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Things i dont Like about the Honda Shadow Phantom 2020. After 4K miles

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What’s up guys it’s your boy joseph here and uh you know i’ve made a lot of customization changes to the bike and everything to your guys’s uh comments in the comment section we got the vance heinz on we got the custom corbin seat we got the memphis shade fairing we got the with the rocky grips we got everything my bike is done my bike is done we got the viking

Saddle bags it is done complete change from when the last time you guys saw but uh this video is about things i don’t like about my honda shadow phantom so i’m gonna get into things that i don’t like about this bike so i’ve ridden this bike for probably about four four or five thousand miles now um since i bought it since the first video you guys saw when i first

Bought the bike and uh yeah i got i got a little bit of complaints man i’m gonna be honest with you so the first thing that i don’t like about the bike bruh is uh the throttling right so when you’re when you’re pushing anywhere from 75 to 100 or up above you need to get to those high speed maneuvers in order to you know make the changes on the highway and things

Like that this bike has a problem with end torque right so low end you can go super fast all the way up to 90. when you get to 90 man it starts crawling and like chugging to get it so the only way to get is you drop down to fifth gear and then you get the torque and everything you need to go up to six gears so that’s one complaint so coming from somebody who

Used to ride crotch rocks all the time switching to this that’s one of the complaints that i have right and for new riders that are looking for something i mean it is a 750 vtx 750 so i mean it comes to the 750 territory for the high and dark high-end torque but just like you guys know on that that’s one thing that i kind of don’t like about the bike another

Thing i don’t like about the bike is the nighttime illumination so the nighttime illumination the only thing that illuminates is the gas tank right but the symbols don’t the symbols don’t illuminate except for like uh um like the shadow doesn’t illuminate the phantom doesn’t illuminate um just the gas gauge and the headlight is the only thing that illuminates

Which is okay but that bothers me because sometimes i need to see what’s illuminating down there you know like like another thing that kind of i kind of i don’t like about the bike is it doesn’t have a gas gauge so new modern bikes these days a lot of these bikes the kawasaki some of them they have gas gauges right and you can see like you know e full you know

Mid tank things like that on this bike you’re basically guessing right you i mean after you ride it for a while you figure out okay after 100 miles i need to fill up but normally it’s when you’re riding man you’re enjoying the ride and you’re going a long distance you’re not thinking about you know that you’re just enjoying the ride so that is a major complaint

That i have about this bike it has no gas gauge right um so if you’re riding one you’re thinking about getting one just think about that you probably need to fill up every 100 miles every 200 miles just keep an eye on that um that’s one thing i don’t like about it um let’s see another thing i don’t like about the bike is uh i’m gonna say the original sound uh

I didn’t realize how much i didn’t like the original sound until i put the new pipes on right once i got the vance and heinz pipes on it literally gave birth to my bike i feel like it gave my bike that uh that sound and that personality that it needed so the stock pipes that it came with i didn’t i don’t really like them and they’re chrome so they got dirty and

Messy and easily seen but these black ones man are amazing so i definitely didn’t like the stock pipes last complaint about the bike just so you guys know just to be 100 honest with you the mirrors okay the mirrors right here these are the stock mirrors that come for the bike um i’ve tried purchasing other mirrors for the bike um i tried purchasing other other

Mirrors for the bike and honestly man like nothing really fits it very well i mean uh like i had some i had some cool like batwing ones i had some cool other ones and this didn’t fit the bike i didn’t have the visibility i didn’t do anything so if you guys know of any cool mirrors i could put on the bike they still give me the visibility i appreciate it but i’m

Telling you right now switching out these mirrors for these other custom mirrors and stuff like that hasn’t really been working out so just be knowledgeable of that when you get the bike um but other than that man those are really my only complaints i had to make a complete video for you guys so you guys could you know know the truth for when you buy a bike

Right like everybody’s wondering like everybody sees the videos they’re like oh those are the good things the good things are the good things well gotta tell you the negatives too and after four thousand plus miles on the bike those are the negatives so i hope you guys enjoy the video like comment and subscribe thank you guys for all the support you’ve been given

So far uh for the motorcycle channel and we’ll have more videos coming up thank you guys for watching peace

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Things i don't Like about the Honda Shadow Phantom 2020. After 4K miles By Joseph Hyuga Motorcycles