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Why Honda Motorcycles SUCK Now

The real reasons why Honda motorcycles are boring and suck now.

The most important sport motorcycle in the last two decades the honda cbr 900 rr a whole new dimension in small motorcycles there has never been another machine quite like it in the past honda made some of the most exciting and innovative and awesome motorcycles starting back with the cbr 900 double r and then of course the cbr 1000 double r and then you had

The cbr 600 double r back in the day and they they won the shootouts back in the day everybody bought honda’s back then in this video i’m gonna give you five reasons why honda makes some of the most boring motorcycles now and why i won’t buy one let’s go for it kudos to yamaha for coming out with some of the most innovative awesome cutting edge motorcycles man

Like this 2019 yz 450 fx custom supermoto that i made you can tune this bike with the smartphone awesome does honda have anything like that no because they’re used to making boring bikes now and i’m going to tell you why you know i used to be a honda fan boy back in the day you know i had the cbr 250r the cbr 600 double r and then the cbr 1000rr i was repping

Cbr honda all the time back in the day man but then honda just kind of faded out man but regardless of what bike you ride make sure you’re wearing the gear out there and i have some awesome gear like this ultra lightweight carbon fiber helmet that comes with an automatic tint shield my motovlog camera airbag vest to help keep you safe all my gear i include links

In the description and comment section of my videos yamaha’s got some of the sickest bikes i mean they like said you got yamaha uh mt-09 mt-10 mt-07 they’re all hot the whole mt series is our highly popular bikes and they always coming out with new cutting edge cool bikes but honda yeah they got a few cool bikes here and there man but nothing really spectacular

The number one reason that hondas are boring now is the looks of their bikes none of them are really exciting they’re all kind of boring looking ugly looking man i the the new cb 1000 r or black edition i think that looks cool but a lot of the other bikes i think the honda africa twin looks pretty cool if you like adventure bikes but for the most part the other

Bikes are just plain there’s there’s nothing fancy about them nothing good looking nothing’s saying hey man i gotta get that bike i know a lot of you guys are saying you know looks a subjective cycle cruiser but you know i think your bike is ugly or all the bikes you had were ugly and that’s fine that’s not that’s not a big deal you know i’m saying looks or not

This really shouldn’t be number one but for the most part most of us are gravitated by the looks of a bike at first and then of course number two the reason why hondas are boring is their performance they don’t make the cutting edge super powerful there’s nothing exciting about their the performance of their bikes anymore i mean they become the vanilla company

There’s nothing you know i like i said power is overrated really out here on the streets you know i’m saying the most fun i have is on this 450 don’t get me wrong guys but this bike’s got a ton of torque none of their bikes i can say has has ground stomping torque uh really except for their old bikes like their old honda cruiser magnum or whatever they call it i

Mean these newer bikes they don’t they’re just kind of bland there’s nothing exciting about them nothing i don’t even look at honda’s really anymore except for that cb1000r i thought it looked really cool and that was the only reason i like it because of the looks of that bike the performance is is it’s blah i mean it’s just it’s okay there’s nothing special about

It you know what i’m saying i’m looking for a lot of torque bottom and torque that’s the main reason why i didn’t get that bike but the new honda cb 1000 triple r they did bought some power that things got like over 200 horsepower and everything yeah it’s got some performance and everything and but it’s ugly you know what i’m saying i mean but i’m talking about

Overall their all their bike not just one or two bikes overall their bikes are just there’s nothing special about their bikes you know what i’m saying really there’s there’s nothing except for reliability i will say they make some of the most reliable bikes yeah baby but anyways number three there’s no new there’s no new exciting motorcycles you notice that

Nothing new exciting yamaha is always coming out with something really exciting and new or fresh like i said the whole mt series mt-03 mt-07 mt-09 mt-10 i mean you got exciting bikes with yamaha honda there’s nothing new fresh and innovative except for that honda crf450l i have to give them credit on but that’s been out a few years now they’re the only japanese

Japanese manufacturer to come out with a street legal dirt bike and i have to give them props for that that was awesome they listened to us and that’s what we wanted and they gave it to us yeah baby yeah baby hey that does that’s a new bronco sport what is exciting about their bikes their what new models have they come out with and you’ve been like man i got

To get that bike the honda africa twin was exciting when they came out with that but how old is that bike now you know i’m saying like crf450a has been out a few years now they’re not staying current and updating their bikes and making them you know super exciting or beautiful or something cutting edge to them there’s nothing cutting edge or they’re like i said

They become the vanilla company of the uh the manufacturer the japanese manufacturers we can leave a comment guys what is exciting tell me something new and exciting that came out from honda tell me tell me i mean kawasaki has come out with some exciting new bike i mean the h2 the zh2 um they got this new kf they listened to us like cycle cruising said they

Came out with an actual super moto the klx 300 supermoto and dual sport the updated made it more current i think that’s awesome there’s only two companies that make super motors is uh of the japanese manufacturers and that suzuki with the older now super old drz-400 and of course now kawasaki with klx 300 but that brings me to number four reason why honda’s boring

Honda doesn’t make a supermoto i mean why can’t these people make a supermoto man i mean come on suzuki has won like say uh kawasaki has one check this out we got some real horsepower action here damn she look pretty good look at that check it out got some horse action up in here damn she look beautiful wow cool nice oh man this is one of the few towns here

In berea ohio where you could actually ride your horse around in town how to build a supermoto please make your company exciting again like it used to be back in the day i used to rip honda all the time cbr 1000 double ah they were amazing back in the day you had like said the they had one of the most powerful cruisers back in the day with that the cbr lineup

Was awesome back then yeah baby but anyways let me let me take it to number five number five is price yeah baby behind this price is boring they make some of the most expensive their bike their prices are higher for the most part compared to the other japanese manufacturers and you don’t get much more for it yes honda makes some of the most reliable motorcycles

I would rate them in terms of reliability as number one yamaha and honda are the best in terms of reliability build quality honda all day so you get a great build bike a reliable bike it’s going to keep you riding they’re not fixing nothing and but their prices like i said or higher than all i mean come on if you’re going to charge them high prices and it’s not

Ridiculously high don’t get me wrong what am i getting for that all that extra price they’re not faster than the other uh japanese brands of bikes they don’t have you know any other cutting edge performance over the other japanese bikes you know what i’m saying all the japanese bikes are reliable so so tell me why am i paying this high price i don’t know man that

This my opinion what do you guys think share your opinion i’d love to hear what you guys have to say about it that’s why i do these videos to incite community discussion i hope honda makes a strong comeback don’t get me wrong they’re they they win it moto gp almost every year man but anyways make sure to hit thumbs up it helps my channel subscribe to my oliver

Motorcycle channel make sure to share this video i want to get more people’s opinions and stuff in the comments i’d love to hear from you guys catch you guys later thumbs up check out my playlist for new writers and popular videos don’t forget to comment and subscribe

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