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The 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Does Something NO OTHER Has Done Before!

( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! Here it is — the brand new 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid, and it does some things no other CR-V Hybrid (or many hybrid SUVs, period) have done in the past!

Hey guys i bet you can tell that i’m at a honda program and i’m gonna tell you i’m in nashville but do you know what car we’re about to take a look at yep it’s right there this is the brand new 2023 honda crv and what makes this one special is that it’s not the plain old jane normally aspirated but it’s the hybrid yep it’s the one that gets pretty phenomenal fuel

Economy so in this video we’re going to do a bit of a walk around i’m going to talk about what they’ve improved and there are some really interesting things that it now does in terms of both its drivetrain and towing believe it or not and this is the sport touring so this is the top of the line honda crv hybrid there will be a program that honda will be doing so

We will get to drive this sometime later this year so i’m don’t get to drive it but let’s talk about this vehicle now of course uh honda has not yet released pricing but this vehicle will be coming very shortly and you figure the crv is going to start around 30 000 and then you know probably around 39 to 40 000 when you start getting into the hybrid now what makes

The hybrid perhaps the most interesting one is that it gets the best fuel economy let’s look under the hood because the vehicle gets 204 combined horsepower and unfortunately honda has not yet released pricing officially so i’m guessing at that number or fuel economy numbers but figure the last generation was around 40 mpg and i suspect that this one will do better

Than 40 mpg and this one’s running actually so yeah 204 horsepower and really this is a vehicle that is honda’s most popular car it used to be that the accord and the camry were the best-selling cars but now of course it’s the rav4 and the crv in america people have grown and fallen in love with crossovers i remember when the first generation of this came out my

Stepfather bought it and if you recall it was pretty unique in that it was like a tall wagon and it had a picnic table in the back which is kind of crazy so let’s talk about this one uh it does have some improvements and i said one of them is a dry train improvement and unlike the previous generation the all-wheel drive system is now capable of sending 50 percent

Of the power or torque to the rear wheel so you can get a true 50 50 split and uh of course being a honda a lot of the vehicle is about reliability and utility and look at all that space in the back somebody has folded the seats down for me it was very nice of them and oh my gosh i bet you hold on let’s see if i can do this i bet you i could lay down in this car

And i’m 6’2 and i bet that if it wasn’t for this hump i could actually sleep back here oh yeah i could look my head’s not touching and my feet are almost to the back of it so yeah there’s just a ton of room back here and if you need to move a small couch or have a large family of dogs this is probably a perfect vehicle oh nothing under there the regular model gets

A spare tire i think that’s where the battery lives now so i did mention that for the first time and i’m doing this manually i’m being stupid there you go for the first time the hybrid is now has the option to tow not a lot a thousand pounds but you know you need more than that if you’re towing a motorcycle or maybe a canoe do you believe in tokens or do they go

On the roof now one of the things that is a little disappointing is in the age of giant sunroofs we’re looking at a small sunroof but i think giant sunroofs are expensive and they add weight which makes them less fuel efficient so you probably want a little bit less weight in here so let’s get inside here and talk about the interior i do love the fact that you’ve

Got a traditional lever wireless charging usb usb c which is great and then you know this honeycomb pattern was first introduced i believe it was in the civic with these kind of cool vents and now we’ve got the same honeycomb pattern in the crv and i think that looks really great touch screen which is also nice on a digital display up front here you know there’s

Nothing that like jumps out at you except for the honeycomb pattern in terms of design but it’s just you know a solid straightforward easy to use vehicle and that might mean that honda’s demographic is probably a little bit older than most demographics but you know there’s something to be said for not having to you know spend a lot of time trying to figure out

The navigation or spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to change stations the car is running a big bold controls there big bold controls there as well we’ve got your hvac buttons which i’m dearly happy for so you could sync them in other words you can you know combine the two or you can have separate climate zones and then fan speed very straightforward

Very very easy to use and honda thank you very much for turning the volume button now just get the tuning button back and we’ll be we’ll be buddies again you know for a while they’re on to decided that they were going to do this weird slider thing on the steering wheel for that and now we’re back to a regular on off volume button how cool is that in terms of cubby

Holes tons of space i like the pattern on the doors you know everything you touch feels soft there’s not a there’s not a lot of sense of cost cutting in here which is nice and there’s even you know little sprinkles of color like uh right there and of course uh right there and right there with the stitching and of course the steering wheel too the steering wheel

Is very comfortable uh so all in all you know this is never going to be a revolutionary design uh because it’s honda’s best-selling vehicle so what they’re always going to do is they’re going to do an evolutionary style not a revolutionary style now keep in mind that honda has had six generations of crv like i said going back to the original one with the picnic

Table in the back and uh you know over the years this has gotten much more well a lot bigger and much more luxurious now we do have drive modes so we got eco normal and snow of course so you’ll note there’s a distinct lack of sport but then if you’re buying this to to do some sporty driving you’re probably buying the wrong one this is the touring model so this

Is the one that you would uh you know buy if you wanted all the bells and whistles let’s jump in the back and see how much uh room there is for me now speaking of bells and whistles i love this a heated steering wheel what a great location for a button sometimes they’re hidden behind the steering wheel and then of course you’ve got your full suite of safety gear

Including lane keep and there’s a volume knob oh that’s your um that’s your that’s how you change let’s see what that does maybe nothing because i’ve got the door open so i shouldn’t be there you go that that oh look at that it shows you so that’s what that does i’ll zoom in on that so let’s see what we got we got all-wheel drive torque distribution sorry i’m kind

Of shooting into the sun so it’s washing out a little bit seat belts maintenance safety report uh con no content there brightness gauge display settings warnings uh power flow yeah range and fuel uh let’s select that let’s see what this thing’s getting so range 401 average fuel 2 29.5 now that don’t don’t take anything away from that because this is a vehicle that’s

Been on display here who knows how it’s been driven so i wouldn’t uh i wouldn’t exactly use that as a as a metric for what kind of fuel economy this vehicle is getting and that those numbers will be released closer to when this vehicle is released um and then let’s look in the back here we’re gonna lift up the seat push it back oh i love that look at that you’ve

Got different settings so straight upright kind of middle of the road and then leaned way back which is nice i’m gonna go lean way back and i’m going to see how much room i have so let’s see how i fit uh yeah plenty of headroom plenty of leg room and of course more ports back here for the kiddos if they’re on their wireless devices and if you’re taking them to

School which is nice and i gotta tell you this is super easy to move uh just very light that’s what i love about honda you know they don’t over complicate things and they make stuff that some manufacturers try to re-invent in a classic and straightforward way sometimes you know kiss keep it simple stupid is of course the best way to do things uh fuel there you

Go look at that no more uh no more little fuel cap that’s always nice and i do love these black wheels especially with this dark blue color it’s super nice so there you go this is just your first look at the new honda crv hybrid i suspect if i were getting this this would be the one i would go for if you’re going to be out there moving the family around moving

The dog around moving your furniture around you might as well get the best fuel economy possible style wise i see a little bit of mazda in the front especially with kind of these sharp overhangs and i do like one other thing i want to show you guys and this has been you know a contention of mine recently especially the germans are doing you know fake exhaust i

Believe those actually have no they don’t they’re fake i set myself up for that one huh let’s see oh no one’s only fake so that one’s real so that’s pretty cool and then this one is fake so i was half right uh and half wrong so there you have it well guys thanks for joining me for this walk around uh and be sure to come back to all for more news views and

Of course honda crv first walk around reviews see you guys next time ciao

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The 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Does Something NO OTHER Has Done Before! By The Fast Lane Car