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Things i dont Like about the Honda Fury 2020. After 4K miles

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What is up guys it’s your boy joseph hugo here huge core motorcycles and uh welcome to today’s video so i got a special video for you guys today uh i made a video not too long ago about some things i didn’t like about my honda shadow phantom uh and uh my buddy that i ride with he said uh you know he’s got his bike you’ve seen the video of it if you haven’t

Seen it it’s gonna be uh you’ll see it here at the end there’ll be a video for it you can check it out he rides a 2020 honda fan uh fury a 20 20 20 honda fury uh we both ride honda so i just messed up the name sometimes but yeah so he rides a fury he kind of want to talk about some things that he wish he was which was better for his bike and things like that so

Without further ado i’m gonna let him talk i’m let him talk about it let’s get into it what’s going on bro what’s going on what’s going on man so uh yeah man you know i you know uh we had uh did a video on my bike and uh he was my cameraman in case y’all didn’t know because he rides with me all the time so yeah man just just tell me like so this is your one

Year anniversary with this bike right yeah one year actually this week as a matter of fact okay so how many miles i got on it uh a little over four thousand miles a little over four thousand miles okay so okay okay so oh yeah indeed indeed so what are so far with with one year anniversary and those mileage man for your fury what are some things that you kind

Of like wish was better or would change you know if like knowing what you know now you know what i’m saying you’ve written it for a year what would you change knowing what you know now well i mean there’s a couple of things you know that okay kind of disliked about it okay but unfortunately some of that can’t be changed um one of the things first and foremost

Was the the the height and the pullback of the the stock handlebars okay they were they had me leaning over a little bit okay and obviously i’m i’m about six feet i got long arms so i had i still had to lean over so that was one thing i disliked but i fixed that by uh i added a uh canela three inch canela risers oh okay so you got some risers on there yeah

I put the risers on there and uh and they gave you said three inch it’s a total of three inch risers that’s what they they classified as but it gives you about an inch and a half up and an inch pull back towards you okay so it’s actually made it a lot better it’s a lot more comfortable now so okay i will say that it was the the the length of the steering wheel

Okay or the handlebars i’m sorry i’m driving um another thing that i didn’t like and most people don’t yeah is the sound of the stock exhaust okay and you know this being a honda yeah you know they like to quiet things down so yeah uh didn’t like the stock exhaust saw sound you could barely hear you couldn’t even hear your bike which is great for smoothness

But right so i added some uh three inch cobra slip-ons and changed all of that oh okay with the cobra slip-ons yeah i put those cobra slip-ons on there and it sounds a lot better now okay well we’ll have you start it up here pretty soon so okay um another thing that i dislike about the honda fury yeah and any fury riders probably going to agree okay when you

Get up to speed get the rpms up yeah on the highway yeah and you know you’re doing 75.80 yeah i’m looking for another gear oh i wish there was a sixth gear okay throw away at two you know and take off but okay so you’re saying like the shift pattern is like short kinda yeah i wish we had another another gear okay basically okay um and then other than that man

Only other dislikes i had is you know i don’t know i’m trying to think what else did i dislike about my bike she’s beautiful i’ll tell you that right now oh well of course um i disliked having which i still have my my signal lights and all that are aren’t led oh okay with the old what is it the old halogen bulbs or whatever yeah yeah and as well as these so

So the brightness for when you’re turning and stuff even at night signaling and stuff okay at night that that kind of yellowish tinted halogen stock bulb yeah but i did replace that with an led light okay so you replaced you replaced this one with led yeah i replaced that but not the cygnus okay i got you okay so illumination on the on the blinkers and stuff

Okay i got you all right so that’s not too bad man i mean that’s not too bad other than that it’s a great bike okay um it’s my first bike okay so i don’t want you know if if one of your viewers out there trying to get a bike i don’t want to discourage them on on the size of the bike or anything but right this is a fairly cool bike and that’s probably the the

Only things i dislike about it which that was in the past yeah because i replaced that stuff so yeah now there’s not much that i dislike about it at all right now so gotcha okay well uh hey i’m sure they want to hear the cobra can you turn the cobra exhaust on bro can we hear it yeah i’ll catch you all right bet yep oh that sounds great good catch all right

Well well i appreciate it man thanks for hopping on here man and talking about your bike as well uh i appreciate it brother hey no problem man i mean i ate we ride together man so you know how it goes so yeah i just want to kind of hear your opinion i wanted them to hear your opinion you know i mean you talk a lot about this type of stuff and and it’s good to

Get the information out there i feel like you know yeah so it’s an awesome bike thanks man all right cool well uh thank you guys for watching i definitely appreciate it um we’ve been getting a lot of support in the videos thank you guys so much uh just like like and comment you guys i love you guys leaving your guys’s comments your guys’s opinions on on you know

The bike videos that i’ve been doing just uh like comment and subscribe man so the more subscribers we have the more we can do i want to do some uh test drive videos um in the future where i just go to the dealership and i i hop on a bike and whatever guys whatever bike you guys want to see you know i’ll go and hop on it um at the dealership and we’ll take it

For a ride and i’ll come out and make a video for you guys so you guys can uh you know can kind of get your perspective on it and and hear what i think about it before you go and buy one so thank you guys for watching i appreciate you peace

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Things i don't Like about the Honda Fury 2020. After 4K miles By Joseph Hyuga Motorcycles