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Your Bike Bottoms Easily… – 2018+ Honda Gold Wing

Good morning it’s max mcallister from traction dynamics wanted to kind of do a video to demonstrate more clearly when i said that the springs on the new 2018 gold wing are extremely soft in my opinion well what that really means so most owners really love the plus compliant ride of a new suspension on the 2018 gold wing and you know i’m convinced it can that well

We already know that we can maintain that plush compliant ride what still help the bike state ride higher in its travel without bottoming no as frequently or it’s easily no there’s people that say i’ve ridden my bike you know of two thousand miles or three thousand miles i’ve never felt it bottomed it’s actually designed that way you’re not supposed to feel it

Bottom and but that doesn’t mean it’s not bottoming so i’m going to show you that your goldwing absolutely positively bottoms all the time whether you know it or not and very simply we’re going to do that just before in a very simple way so using a extremely high tech data acquisition device that we’ve you know we acquired it’s very secret weapon here we have

It’s called a zip tie these are shops off of a 2018 i’m gonna put zip ties on the 2018 shocks this is used as a travel indicator and a million instances road racers use this and such it’s a very inexpensive way to quickly figure out how often or how easily you use all of the travel on your bike this is a rear shock and on the bike i’ve installed these on i left

These tails hanging so we can see them now it’s been explained by pondan more one place that the really really long bumper on the front shock they’ve made it long because they intended to help tend for it to act as part of the spring rate of the suspension of the bike that’s their explanation okay i’ve demonstrated in another video that basically all you have to

Do is sit on the bike and the shock will come down and virtually sit on the bumper sit on the bumper i don’t think that’s good they do not have that same design on the rear shock this is the rear shock it has a normal what i would call a normal bumper on it and it it does not take 50% of the travel like this bumper does this is takes about 60% of the travel this

One’s about 30 so anyway when a shock compresses this zipped i will simply move it down he pushed down you know into the bumper but you know and that’s just inside of this bumper actually is the bottom of the shock there’s a nut i’ll show you right here so that nut is the mechanical bottom when this dust cover here basically hits that it will crush the foam hit

That that’s a bottom now you really won’t feel that as a rule almost it’s designed not to this foam is extremely stiff so but what i want to demonstrate is is that people who think their bike isn’t bottoming just don’t understand that it is bottoming right so what we have out here is a 2018 to dct stay here i’m gonna grab a flashlight and i put a zip tie on the

Front and rear shock and let me see i’m gonna grab you can see the zip tie right there i’ve got it pushed up against the dust seal there’s the tail of the zip ties sticking out here on the rear shock you see the tail of the zip tie sticking out i’ve got the zip tie pinned up against the dust seal so real quickly let’s just see what happens conversation there’s

Nothing in any saddlebags this shock is the manual adjuster it’s set to the center of its range it tires all the way against the bumper all i did was sit on the bike i haven’t even started it yet you can look in here all i did was sit on the bike the zip tie is 50% of the way down the shaft the chrome shaft of the shop all i’ve done is sit on the bike now we’re

Gonna start it and go for a ride i’m gonna simulate leaving the driveway of my house all i’ve done at this point is leave the driveway of my house now the zip tie is being pushed into the foam here in the back the zip tie is now down right at the foam it’s not been pushed into the foam but it’s it’s just above it slightly so there’s still about 4 millimeters

Of shock shaft left now you can see that the zip tie is pushed in the tail is sticking up on the front zip tie is now down and buried in the foam bumper so standard model bike weighs less than a 260-pound rider no gear no passenger no luggage no nothing total elapsed mileage point zero five of a mile and i’ve bottomed out both ends of the suspension by doing

Nothing more than leaving my driveway and taking a quick spin around through a parking lot so if you don’t your bike is this way whether you know it or not i’m sorry to tell you but stiffer springs will be of a benefit to you i don’t care what you weigh or what you’re doing the bike will be improved and more damping control will be a benefit to you you know don’t

Care what you are what you’re doing right this will you can dramatically improve the suspension of the bike so if you’re happy with it at the moment you really need to do yourself a favor and test drive a bike with an aftermarket suspension system on it to know what’s possible we’ll have our bike at wingding this year if anybody’s coming to attend wingding and

Knoxville and you’ll be able it’ll be available for test rides so if you’ve never ridden a bike with enough with an aftermarket suspension that’ll be an opportunity or see if you can find a friend who’s out there who’s had their suspension upgraded bias and hop on their bike and just go around the block and see for yourself so anyway that’s what i wanted to show

You for today thanks a lot talk to you soon

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Your Bike Bottoms Easily… – 2018+ Honda Gold Wing By Max McAllister \u0026 Traxxion Dynamics