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A quick, fast, all you need to know run through about the HUSQVARNA NORDEN 901. The new adventure bike from Husqvarna is in my opinion one of the strongest in it’s class.

I haven’t been this excited to do a motorcycle review as i am now in a very long time this is the husqvarna 901 and it actually saw its lights for the first time at the igma 2019 but as you all know covet came and stopped the production and now it’s finally here and i am beyond ecstatic hi before we jump into this review don’t forget to subscribe to the

Channel and hit the notification bell if you like what you see it would be much appreciated so finally husqvarna has taken a step into the adventure segment and it has been long waited and personally i think the combination with ktm who owns husqvarna they have finally found the perfect match so if we begin with the design aesthetics i completely love it the

Old-school flat front with the headlights with integrated fog lights which also have this round old school retro look going on the gray white and neon yellow color sheet with this super awesome detail with this topographic map on the side of the bike complements the style of bike that this is a super wide comfy seat also for the passenger really gives you a nice

Seating position and with a seat height at 854 millimeters which can be adjusted up to 20 millimeters really gives you this not too high not too low but a happy medium the engine is a 899 cc parallel twin that performs 105 horsepower and with the combination of this bike only weights 204 kilos it really has an awesome power to weight ratio traction control cruise

Control a steering damper three ride modes and quick shift also is some of the key features of this bike the new improved tft display has a more clean interface where you quickly can find the settings or rider modes you’re looking for and the nice touch is that you also can choose between three different looks going from showing all the details to a much more

Reduced look i am really excited about this noaa 901 and i do believe it is one of the most well balanced adventure bikes on the market right now because in my opinion a adventure bike doesn’t need 150 horsepower which also includes a lot of weight but i said before in this video this is a perfect example of a happy medium but with more key features and at a lower

Price point and in my humble opinion the best looking adventure bike on the market period i would love to do a more long-term review of this bike maybe on a moto camping trip where you really can test out the off-road abilities that this bike has but that’s going to be in another video so that was it don’t forget to like this video subscribe if you aren’t already

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