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Why The Honda Goldwing Tour DCT Is The Worlds Most Luxurious Motorcycle

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Given its sheer size the honda goldwing isn’t the fastest motorcycle ever ever ridden nor the sharpest handling nor the most practical for all the town riding that i do but what it is is pure comfort on two wheels so much so that i’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be the most luxurious ride currently available on the motorcycle market and here’s why but

Before we get started if you’re new here and you want to see more of the latest motorcycle news reviews and vlogs from me then please do remember to hit subscribe let’s get the most obvious luxury out of the way the tech it’s a well-worn cliche to compare the goldwing to a car but when you look at all the features and gadgets you can see why it’s absolutely

Dripping in it cold-weather comfort comes in the form of five level heated grips a five level heated seat and a five level heated seat for the passenger to with their own dedicated control also keeping you warm is an electronically adjustable screen there’s also a four-speaker audio system too in the faring and two in the passenger seat and you can either

Play music from your phone or from the fm radio a minor gripe is the fm radio doesn’t really cut it anymore when you use the da b but to be honest i mostly played music from my phone when i had this bike entertainment is administered through a seven-inch full-color tft display which also houses honda’s own navigation system as well as the motorcycle settings

It supports voice control and bluetooth connectivity with headsets or a phone or you can plug your phone into the usb socket in the top box and it’ll enable apple carplay providing you have a bluetooth headset connected personally i’m a big fan of car players it means you can use your favorite navigation app as opposed to the built-in system as well as whatsapp

Podcasts and spotify to name but a few but google users will be disappointed that android auto isn’t included there are also some analog clocks for speed and revs as well as some lcd displays at either edge of the dash one feature i particularly liked was the warning displayed when luggage has been left open or the side stand is down luggage like the rest of the

Bike is keyless with electronic latches and a really nice smooth soft opening mechanism although capacity is down on the last generation and some owners have had trouble getting to helmets of certain brands in the top box i found it ample for my needs and love the convenience of it automatically lock in when you walk away from the bike even the steering lock

Is keyless you turn the ignition off with the knob on the dash and then give it an extra turn to enable the electronic steering lock but what else have we got cruise control of course where you’re able to nudge the speed up and down from the switchgear honda’s torque control which is their name for traction control is also present and switchable the 1.8 liter

Flat 6 engine is surprisingly punchy and talky and the dct gearbox can occasionally drop down a gear to gain some momentum when you give the throttle a decent turn so some good traction control is a nice safety net to have on hand abs is also present with some pretty huge six pot calipers up front to haul its massive 380 kilogram weight to a stop the goldwing

Actually uses honda’s combined abs system which distributes braking force between the front and rear brakes regardless of whether you use the front brake lever or the rear brake pedal in order to achieve maximum safe stopping power this system also ties into the riding modes of which there are four there’s tour sport rain and econ each of these modes varies the

Throttle response braking feel torque control suspension damping and the response of the dct tour is a happy medium sport revs up a bit more informaton offers a gentle a ride for more challenging weather conditions and econ gives the best fuel economy preload can also be electronically adjusted with four modes available through the – there’s one for rider only

Rider and luggage to up and to up with luggage preload on both the front and rear suspension is adjusted accordingly to achieve an appropriate ride height the front suspension uses a double wishbone which honda sees allowed them to move the rider forward the wishbone design means that the front wheel moves vertically under compression whereas a traditional fork

Moves the wheel up and back meaning space must be allowed and therefore the rider is positioned further back putting the rider further forward means a smaller fairing can be used as its closer to them which in termings are more aerodynamically efficient bike and a lighter-weight to also saving weight is an integrated starter generator which means there’s no need

For two separate units the bike also starts up quickly which means an idling stop system could be included which just like a car which is the engine off when you’re waiting in traffic but fires straight back up again as soon as you twist the throttle this saves on both fuel and noise there’s a hill hold system which keeps the brakes applied whilst you move off on

An incline which is a great feature for anyone riding this already heavy bike with a passenger and luggage there’s also a handbrake for parking on an incline an airbag storage compartment which houses the fuel cap button and led lighting all round with daytime running lights and self cancelling indicators is a truly comfortable place to spend time on a motorway

I did a few long rides on this bike during the month that i had it and they felt completely effortless with very little fatigue when you arrive at your destination but i don’t think i can put that entirely down to the gadgets in tech for a start there’s the 1.8 liter flat 6 engine it will do 125 horsepower at five and a half thousand rpm and 170 newton meters

Of peak torque at four and a half thousand revs which is plenty enough to get this big bike moving riding solo in sport mode and it can surprise you with just how well it goes and it sounds pretty good too it’s a rare engine configuration on a motorcycle only the goldwing currently uses it and it’s not even that common in cars subaru use it in some models but

Perhaps the best known proponent is porsche but the reason it makes so much sense in the goldwing is that it’s silky smooth honestly it’s just so smooth in my research before getting the bike some posts in owners forum say that it’s not as smooth as previous models but for most of us used to riding normal bikes it’s like riding on a road of cream the only thing

Smoother in my mind is an electric motorcycle the reason that is so smooth is because flat six engines have perfect primary and secondary balance with three cylinders on either side they cancel out each other’s imbalances in addition the firing interval on a flat six like this is a hundred and twenty degrees which means that the power strokes overlap giving a

Smoother feel than even an inline four another benefit of this design is that the engine is slung low this means that despite a weight of 380 kilograms the bike doesn’t feel unmanageable both on the move and in low speed maneuvers but this video is about why the goldwing feels so luxurious and this was a massive factor to me pure creamy smoothness right through

The rev range you could however argue that the goldwings main competitor the bmw k 1600 also has a perfectly balanced 6-cylinder engine albeit in an inline configuration rather than a flat boxer but what the k 1600 doesn’t have is this honda’s nazi secret weapon dual clutch transmission dct might just be the killer feature of this bike for me it never really

Appealed to me before but in the context of a big plush tourer it makes sense for the uninitiated dct essentially translates to an automatic gearbox it uses two sets of gears and two clutches one set has the odd gears so one three five and seven in this case and the other set has two four and six this allows the bike to pre-select the next gear based on whether

You’re currently accelerating or decelerating and then seamlessly transitions between the two sets of gears using the two clutches the result is more smoothness on top of the already smooth engine it feels luxurious in the same way you’d expect an automatic gearbox in a luxury car just twist and go and hear the flat-six roar along fluctuating between the gears

At low speeds it perhaps doesn’t feel quite so refined you have to ride it on the throttle alone because there’s no clutch lever of course and in heavy traffic it can feel a bit clumsy but that’s not what this bike is about is for big miles at cruising speed and for that is perfect should you want to pick up the pace there is a manual mode in which you can shift

Between the gears using the buttons on the left switch gear and for doing precarious car park maneuvers there’s a walking forward and reverse mode which feathers the clutch for you to keep the bike eking along at about 1 mile per hour both nice features but my favorite thing about the dct was just that linear seamless luxury car like acceleration and the easiness

Of cruising around without ever thinking about what gear you’re in the gold wing and the dct are a harm – geo indeed so for the rider there are plenty of comforts a big talky smooth engine and a seamless easy transmission but what about a passenger normally my wife would join me but she was super pregnant while i had the bike so i had to unless my good friend

Tim and here’s his take because i haven’t got much to solve compared to you i don’t write pillion very often for obvious reasons that terrifies me but even no not you’re riding seriously you’re smooth as man automatic gearbox so everything in this is geared towards comfort even to the degree that i would say that that is more comfortable than where i sit in my

Living room it’s just a sofa on wheels nice i’d not not too bad actually i didn’t realize i could have changed the setting though i wasn’t privy to that information i could have made that warmer oh yeah really nice the only thing i was saying is i’d probably take off these little arm rests they’re fine and i really was enjoying that but i couldn’t quite get both

My hands on the handles and obviously i didn’t want to be so close to you i know you well but not that well so i was trying to sort of back myself up and hold these but you can’t do it with these on so i’ll probably take them off myself which i think you can do i saw some allen keys down there yeah other than that mate as comfortable as i’ve ever been on a bike

It’s also nice as the rider not to have someone pressed into your back that massive pillion seat works out for everybody but was the only thing i didn’t like about the bike well the self cancelling indicators were a bit lazy from time to time sometimes that double wishbone suspension at the front bottoms out and stuff like potholes and i do wish you could use their

Apple carplay without pairing a bluetooth headset to the bike but those are pretty minor gripes overall i absolutely loved riding this bike while i had it yes 30 grand is a heck of a lot of money for a motorcycle but honestly i can now see why some riders would want a gold wing for doing serious touring miles it’s comfortable it’s got power it rides surprisingly

Well and tim liked it too but what do you guys think have i got it wrong is there a better bike on the market for total luxury let me know in the comments if you think so and again if you new here and you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe and i’ll catch you next time

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Why The Honda Goldwing Tour DCT Is The World's Most Luxurious Motorcycle By MOTOBOB