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Troubleshooting a Motorcycle that Wont Start | Honda VTX 1800 |

See the parts you may need when you diagnose a no-start condition on your VTX 1800:

We go out to ride, flip on the key, and there’s do you do? well, most people just go back inside and so with a few simple tools and a little bit isolate what’s going on. so, if you’re interested, let me go grab a honda vtx 1800. so let’s get going. alright, let’s go through the tools we’re and one test light. believe it or not guys, that’s all you really how to get it

Done. alright basically, all of the electronics i want to do is go ahead and get the seat start picking through it. now to get the seat off, it’s just a couple and then the seat just lifts off like that. they just pull straight off because they’re in the frame and these little protrusions on the cover itself. because what i want to do is measure it’s voltage to make sure

It’s within spec. video. but i still have to go through all so, there’s just three screws that hold this the ecu not to unplug it but just to move plug these a bunch of times the pins actually and i don’t know about you but i don’t want because a pin got worn out. alright, a battery at rest, in a static position, new– i’ll bet you it’s going to be over 13. really good

Shape, which we knew. so, where do we go next? on this side there’s two mains. and what we’re on the machine anywhere. so, that would tend the mains. on several machines, you’ll have just one alright, you’re going to see three fuse locations. the second one is for like your fuel pump and this last area, that’s actually not a just where they have a spare so if one of

The spare location. alright, so we’ve got power on both sides so more than likely that fuse right there is blown. so, pop another fuse in it, turn it on, and alright, well that is as simple as it gets. so what do you look for next? well, if you we’d need to take a look at the actual starting you can hear the light turn on and you still that’s when we need to look at the

Starter solenoid. machine, so what i’m going to do is i want works. the wire that i’m disconnecting at the moment a moment. but you wouldn’t have to disconnect machine. you could just use your test light to follow the circuit. your trigger coming from your starter button. the coil and connecting this point to the so when i flip it on, push the starter button, that light

Should light up. now if you want’t verify its output, put it machine was still not turning over, chances go ahead and get that reconnected. alright, if it’s not your starter, i mean turn your ignition and and just get a jumper red to this positive side right here and this so, if that’s the scenario, you keep hitting we need to look at both the kill switch and headlight. so,

Not getting that deep into it, but all test those connections in there. so let’s get the headlight out next. i’ll get you though this. alright, so we don’t scratch this fender let’s right there. that represents the majority into that start-stop switch as well as the push-to-start. first thing we want to check is to make sure that power is available up there. to go to your

Nine-pin connector and go from so that means there’s power coming in. down to the starter solenoid, if you remember that was yellow with the red. power coming out of the yellow with a red, switch or the start-stop switch. and believe so when you order this one piece it’ll come with both switches. switches but it won’t really matter because particular wire, that this is bad.

Power back out. alright, your starter circuit works, it’ll well, on this particular bike it has a couple being your clutch, one of them being gear kickstand. so what i just created or duplicated is, starting so, of course it kills the engine. well, i know that it’s going to actually kill your switch? well, it all lies with these two little connections actually connect the

Alligator clip end to the positive of your battery. that’s telling me that that switch is working correctly. so, if your experiencing that particular kind of those wires, that’ll tell you where to alright guys, i’ve got her buttoned back up. switch on, that’s a common mistake. bike won’t start? check the switch first. traumatic to go through. basically i did all so if

You have these conditions, follow me parts you’re going to need. and speaking of and found that you need some of this stuff, you taken care of. if you have any comments and i’ll do my best to answer them. and until next time we just want to say thanks for watching.

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Troubleshooting a Motorcycle that Won’t Start | Honda VTX 1800 | By Partzilla