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2022 Husqvarna TC125 Two Stroke TESTED – Motocross Action Magazine

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Um hey guys motocross action is here and we are testing the 2022 husqvarna tc125 two-stroke and i have my friend martine costello riding the bike hey guys i’m martin um i’m a current supercross racer i race for the jmc motorsports husqvarna team i’m pretty familiar with the 250 four-stroke but not too familiar with this so we’re going to break down the bike

In this week’s video and excited to share with you all we know about the husqvarna tc-125 all right guys we had some fun today the 2022 husqvarna tc125 is a great bike it comes back for the new year with all the same great upgrades it got last year back in 2021 it got some thicker inner clutch hub sleeves to build up durability on the clutch it also got

The new wp exact air forks that came across all of the austrian bikes the gas gas ktm and husqvarna model range the forks are way way better we talk about it in all of our ktm husky gas gas videos they got bigger air bypass notches and oil bypass notches that just allow the forks to be a lot more plush also in 2021 this bike and the rest of the husqvarna

Motocross model range came with lowered suspension so that’s back for 2022 something that we really like corners better lowers the center of gravity and just overall is a great great attribute about the husqvarna model range the only real update it got for 2022 is a brembo hydraulic actuation on the clutch so prior to this ktm had brembo husqvarna had

Magura clutches the difference was well originally my girl was having lots of issues at the slave cylinder i personally had issues with them on my race bikes before i came to motocross action the motocross action wrecking crew we’ve always had issues with the magura slave cylinders from back in the day the last few model years i think 19 and 20 and 21 the

Magura clutch was a lot better but for 2022 the husky became even more like the ktm it’s kind of sad that that extra difference is is gone now so now both ktm and how savannah come with that brembo hydraulic actuation the brembo clutch long story short has more of a pop feel more of a grabby feel the magura clutch was a little bit smoother and less uh

Had a little bit less feel so people did prefer brembo over the magura and that’s probably why husky updated it the only other updates for the 2022 model is it’s got the blue seat it’s got some updated graphics but other than that this bike is exactly the same as it was last year one update it did get last year i should mention is it got a roller actuated

Throttle body it makes a little bit more durable a little bit smoother at the throttle so not a huge difference not something that you’re really gonna notice until maybe you start messing around with the throttle body on your handlebars as mentioned the lower suspension platform that is a huge difference between the husky and the ktm and the gas gas model

Ranges husky is about an inch lower so they shortened the forks 10 millimeters made them totally different forks they’re shortened they also updated the the bell crank and the linkage and also added a longer seal head on the shock to lower the rear end down to shorten the travel in the shock just a little bit so it brings the whole bike down overall i

Really like it i’ve raced on the husky 252 stroke at the world two stroke championship at glen helen i really like that i actually raced with the stock suspension on it too and that just goes to show how much faith i have in that bike uh hmm was fun to have my buddy martin costello out here riding the bike today before this he had only ridden a husky

150 and it was a full built race bike this today he was on the bone stock tc125 and he did point out some cool things for us he said he was struggling to get on the power coming out of the corners especially for a guy like him adjusting from the fc 250 four-stroke model to the 125 bone stock two-stroke it’s a lot different so we had some tight corners here

At state fair some good ruts coming out of them and he was having to downshift a lot and really ride the clutch to get out of those corners one thing that we did is we backed out the power valve the power valve adjuster opens and closes a flap inside the engine and what what that basically does is the power valve if it’s if it’s kept closed it allows you

To roll on the throttle and then as you get further into the gas it opens up more and really lets you get the full power of the 125 engine by backing out the robertson wrench it’s kind of a weird square tool we use a flathead screwdriver today because we didn’t have that tool by backing that out we went one turn all the way out from flush and that allowed

The power valve to open up quicker allowed martine to get on the gas quicker and carry more momentum and higher rpms coming out of the corner so we didn’t have to run the clutch as much coming out of corners another update about the suspension on the husky 125 is that came in last year in 2021 is this bike got a new lift height setting at the mid valve so

Wp and all four companies they they find and they create valving at the mid valve and the base valve and that’s where they stack the shims and that’s where the oil flows through and as it presses through those shims it’s dampening the suspension causing it to slow it down when you’re landing off jumps instead of blowing all the way through the stroke those

Shims and the oil blowing through the shims that’s what’s creating that that suspension setting and so prior to 2021 the mid valves actually didn’t have any shims on husqvarna air force it’s pretty wild and i was super surprised and really blown away when i first heard about this but two strokes and cross country bikes they wanted to make the shims so light

That they were actually having durability issues breaking them the wp technicians were so for 2021 and it also carried over to 2022 they have a new lift height setting basically it works like a trampoline valve in the mid valve the trampoline is a kind of a cup like cavity the new lift height setting the only difference is that it has a small spring in there

That helps close the shims basically just helps the the forks and adds a little bit of strength and durability to the suspension so basically what that does it makes the wp air forks for two strokes and cross country bikes much better for 2021 and 2022 and we like the suspension and we like the air forks especially with that extra three pound weight savings

That come on the tc125 comparing the power on the husky tc125 to its older brother the ktm 125 this bike is definitely a little more muted it’s kind of the same thing across the range for husqvarna four-strokes and two-strokes the closed-off air box that it has doesn’t allow as much air into the engine engines they need air they’re like vacuums they’re just

Trying to suck air as quickly as they can when that air gets closed off it limits the amount of power that these spikes can make so comparing this husky to the 125 from ktm is a little bit more of a mellow bike and something that we wouldn’t really recommend to a pro level rider who’s looking for as much power as they can get out of their bike when you’re

Comparing ktm and husqvarna in the power department we always recommend ktm for that extra a little bit of girth that comes out of the corners my god so we really like the husqvarna tc125 we’ve spent a lot of time on this bike last year and just over the years we’re excited to keep riding it there are a few things we want you guys to keep your eyes on

If you have this model in your garage or if you’re thinking about buying a 2022 tc125 you should keep your eyes on the sprocket bolts these are something that we recommend for guys on gas gas ktm and husqvarna keep your eyes on the sprocket bolts as sometimes they’re known to come loose and it’s just a it’s just a safety item and something that you should

Check on all motorcycles but be particularly diligent to check it on the husqvarna tc125 also the spokes if you check the spoke next to the rim lock and that one’s loose that’s usually an indicator that the rest of the ones are loose so always check the spokes especially when the wheels are brand new also we we turned around the rear brake spring on the

Tc 125 today sometimes our boots will will press against that when we’re squeezing the bike and that’ll actually push that spring out that spring is used to hold the rear brake up so it doesn’t ride on the brake pads and really overheat your brakes so keep your eyes on that make sure you don’t break it or lose it that is one problem that we have with ktm

And huskies also i always double check the shift lever i love the shift lever i’ve mentioned this in our husky 350 video or our ktm 450 video that we recently shot the shift lever is awesome and it’s super easy to take on and off on the austrian engines but the eight millimeter bolt does come loose sometimes so just keep your eyes on it it’s not something

That’s going to fall off every time you ride so if you don’t check your nuts and bolts very often you should no matter what bike you’re riding but especially check the shift lever on the husqvarna tc125 when it comes to the aeroforex also i should mention that you guys need to check the air pressure so wp exact air forks we love them we especially love all

The new updates they got in 2021 but these forks are going to be horrible if you don’t check your air pressure if you don’t monitor it throughout the day and if you don’t bleed the little extra bleed screws they are on the forks as well so the forks check your air pressure every day hus far on ktm and gas gas they’ll give you a wp air fork pump we like to put

The worx connection extension on ours i don’t think we had it today but we like to put that on there just makes it easier to get in there get your fingers on there also the bleeders those as the bike heats up through the day air pressure builds up in the forex you need to bleed those screws to make sure your forks are working at 100 capabilities rounding

It off the 2022 husqvarna tc125 weighs in at 192 pounds so it’s super light on the scales it comes with an impressive 37.6 horsepower at its 11 200 rpm peak so that’s the peak horsepower that comes on this bike the peak torque that comes on the tc 125 engine is so it’s pretty impressive for a one twenty five two show the price comes in at seven thousand

Five hundred ninety nine dollars for this model that’s just one hundred dollars more than the ktm 125 its older brother so that’s all for our test video on the 2022 husky tc-125 two stroke we had a blast on this thing today and we love riding this bike we always love building it up and racing the tushok national glen helen and lots of local 125 races as

Well so we got a lot in store for this bike we do know a lot about this bike as well so check out we’ll have all kinds of information on this model as well as other bikes we’ve been testing and subscribe to our youtube channel as well to stay up to date with our latest videos as we consistently have been adding lots of videos there

We’re doing our best to keep you guys entertained at home before you go click the thumbnails now to see some of our more recent test videos you

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