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2 year – 20,000 Mile Indian Springfield Review – How Well Do Indian Motorcycles Last?

After 2 years and 20k miles I give you the honest truth about my Indian Springfield. What I love and what drives me nuts.

Hey guys it’s brian at two indians and it was about two weeks ago that it was two years ago to the day that my lovely wife barbara surprised me with a new springfield it was also two weeks ago that i was on my way back from savannah georgia and i crossed the florida state line as my odometer rolled past 20 000 miles being a guy with a video camera and a 10

000 mile review video which i’ll put right up here i knew i had to create this epic video review of my springy and how she’s held up over the last two years and 20 000 mile but this is not going to be some all puppies and rainbows review nope i’m going to cover what i love about this bike but i’m also going to tell you what i do not like about this bike now

You probably want to know does it still ride well are things getting loose and falling off the bike is the paint or the chrome chipping oil leaks all that crap anyway i’m going to cover all that in this video so let’s get started two years and 20 000 miles now let’s take a look back and see where this bike has been since i rolled past 10 000 miles a 750

Mile round trip to panama city then a 16-hour thousand mile iron butt ride with my buddy joe all the way to pensacola and back from orlando here’s a link to that video barbara and i with some friends also did a trip to historic st augustine at christmas time with great friends and we did an epic new year’s day ride with a huge group of locals joe and i did a

1500 mile 24 hour iron butt ride which is a real test of mana machine let me tell you we’ve run the mountains of north carolina tennessee northern georgia twice this year 300 mile trip to dunedin florida which was hotter than hell and we just got back from a 500 mile trip to savannah georgia for a great charity event and car show and of course countless other

Little hundred mile rides locally here in town ten thousand miles of good times and i will tell you this bike has performed almost flawlessly she’s never left me stranded she’s never failed to start and i don’t keep her on a battery tender at all but i also ride her quite a bit so there’s probably no need for that she runs as tight as the day she came off

The showroom floor nothing rattles or shakes in the slightest the motor purrs like okay roars like a lion and the ride is as smooth as fresh pavement now as far as the running gear is concerned the shocks are still factory and seem to be holding up well i replaced the rear brakes at about 13 000 miles and just replace the front brakes at about 17 000 miles and

All the tires are relatively new mainly because i keep hitting nails so i just also did a 116 kit a few months ago and for some reason the tread seem to be wearing out a little bit faster but who to figure that right now i’m not going to get into all the upgrades i’ve done that’s for another video but i do want to talk about the things that i don’t like about

This bike now you’ll notice that a few minutes ago i said that the bike has performed almost flawlessly and up until the savannah trip she was flawless but for some reason on that trip my abs sensor went wonky on me and that kept me from using my cruise control basically reduced my rear brake effectiveness to about 10 so i called the dealer while i was on the

Road and they took care of the problem even though it was a few days after the warranty when i got back now in my 10 000 mile review i complained about that chrome trim that’s on the balanced front fender which is no longer a problem because i changed the front fender however this is still an ongoing problem with my wife’s chieftain and if you buy a springfield

With a valance fender just be careful of that chrome trim on the front it’s something that many people have complained about but let’s be honest it’s just a minor cosmetic issue but i will tell you this that i don’t have any issues with corrosion or pitting or anything on the front forks which has been a problem with some other brand motorcycles not with my

Indian the chrome is almost perfect now i say almost because i see tiny little specs and it’s really just in the hard to clean areas around the front driving lights where the bolts are and the mounts etc and i do wash the bike quite a bit to try to keep the bugs off but i can tell you that it’s just average attention and i guess it’s just about the same that

Everyone else would give it now i have something for the suggestion box at india that i would love to see them address for the springfield now they have done something about it for the dark horse but not for the standard springfield the instrumentation is not the easiest to read at night it has this red backlit hue that just isn’t clear enough for my old eyes

And the contrast in the lcd screen is too dim to provide a quick at a glance read while tooling down the highway at night no problems during the day just at night now barbara’s bobber has this beautiful high contrast screen bright white back lighting that makes it so easy to read at a glance but it’s not so on the springfield like i said the dark horse springfield

Does have it but not on this model and not on the current models so i might have to see about doing an upgrade to the dark horse instrumentation panel on my springfield but i think you guys should take a look at it on all the indian springfield and vintage models but after two years if that’s all i have to complain about then i’m confident that i made a great

Choice with this bike look i love this motorcycle so much so that my dear wonderful wife barbara gave me the option a few months ago to upgrade to a challenger or do a big bore kid on the springy and frankly i decided the power boost was all i wanted i’m just so comfortable on this bike i don’t see any compelling reason to change matter of fact even just a

Couple weeks ago we were out looking at bikes again and she said go ahead get a challenger if you want and i decided not to how do you know it wasn’t a trick finally she pipes up to the back look this bike fits me perfectly the riding position the comfort the power the handling everything about this bike is exactly what i want i don’t care about navigation

And features i’d rather have the removable windshield thank you very much i mean doesn’t it just look badass last thing guys i want to thank all of our viewers and subscribers for supporting us by watching our videos and thanks to all of our members that have joined our little family by clicking that little join button down below and providing us some direct

Support it means a lot and we really appreciate it we’re always working on new content be it okay what are the last ones don’t don’t even worry about it just hold the we’re always working on new content be it reviews travel or just playing goofing around and having fun and honestly guys we just appreciate your support so much we love having you come along with

Us and we can’t wait to see in our next video we will see you soon thanks again for watching oh and say hi to barbara come here can you see my knee see that’s not right it just it’s gonna suck yeah i do know that i’ve done this before i know exactly what it’s going to do nothing’s perfect sorry dude you want to do the rest okay let’s do it yeah we’re

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2 year – 20,000 Mile Indian Springfield Review – How Well Do Indian Motorcycles Last? By ridewithtwoindians