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Billy Bolt Vlog – Red Bull Erzbergrodeo | Husqvarna Motorcycles

Billy Bolt is your guide as we take a look back at round three of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, the iconic Red Bull Erzbergrodeo.

Um hello everyone it’s billy welcome back to the husqvarna youtube channel uh we’re not done too much on this channel so far this year uh because i’ve had no teammates so there’s no point doing my own vlog and a team vlog uh so if you want to catch up on all the races that i’ve done so far go look on my channel uh but for usberg being such a big event we

Had a full husqvarna truck of riders so we thought we’d make the most of it and jump back on the husqvarna channel so enjoy i’m not entirely sure where this video is going to pick up from because i’m not sure what clips were salvageable what wasn’t it’s such a blur of a week the week at asberg but anyway we’re gonna resume some point on race day and catch up with

Some of the husky guys and see how everyone got on uh from the magic that is the ezburg audio enjoy if you’ve been watching my channel you’ve seen them without a very empty truck all year it’s quite the contrast for this weekend we’ve got loads of teammates i’ll give you a quick run through this bike isn’t actually being used this bike oh ed what’s that sign well

That tells you who he is lyndon posket there’s actually a video of this bike being built me and i’d watched it the other week did we we did um lyndon does like duck or um molly motor stuff makes lots of content for you adventure lovers out there um anyway he’s sponsored pretty heavily by more tracks so he’s under the truck ryder leblanc from usa um a little bit

Bad i can’t give you too many stats but his young hot shot from america if you watched the vlog from when we were in tiki or last year and our bikes didn’t arrive rydo isn’t a factory rider but his he was pitting under the factory tent and his team kind of saved the day for us gave us tires to use for the race and parts and everything like that so ryder leblanc

Next up south african vets won a pool often when he does come and do races in europe get some factory support uh race is usually racist just in south africa but he’s one of the best in south africa wins like national enduro national off-roads you’re gonna have to do some b-roll of his sign and stuff because we’ve got austrian royalty in the house and the beer

Next to me i watched a video actually this morning and figured out some facts about him not that i plan to learn them but two-time olympic gold medalist seven-time world champion alpine skier marshall herscher i’m impressed with that so yeah he’s retired now from professional ski racing just loves hiding drew and wants to come and smash himself around some rocks

For four hours so he’s speaking to him quite a bit he’s very nervous she’s a team manager you’ve got lots of people to look after this weekend yeah it’s really full big big change from the last few rounds yeah that good nice guys nice it’s a solid team it’s better to be full than empty yeah i mean nothing you know about a meter it’s like one two three four five

That’s good to see i like making use of all this space usually would have to make bicycle races or something on a night time because we’ve got so much space it feels like a waste but anyway number six bill qualified six faster singapore that’s my best ever i think little energy drill energy sometimes put them on both sides but hopefully this race is only gonna

Be a couple hours long you never know though it’s gonna be it’s very hot temperatures have been incredibly high all week a little bit of duct tape because you have to budge anything back together pull strap hopefully we don’t need it but it’s there two stroke three hundred all two strokes three hundred we’ll cut back to friday and saturday’s prologue action um

See how each of them got on and i’m gonna catch up with everyone before the race starts i mean from motivation side and um point of um effort that i put into this run it was definitely better if the timing is better i can’t say because i think the track is already pretty um damaged and it is hard to uh to find the grip and um anyways the terrain is um after

So many riders already um pretty rough but i’m super happy with my performance that was definitely cool hmm wow hey i’m on the front row 24 happy with that so well i was twisting it as much as i can twist it got a pretty good line there’s a bit of water down there a bit unpredictable i don’t want any water in the face really but we’ll just have to duck

Down for the waters kind of the race that made our sport what it is today so it’s been a long three years but it’s very nice to be back you have some very good results here but uh i know for them i guess yeah i don’t think they’re very good to be honest the first year was quite good but then the rest has been pretty pretty terrible so i’m excited to come back and

Try getting so i don’t think it’s water in there yeah that that was a tough one i think the toughest airspur guy ever did anyway that’s for sure um but yeah i lost struggle a little bit had quite a bad arm pump to be honest at the beginning um i went took a little bit of a risk and went with the harder tire just to try and keep it good for the end which

Um which i struggled quite a bit in the first forest it’s nothing super difficult but it was quite wet so i just just really yeah lost some time on quite easy sections i was making them fine but the other guys were making them much faster than me so um yeah i lost time in the beginning because of that but at the same time the having the tyre left at the end kind

Of helped in dynamite and pull the guys back so it was uh yeah a little bit of a compromise but struggled a lot in the in the beginning just just to find a flow quite bad on pump still in the lead of the championship i kind of wish i wasn’t so i could focus on getting healthy and not worry about still being in the lead of the championship but while i’m still

In the lead it’s quite difficult to do that you know i’m a racer and i’m a fighter and i don’t want to i don’t want to let my championship from last year go go without a fight but at the same time you know i struggled for quite a few months now and i think um i think for from from next week at least it’s my focus is on getting healthy and trying getting back

To 100 um and then we’ll go from there this is brett brett’s had a terrible week i’ll let him talk you first terrible terrible he’s lost breaks every day yeah first time i break from finance halfway up prologue stuff up second day a break that was lost his rear breaker before second date overheated and there was my only chance to get on first route so there’s

A staff up then today about checkpoint five going up a hill guys shot a rock smashed my front brake no brakes again next next time i’m actually taking them off i better have a better chance well what have you got in your hand another brick difficult week vets capable of formwork and vouch for that well at least we’ve featured another husky rider in this husky

Vlog let’s actually before we end it let’s go and try and have another catch up i can’t stress enough how difficult lindens yeah you can talk now that’s great we’re doing a vlog for the husky channel how is your heisberg any good come it’s carnage it’s indescribable i can’t express enough the the how mental this race is well all i can say is i spent over an hour

Trying to get one checkpoint one and i thought it was done and i just managed to get through and carry on but it’s just crazy and the thing is you have to be on the front row you’re not on the front row forget it because where are we how many people the the front row we didn’t we did the full lap of the training loop i don’t know about it so they forgot to put

The fence down after the train the training loop yesterday we went up the trap was going to go straight on and the fence was still there so we did a full circle luckily the whole of the front road followed me and money so we arrived to the fence first again and we just smashed through it so that was carnage but do you know where he ended up roughly about 170th i

Think it was just are you coming back next year honestly once i got put through that i did i got 11 checkpoints in two hours i hammered it but i just i was stuck all the time and the stuff behind people but anyway at least we’ve got two riders now we’ve only got two more to go when are you coming to ride the valley back i would that does need to happen i’ve never

I’ve never been on any rally bike who would like to see bill sending one yeah that actually if this is husky’s channel so if husky want to like put some budget that way that’d be good yeah let’s do it anyway hold on linden yeah nice one thanks for coming out playing with the high end yeah with the with the a team it was good where did this happen dare i ask god

I think i broke one side shooting one of the hills in the beginning and the other part at carl just from picking it off i ripped it but yeah i was out all day it was worse than i thought yeah this year was the hardest one i’ve ever done but yeah you can watch videos and all that kind of stuff but like when you have one it actually yeah down there at the start

And then you set off it’s pretty uh difficult to know what nothing can prepare you yeah the carnage of what’s going on like um i mean we have hard races but definitely not any that are this hard so it’s yeah learning experience my first time here enjoyed it yeah i enjoyed up until i hit a wall and just pretty much where did you end up waiting to get to barely

Through calls like three quarters of the way through probably not real far calls was hard this year just it was actually short in distance but it took so long to get through and yeah it screwed me up where they changed it yeah i had my lines picked out and then i think i got tired and the rocks got bigger and the holes got deeper so it was tough oh well well it’s

Nice to have you out anyway it’s nice to have some friends in the truck oh yeah for sure and i’m sure are you gonna be in the truck when we come to america i don’t know hopefully oh well maybe he’ll feature again yeah for sure would not be there well done yeah good job for your first time oh yeah bye bye thank you um well it’s actually gone quite well in the

End we’ve only got one rider left tuck’s disassembled we didn’t get to speak to marcel herscher unfortunately so he hasn’t featured in the vlog what about him up there him him sack he’s been awarded he yeah we’ve had a good day me instead i’ve seen you stanley you had a good day have you had a good day they’re beating here is over busy busy week like indescribably

Busy week race we talked about the race we’ve seen most of the other people if we do do another one from another race it will be better i promise you just this this race is hard work but anyway done thanks for watching much love you

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Billy Bolt Vlog – Red Bull Erzbergrodeo | Husqvarna Motorcycles By Husqvarna Motorcycles