hear with an exhaust for now you know what it has on it works i i can tell the motor is running it’s alive it doesn’t

Sound completely like a sewing machine but these lower rpms you kind of lose it with the wind noise and i bet once i get on the highway i’ll really lose it with the wind noise and i’m curious how this little guy is going to do too i i have a sneaking suspicion this is going to do really well and throw wind clean up over my head which is what i’m hoping for that’s

The same horn is on my grom seriously they couldn’t do anything better than this oh this guy in front of me is dragon ass let’s go over let’s go over one of these big bumps in the middle of the road here i’m going to try to let you guys get a good look at it so you can tell what i’m talking about this guy’s going to ruin it awesome yeah right here not bad at all

Yeah this thing’s pretty quick all right well we’re going to go from 10 to 60. here we go three two one well i didn’t see when i hit 60. i was too focused on keeping the front wheel down but that is awesome man this bike has so much punch on up to 80. man oh man this thing is amazing and the sixth gear roll on power that’s great oh yeah i don’t think i could

Ever own a harley in my life maybe someday whenever i want to slow it down a little bit and be a cruiser bro but until then i just can’t i just can’t that’s all i can say about that i just can’t do it now if it was a rebel 1100 i’d probably be all over it that might seem super fun if it’s got the same engine as this you know it’s going to be fun all right quick

Rundown can this bike do highway yes can it do it comfortably yes is the wind protection good yes is it a heavy bike it depends on what your definition of heavy is for me no wow phenomenal motorcycle really and it’s balanced so well like you can really slow crawl on this and it feels like you have complete control over it no matter what god that’s so sick god

Man this thing like it can be so tame if you want it to but if not and you just want it to be an animal it totally can be it’s so sweet i love it i love it wow i love it get at me with some of that oh yeah that’s a hot one right there they are that’s all you have to say about that thanks brent so now we’re on test ride number two and he’s on an indian scout 100th

Anniversary edition got a beautiful paint scheme tan bags tan seats go with that classic indian red that we all know and love and i enjoyed the africa twin so much that i’m back on it for a second time in one day i wanted to do another video on a cf moto but this was already outside this guy was itching to ride some bikes that were already outside as well so i

Thought you know what see if we can get this guy oh that’s so funny man if you guys are ever driving past a golf course and i know i know it’s a dick move okay i know it’s a dick move but if you see a guy on a golf course and he’s getting ready to wind up and swing and you just crank that horn there’s nothing quite funnier than that huh i get a really good laugh

Out of that because i know that that guy could have just had the best shot of his life he probably felt it it was about to look so good coming off of his driver and then disaster strikes let’s see if he hammers on it right here i mean no chance i had to let off this bike really is incredible it is so much fun i don’t know how many times i’m going to say it i

Love it i love it bump in the road oh my gosh that guy just came on out there you go chief great job oh yeah that cruise control man let’s go i like that just an absolute tank of a bike it’s great closing thoughts if you’re an adv writer and you’re wanting something a little bit less cumbersome than your gs 1200 something that is a little bit more aggressive and

Lightweight and still jam-packed with features this is it i’m sitting on it i’m riding it and if you’re on the fence about it i think you should get off that fence no reason to be on it so now it’s time for me to decide whether or not this bike is a good buy or a good buy and my conclusion is this is a good buy if you’re looking for a very versatile motorcycle

If you’ve ridden adv style bikes before you’re gonna fall in love with this thing the suspension suspension’s amazing the power is awesome the torque is on tap the selectable ride modes the different abs settings the cruise control the seating position there’s a lot to love about this bike and i think you really have to nitpick it to find things you didn’t like

So with that being said that’s going to go ahead and wrap up today’s video i want to say thank you for watching we’re super close to 500 subscribers i cannot thank you guys enough once we get there the next step is a thousand so i hope you enjoyed this content if you did make sure to leave a like drop me a comment below and tell me what you want to see more of and

Don’t forget to subscribe thanks have a great day and ride safe you

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